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  1. lioness

    Jogglers - May 2015

    I started a new thread. The race on Friday was better than I expected. I was tired and hungry so I wasn't expecting much but I did my best 5K time this year and took second in my age group. My sister took third. It was a beautiful cool evening so that helped and I only saw a couple of gnats...
  2. lioness

    November Jogglers

    Happy November! Tricia ~ So sorry to hear that you have shingles. My dad had them a long time ago when I was young. My mom got the vaccine because my dad's pain was so bad. My friend and also a co-worker had shingles on their scalp. I know someone that had it in their eye. I hope you feel...
  3. lioness

    September Jogglers

    Hi Girls, I am back from and I have to go back to work tomorrow double boo :( but I had a great vacation. :D The weather was beautiful and it was relaxing. I did get lots of exercise - swimming, walking the beach, doing some kettlebell exercises on the beach and walking lots...
  4. lioness

    Jogglers July 2014

    I hope it's ok that I started a new thread. I did my race on Saturday morning. It was mainly a trail race with a bit of pavement at the beginning and end. The course was shady, thank goodness as it was about 80 degrees. I did better than last week and managed to beat my sister this time by 2...
  5. lioness

    June Jogglers

    Hi All, I didn't see a thread started for June so here it is. It was HOT today.....99 degrees but low humidity and a nice breeze. Here is my workout. A toughie tonight. 10 reps of each exercise - 10 rounds KB Swings Push ups Squats KB Push Press Walking Lunges (20 total) KB Sumo Deadlift...
  6. lioness

    Jogglers March 2011

    Hi Everyone, Starting us off this month. Here's my workout: 20 Suitcase Deadlifts Run 200m 20 Swings Run 200m 20 Overhead Squats Run 200m 20 Squat Jumps Run 200m 20 Sit ups Run 200m 20 Step ups Run 200m 20 Squats Run 200m 20 Ball Slams Hope everyone is having a great day!
  7. lioness

    Jogglers - December 2010!

    Hi Everyone, I hope you don't mind me starting the month off. I am back from my trip to the beach and had a wonderful time!! The weather was gorgeous. I actually went swimming on Thanksgiving day. The water was a tad chilly but it was worth it. I tried to workout as much as possible to...
  8. lioness

    Kettlebellin' on President's Day - 2/15/10

    Hi All, I had a busy weekend and today I'm off for Presidents Day so mom and I are going shopping. Saturday morning I did an upper body workout and in the afternoon I did a workout that consisted of running, swings and sit ups. Yesterday I ran 6 miles. It wasn't the best run. At the end I fell...
  9. lioness

    ******Kettlebell Weekend Report******

    Where is everyone today?? This morning I did a 5K race and got 1st in my age group! It was a small race and there was only 2 people in my age group so I ended up with a nice medal. This afternoon I hit the pool and swam 80 laps. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!
  10. lioness

    It's a Christmas Miracle from AOS

    If you missed out on the AOS 12 Days of Christmas Sale, you can take advantage of all sale items through midnight tonight. It's a Christmas Miracle! "On the 13th day of Christmas my true love gave to me..." All of the items on sale for one more day! That's right; we've decided to run one...
  11. lioness

    Kettlebells on Sale at AOS

    I just received this email from AOS regarding Perform Better Kettlebells. If you order you won't see the sales price until it's in your cart. Here it is. The sale of sales. We're releasing it as a special because it wasn't originally on the list of items we thought we'd be able to put up...
  12. lioness

    I Have A Cool Pull Up Bar

    I just got finished helping a friend install a pull up bar in my backyard. I'm so excited!! I do many of my workouts outside and I've wanted one for so long. :D
  13. lioness

    AOS Providence on Sale

    Art of Strength is having a sale on Providence. It's 20% off with free shipping. The sale ends tonight at midnight.
  14. lioness

    Question for 1/2 Marathoners/Marathoners

    I will be doing my first 1/2 marathon in less than month. What should my diet be the day before/the morning of the race. I won't be at home the morning of the race. I'll be in a hotel. Thanks,
  15. lioness

    World Run Day - November 9, 2008

    My sister and I are going to participate in this event even though I'm doing a 15K the day before. You choose the distance, the route and the charity. The Event Dedicate a run to someone special and we'll proudly mail you the official World Run Day 2008 event t-shirt...
  16. lioness

    Happy Birthday Wake Up Eager!!!

    Happy Birthday, My Friend! Hope you have a fantastic day!! :D
  17. lioness

    Happy Birthday Kim (Kimenem2)!!

    Happy Birthday Kim from another Leo! :D Hope you have a great day! It was great chatting with you earlier this week!
  18. lioness

    Completed My Sixth 5K

    I finished my sixth 5K this morning. It was in a small Georgia town that was having their 150th Anniversary. It was a very small race with only about 50 or so folks. I thought my sister and I would finish last but we didn't. I didn't do my best time but I didn't do my worst either. Compared...
  19. lioness

    Kettlebells on Sale at Perform Better

    I received a flyer from Perform Better about their "End of Summer Sale". They have kettlebells on sale along with The Art of Strength dvds.
  20. lioness

    Run At Your Own Risk

    My sister and I were entered into an adventure race last night. It was a 3.3 mile run on a beach, on grass, trees and through water . The race was to start at 6:45pm. We arrived at around 5:45 and noticed the dark clouds moving towards the race area. As the race time got closer, we noticed...