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    Short Upper Body Workouts

    I'm in search of the same. Discovered a premix in the Strong and Sweaty collection that fit the bill. I believe it was on the Total Body Giant Sets DVD. It was the Upper Body time saver premix. Was a nice upper body workout under 30 min. It was a good workout.
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    Are You Ready For Step Boss Launch Week?

    You all operate like a well-oiled machine! Awesome prep and planning. Thanks for the update and for all the work you've put in to making this a great launch. Can't wait!! :)
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    NAIL POLISH Question

    That's a fun gift idea. I recommend the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish. It tends to be longer lasting like a gel polish without needing to cure under a light. They do have a top coat bottle that would definitely make the color polish last longer, but it's not required. Or, Sally Hansen...
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    I second this! A suspension training workout with Cathe would be really cool!
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Legs For Days Live Workout

    This looks like such an awesome workout! Love it!
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    Updates on the new step dvds?

    Just so you know...although they do make announcements more "fun," we don't always need pictures to appreciate updates!! :) It is nice to even hear that rehearsals are going on and that things are progressing behind the scenes. Thanks!!
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    After a recent knee injury that will require surgery, I am SO on board with this idea!! This would be great. I was reading old posts about barre-style workouts and I've been inspired with the results that people were experiencing. Would love a fresh Cathe-take on a barre series.
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    Newsletter (A+)

    Hi Cathe! I don't know that you're actually on here much reading these threads, but I just wanted to say thanks to you and your crew for always putting out such informative and current content in your weekly newsletters. Your articles are relevant, complete, and interesting; yet succinct and...
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    Cluster Training Workouts for Hypertrophy

    Just did XTrain's upper split workouts and enjoyed having the guys included in that series. Was actually thinking about this post during the workout and how it would be great to have this cluster style of workout AND see Al and some of the other guys again. Would love if Cathe considered...
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    Cluster Training Workouts for Hypertrophy

    Yes!! This would be a great addition to the Cathe collection.
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    "To the Max Two" and "Crossfire Two"

    I'm on board with that too!! Those are great workouts. Love the suggestion.
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    Ripped with HIIT series 2

    Oh my goodness - YES!!! RWH2 would be AWESOME!
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    STS Pyramid Results and/or sts 6 days/week

    Based on others' recommendations here on the forum, I bought the Valor Fitness BD-9 Squat Stands (from Amazon) to use as a squat rack for meso 3. Bought them in 2016 and I've been happy with them. I
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    new Step Boss

    I was happy when this was announced, but after doing the Low Intensity Step workout from 4DS last night, I am really looking forward to more step workouts! That workout was a lot of fun!!! Wouldn't mind higher intensity...but great fun factor. :D Can't wait!
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    Creatine or other supplements?

    I used creatine and BCAAs briefly in the past but didn't like how I felt using them (digestion issues). More recently I got into using collagen (high quality grass fed) but based on a podcast I listened to, I am going to give Essential Aminos a try. (The podcast was Ben Greenfield's interview...
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    Having such a bad day, just needed to vent

    AWWW!!! She looks so cute! So glad you have a new buddy to help your heart and bring you joy. She looks like she could be a ball of energy. Have fun!!
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    Thunder Thighs

    Curious, Lucia, how many times a week did you work your legs?
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    Having such a bad day, just needed to vent

    I'm so sorry!!!! Sounds like she was a beautiful dog and was loved so much. Sending thoughts, prayers, and hugs your way.
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    Weird question - ICE Rock'm Sock'm

    Haha! "shins of madness." :D That made me laugh. I'll have to listen for that next time I do it. I can see how that would be easy to hear!
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    Exclusively Weights

    YES!!! Would love this too.