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    Sciatica anyone

    Hi Sherry, I am 41 and have suffered from sciatica pain since I was 39. I am currently experiencing a flare up now but its not so bad as previous times. Walking has really helped ease the pain at least for me. Also I do the child's pose stretch 3x a day. I did see a pt for it once or twice. They...
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    I'm all for it too!
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    Floorwork DVD

    I didn't realize Cathe already had one out. I'm new to her and this forum. Thank you for mentioning Ice To The Matt
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    Floorwork DVD

    I am hoping that Cathe might come out with a dvd geared towards all floorwork exercises. I don't have any problems with my knees or joints yet but I love floorwork. I think people who have knee issues might like this idea too.