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  1. myputer

    Fit Tower Workouts

    use them well! I like them better than the DVD's
  2. myputer

    Fit Tower Workouts

    I love using it too so I downloaded all the Cathe Live Fit Tower Workouts. Tone and Tighten, Inferno, Total Body 160 and Total Body 210. All worthwhile.
  3. myputer

    FitTower workouts

    I was longing for more Fit Tower workouts too and downloaded all the Cathe Live Fit Tower workouts. They are very good, even better than the Advanced Fit Tower DVD's They are 210, 160, 224 and 182. Worth checking out!
  4. myputer

    Step Sync Blows My Mind

    That's encouraging! Rhythmic Step is one of my favs
  5. myputer

    Step Sync Blows My Mind

    Viewing Step Sync now. Wow! Not sure I can move that fast anymore but Cathe's complex choreography is why I started with her. She's amazing! Looking forward to trying this.
  6. myputer

    Important: Make Sure To Read This Important Update About STEP BOSS!

    I got my shipping notice already. That was faster than expected. Now to get the download notice. I'm happy!
  7. myputer

    Step Boss Downloads

    I always order downloads and get all the bonuses. You just don't get the premixes.
  8. myputer

    Cathe Live on Workout Manager

    Fair enough! Thanks for the quick reply!
  9. myputer

    Cathe Live on Workout Manager

    Is there any way to add a Cathe Live workout to the workout manager. If not are there any plans for that in the future
  10. myputer

    Thank you, Cathe.

    Happy birthday! I'll be turning 67 at the end of this month and still working out with Cathe. So grateful to her for years of good health and strength and stamina. Have been thinking about trying spinning for awhile just haven't gotten to it yet. Good on ya!
  11. myputer

    How did you find out about Cathe?

    I found Cathe through the Video Fitness Consumer Guide after having used the Original Firm workouts. I started when she had a sale of 5 VHS Videos. Don't remember the year but have stuck with Cathe exclusively ever since.
  12. myputer

    wrong icon

    Hi, just want to let you know that on the calendar the PHAT icon appears in place of Ramped Up Upper Body. The workout is listed correctly but icon is wrong. Nothing critical just wanted to let you know in case you don't already.
  13. myputer

    Step Boss crew members?

    Ditto about Cede
  14. myputer

    Anyone order just downloads?

    Since downloads came out I only ordered them as I love the convenience of them but started getting both since the Strong and Sweaty series as I missed the premixes. From now on it's both for me.
  15. myputer

    icons in workout manager

    No me too! It's probably just not set up with the pics yet. It will appear at some point
  16. myputer

    "not secure" site

    Hi, When I open the calendar In the workout manager before the web address is written" not secure". I thought it might be because others could see it but then I changed that so no one could see and it's still shows up "not secure". Please advise!
  17. myputer

    Problem logging into Workout Manager

    Hi, I hope so too. :)
  18. myputer

    Problem logging into Workout Manager

    I've also deleted cookies and it still didn't stay logged in
  19. myputer

    Problem logging into Workout Manager

    I have the same problem. I check stay logged in and every time I go to this site I have to log in again. This has been going on since you upgraded the site.
  20. myputer

    Not yet pre-ordered!!!

    I live outside the U.S. and have ordered downloads since Cathe came out with them. Very happy to have them.