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  1. Faithnveggies

    Strong & Sensible

    The group formerly known as 40's, aka Who Cares? Here is our 2019 thread! Happy New Year, everyone! I hope this year brings health, fitness and an abundance of love and prosperity to each of us. Happy lifting, riding, boxing, stepping, plyo-ing....
  2. Faithnveggies

    Fire or Roku?

    I'm going to get a new tv for workout area. I planned on a Fire TV since I'm already a committed Amazonian but saw Roku tv. So which app works better for Cathe Live and On Demand? Currently I'm DVD only but since this TV is dedicated for workouts I thought I would get the best Cathe App...
  3. Faithnveggies

    Who Cares? November : )

    OK, I will start us off for a change since it is already the 5th! I did a 30 min Tabata and bodyweight workout yesterday, not sure about today. Murphy I hope you are feeling better asap! I'm still fighting a cold sinus thing that started prior to London trip at the beginning of Oct. Sheesh...
  4. Faithnveggies

    Who Cares? It's September.

    Fit Tower TB done. I love the body wt work for back using the tower. I'm getting plenty of steps in at work plus on for the next 3 days. Have a great weekend all! Jody
  5. Faithnveggies

    music at RT

    What was the music from Sat classes? I recall "downloadable from I Tunes" but not the rest. TY in advance.
  6. Faithnveggies


    What is the least expensive way to purchase? I like Vega, which I think is similar and possibly better quality, but I'm trying 21 Day Fix. Maybe spending $$$ on shakeology will help me remember I'm changing how I eat. : >
  7. Faithnveggies

    40's Junebugs

    Summertime is here, or will be June 21st. Junebugs sound cuter than they are June Bug Insect Facts I did LIC upper body circuit and another upper body thing. My legs and glutes were a little reluctant after BG yesterday. Lisa, I need new shoes, too. Nike always fall off my heels, they work for...
  8. Faithnveggies

    Daytona Trippers

    Are you ready? : ) All Daytona Beach Road trippers welcome here for workout check in! I did Drill Max today. First time for that one in awhile, but that batch of workouts (BM2, LIC, BG and DM) are the ones I've used the most.
  9. Faithnveggies

    DB road trip check in

    I'm going to start a check in for the DB road trippers in the check in forum.I hope to see you guys- even if there aren't a lot of personals, it will still be fun to see what everyone is doing.
  10. Faithnveggies

    OT selling books

    My dtr has a collection of Nancy Drew copyright 1961 I think, she is the second owner, my SIL the original. She's cleaning out her closet and decided to give them up. Ebay? Amazon? Craigs list? My go to has been Ebay but I haven't needed to sell anything in a while. I wonder, selling books...
  11. Faithnveggies

    Special sizes bra shopping

    Best place to find a bra in the 30 E range (slender young woman) so not frumpy. 32DDD cup too small, 34 anything is way too big a band. TX for any help
  12. Faithnveggies

    printed guidefor series

    Will the new workouts have a book like XT and STS? I'm guessing not since it isn't a "system", but it is crazy how much I enjoy being able to flip open the guide to check for wt selection, equipment, premixes, and so on. More so than looking on workout manager, though I am grateful for that...
  13. Faithnveggies

    help, digital storage what do you do?

    I need to store digital photos, mostly, but maybe music too. I don't want to transfer 10 years worth of photos to my laptop. I'd like them all to be in one place where I can access them to sort, eventually. I'd like them to be safe and/ or have back up. I'd like to be able to access them from...
  14. Faithnveggies

    40's- Resolutions

    GS Chest and RS done. RS was about the intensity of a fast walk (1 riser plus learning curve). Waves to all~~
  15. Faithnveggies

    Cross Fire quest

    What sections, in addition to warm up and stretch, are included in the "Less Impact" premix? "No Tabata's" premix? TIA
  16. Faithnveggies

    40's choose to be fit

    Elect fitness and Elect to be fit didn't sound right. Continuing with my Sunday weekend warrior pattern, I did some IMAX 3 and BM2 cardio and wts premix, no abs, I was done at 60 min. I hope all are recovering from storm issues. Ooops, never mind, Lisa got a thread going for us already.
  17. Faithnveggies

    Progress not Perfection- Mighty in May

    Our group mantra is "Progress, not Perfection"- anyone is welcome to join us. We strive to eat healthy foods (non-processed as much as possible), do our workouts on a regular basis and drink 64 oz of water daily. We know that we won't do it perfectly every day...but we don't beat ourselves...
  18. Faithnveggies

    Help, need Cathe bio info asap

    Cathe bio info never mind, got it
  19. Faithnveggies

    Progress not Perfection April

    Our story: --> Bringing back the Susan touch to the checkin, I copied from our first month in Jan Our group mantra is "Progress, not Perfection" We strive to eat healthy foods (non-processed as much as possible), do our workouts on a regular basis and drink 64 oz of water daily. We know...
  20. Faithnveggies

    Progress not Perfection March!

    March is here, let's get over the hump and spring into action. : ) I'll do a run tonight. I'd rather do a Cathe w/o but the run will fit into my schedule. Susan, I hope you are able to fix your computer. Ugh. Good luck w/ your hair, Deanna. I have a different check in buddy who uses some...