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  1. hottiescientist

    Another Dog question

    Yes, I am back with another dog question...and I have a massive prologue for it too!! For those of you who don't remember (why should you?), I have a grey/lab/pit mix named Evee. She's freaking gorgeous and awesome. One day in august, she went to doggie day care and she came back exhausted...
  2. hottiescientist

    MORE DOG HELP!!?!?!

    sorry for the screaming. I'm crying right now. So I took Evee to a vet and demanded an X-ray. Before the X-ray they did confirm she had pain in her leg. But the X-ray showed that she's pretty screwed in her left hip. She doesn't have dysplasia but she started having arthritis and she...
  3. hottiescientist

    More Dog Help?

    So my lovable frenetic Evee is no more. My greyhound/pitbull/lab use to have this awesome frenetic energy. she would run and jump and just go crazy. Once she climbed up into an 8 ft tree to chase a squirrel and jumped back down with no problems. The only problem she had was a luxating...
  4. hottiescientist

    Crazy Bowflex sale!

    They had the selecttechs on sale a couple days ago as well. Right now, Bowflex is selling Bowflex Xtreme SE Home Gym for $399 with the code W9HFSA1. Free shopping tax varies. I have the info on my blog...
  5. hottiescientist

    Free All Access Weekend at 24 hour Fitness

    I realize that most of us are vidiots on these forums, but I thought it might be cool if some of you wanted to preview the facilities and classes at a local 24 hour fitness. One day has already passed, but you still have Sunday!
  6. hottiescientist

    If you're looking for a barbell set... It's pretty good in that it free shipping on a decent price. Love those rubber plates! If I see coupons, I'll update it in this post. Happy shopping! (and if someone finds a better price including tax and shipping let me know!) :)
  7. hottiescientist

    Dove hypocritical of real women's bodies? Ugh, just annoyed the crap out of me. I've had stretch marks since puberty (my chest "expanded" too fast for my skin)...guess I don't qualify. (who has flawless skin and is "real" anyway?)
  8. hottiescientist

    FB Connect with YouTube Previews?

    I'm not sure how FB limits you, but when it comes up on FB that I just did Cardio Core Circuit or something else, could a YouTube preview come up? I have friends who now know what workouts I do by name but they don't know what exactly I've done. If there was a video clip they could get a...
  9. hottiescientist

    PDF fillable/online fillable STS workout cards

    Howdy! I'm starting STS for the second time around and as I started to groan about finding paper to put in my printer to get the first workout card I was wondering if we could make the information fillable either through the web and store it online or just a fillable pdf (which shouldn't be too...
  10. hottiescientist

    Zune HD support?

    I downloaded the m4v just fine and my Windows Media Player can play them but the Zune software won't recognize it at all. Is there some support with this or am I on my own because I don't own a iPod (well, I do but I use my zune more). TIA!
  11. hottiescientist

    Thanks, Cathe!

    I just wanted to thank you again for such an awesome time at your Friday Advanced Step and Upper Body Blast class. I'm really glad I got to go and I had a ton of fun sweating it out to keep me warm (because I'm still convinced it was colder yesterday than it is today with the snow falling...
  12. hottiescientist

    Shock Cardio Fusion?

    I LURVE my Shock Cardio DVDs. I keep on putting another one in thinking it can't possibly be as fun as the last one and each time I get surprised. I do miss my premixes, though I guess you're limited to what you can premix with the shorter workouts. I don't suppose a Shock Cardio Fusion...
  13. hottiescientist

    Happy Birthday to ME! (Shock Cardio just arrived)

    I managed to get a nasty cough in the last two days but my ever faithful alarm system (known as my dog Evee) alerted me to when those DVDs arrived at my door step! Uber excited and feel totally spoiled with my new presents. Too bad I'm too sick to start one up right now!
  14. hottiescientist

    Outside RT activities

    Howdy all! Uberexcited to see all of you guys at SD. I live in LA so SD is just a car ride from me. I was probably going to do some other stuff while I was in SD -- probably at least one trip to one of the spas around and a trip to the wild animal park (probably on Sunday afternoon). I was...
  15. hottiescientist

    Anyone with a Zune HD?

    We're thinking about upgrading our old iPods. I love what the Zune HD appears to offer...I'm not really a thousand app kind of person...but I was curious to see if anyone had good or bad thoughts on their own purchase (it means something else when you've dumped money into it...).
  16. hottiescientist

    How do you clean sneaker mesh?

    I was cleaning today and I saw how my DH's once beautiful white sneakers are now and icky gray. I know how to clean the rubber parts at the bottom of the shoe but I don't know how to clean the mesh at the top and I've learned its not wise to throw the sneakers into the laundry. Any advice...
  17. hottiescientist

    Who else is disappointed in BF?

    Ugh, I just came back from BF shopping. We did the second wave theory which usually works (get in before the real second wave as the first wave is leaving). We had no waits in lines for the most part which was great. I ended up getting the best deals for my dog (though I did pick up some nice...
  18. hottiescientist

    Whats on your athletic wishlist?

    I just wrote up the other day on my blog my athletic wishlist, but I was wondering what the rest of the Cathe nation needs/wants. I have STS Shock Cardio (which is preordered, just impatiently waiting), a bunch of FBC products, and Physique 57 on the top of my list. So what's on your list?
  19. hottiescientist

    FBC Products?

    Howdy! I was wondering when the new FBC products were coming. I seemed to recall that they would be in stores in October but I can't find anything online or in the stores. I was just making my athletic wishlist (I really tried to be a good girl this year) and I want!! :) tia!
  20. hottiescientist

    SNM, please define "fall"

    I am really trying not to sound snarky but I want my Shock Cardio so badly! I just want to know when its coming. I understand its on schedule to be released this fall but I just want to understand when that is -- does fall go into December? (I think fall ends in November but I realize that...