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    Off Topic: Cut Out Sugar Cookies

    I have yet to find a good sugar cookie recipe despite trying 3 so far I found online that claimed they were the best. I'm looking for something soft, holds up well to cut out shapes, but also has great flavor even without icing. The ones I tried were okay, just not wow. I use real...
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    Intermediate athlete needs help starting a Cathe program.

    I don't subscribe to OnDemand, but you will likely get more responses if you re-posted this in the Cathe Video & DVD Comments Forum if you haven't already done so.
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    I need a gift for a soap and candle maker. What brand of essential oils are best for this purpose?? Thanks!
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    Essential Oil question

    Does anyone have an essential oil bracelet? If so, do they work? And, which is a good brand? Thanks.
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    Jessica Smith has a few stretching dvds and free workouts on youtube. There is Cathe's Stretch Max, I like to do 2 segments back to back. Other dvds I like for stretching are Suzanne Bowen's Strengthen & Stretch, Karen Voight's Full Body Stretch and Tracie Long's Focus Series Reach Further.
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    NAIL POLISH Question

    I don't wear nail polish. What is a fairly economical but good brand nail polish I can get my teenage niece for her bday?? I'm looking for something with some staying power, relatively quick dry, but color that doesn't need a base coat, a top coat or multiple layers for the color to show. My...
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    Herniated Disc in Neck...Surgery??

    Has anyone had ACDF surgery for a herniated disc in the neck? If so, what have been your long term modifications/limitations?
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    Restarting everything at 51

    Though not Cathe, I find Jessica Smith to be just as motivating, if not moreso, in a different type of way. Her workouts are something you could do as you start back. Her Walk Strong 6 Week Total Transformation System (ten 30 minute workouts) or her Walk On 21 Day Weight Loss Plan (set of 4...
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    How to lessen intensity, maintain fitness & strength

    I want to lower the intensity of my workouts for a bit and also work on flexibility. I'm recovering from a shoulder injury but have no specific restrictions at this point. I'm just a bit gun shy. I have put on a few pounds on my alread pear shaped body and I'm not happy about this all over...
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    Home Hair Color question

    In an effort to save money, I'm going to attempt to color my quickly graying hair at home. I am pretty much a tom boy and have NO clue how to do girly things such as this. Can someone recommend some quality brands of store bought hair color and any valuable tips as I delve into this. Thanks!
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    Thunder Thighs

    I actually had been considering getting Stamina 50 reps.
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    Thunder Thighs

    I'm short and have big, chunky thighs. (I'd say I'm a meso/endo build, definitely not small boned) I have done heavy weights and it made my thighs bigger. I know ppl will say that shouldn't happen, but it does on my body. Yes they are strong but at this point in my life, I want to not look...
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    Is there somewhere that describes the Combo/Blasts from one of the Calorie Crush workouts? I see in the guide that the other Calorie Crush includes a brief description of what the exercises are. Thanks.
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    Can someone give me the descriptions of each blast in Fit Split Shred Cardio. Thanks.
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    What's a girl gotta do to....

    I have a family history diabetes, obesity and insulin resistance. I'm a good 10 yrs+ from retirement unfortunately! I'm definitely interested in IF, HiiT and heavier weights!
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    What's a girl gotta do to....

    Do you do HiiT on separate days?
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    What's a girl gotta do to....

    Repo, I'd also be interested in more detail on your rotation. Do you do mostly Cathe? Desert, I don't think it's muscle. I guess it's possible, but I've lifted for years. (You've got my favorite profile pic! We were in Utah about 2 yrs ago, did some canyoneering near Zion. Beautiful!)...
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    What's a girl gotta do to....

    ...lose a little weight in menopause???? I've been keeping a food and exercise journal, working out 4-5 days a week and at least once a week upping the intensity by introducing a harder workout b/c I want to progress at the same time not overtrain or kill my joints. I'm not counting strict...
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    Need to find some yoga

    My go to is always Ultimate Yogi by Travis.