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  1. scubagirl

    Where is...

    I’m. Curious as to where Debbie has been in the live classes? (I think that’s her name). She has curly hair and is always to Cathe’s right. I have missed seeing her! Mary
  2. scubagirl

    It's September! Who cares?!

    Hi girls! New month! Times flying! I totally forgot what everyone is up to without my "notes" from the previous month! Hope all is well with all, today did a Fit by Julia workout, HIIT intervals and tabata. Might not make it around until next week, work tomorrow, DS (youngest) has a...
  3. scubagirl

    40+ May Days

    Hello! I just realized it's all ready May! Today did Karen Voight before it goes back to the library, yesterday did YR, just felt tight all over. Roxie, I imagine you spent the day on your boat. Spring has arrived! So beautiful here! Ronne, hope you had fun with your friend! Lisa, what...
  4. scubagirl

    Thankful 40's+

    Hello everyone! I don't know if I have ever started a thread! I feel like I'm cheating?! Today did a squeeze workout, yesterday was MM UB. Jody, that is a lot of hours you are working! Hope you get some rest on Monday! Murphy, are you done with everything now? Thinking of you. Ronne, how...
  5. scubagirl

    40's in Dec.!

    Hi girls! We made it back! We even made money! I hit a jackpot on the slots! Iwas so excited, my heart was pounding a mile a minute! That had never happened to me before. Did you all workout last week? We did walk miles and miles every day. Does that count? Today was MMA Fusion, forgot...
  6. scubagirl

    40's in the fall!

    Hi girls! Didn't see anything started, so here I am! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Got the grass mowed, hopefully the last time this year! Now I need to get started on the leaves. We went to a clam bake on sunday, not my favorite, the kids had fun playing with the empty shells! Started...
  7. scubagirl

    40's in the Fall!

    Hi everyone! Hope everyone had a good weekend! We went apple picking, my girlfriend makes me go every year. I ask her why we just can't go to the grocery store? Just did MM. Ronne, how was your weekend? You had something fun going on, right? Lisa, saw your pics from your girl's night out...
  8. scubagirl

    40 & fit

    Hi girls! Hope everyone is well and had a good weekend. Youngest DS has strep, hope that he didn't share with the rest of us! Just did meso 2 chest, shoulders and tri's, will try to get in some cardio later, all the running around I had to do yesterday didn't leave me much time! Lisa, how is...
  9. scubagirl

    40's 3/28/10

    Hi everyone! Another Monday! Just finished Circuit Blast, did B&G yesterday, Sat., did KCM body training. The kids are off school this week. Yesterday we got Just Dance for Wii, had a tournament last night. Lots of fun, was really working up a sweat! I did beat them tho! Lisa, how are...
  10. scubagirl

    40 and fit

    Hi girls! Hope you all had a good weekend. Today was PH, needed something quick, we are having our family room and kitchen painted, had to get it done before he showed up! I went to the local half-price bookstore today, I was soooo excited! Someone had turned in a bunch of Cathe dvd's! I...
  11. scubagirl

    40's this week

    Hi girls! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Busy running around, basketball, Pampered Chef party, i even made pea soup! Just finished mma kb, did circuit blast on Sun, and boxing on Sat. Ronne, did you get your dvd's yet? I hope so! Lisa, how is work and Maddy? Murphy, I wish I was...
  12. scubagirl

    40's in '10

    Hi girls! How is everyone? Cold and snowing here, and I am all alone in the house and it is wonderful! I was sad that everyone left, now I remember how beautiful the quiet is! Today was GS C&T, my arms are still shaking, contemplating restarting STS with the new cardio. Lisa, how is Maddy...
  13. scubagirl

    40's christmas week

    Hi girls, I know a busy week for all. Just finished ME, my goal this year was to get in 300 w/o's, I only have 3 more to reach it! I am pleased with myself that I was able to do it. Then I think, well, you actually took 2 months off of working out! Lisa, how is Maddy? Murphy, did you get...
  14. scubagirl

    Fit 40's

    Hi girls! Hope you had a good weekend. Went quick with the kids, hit Costco to stock up for Thurs., today I did the LIS circuit from 4DS, it was fun! Murphy, how are you? Still doing Insanity? Lisa, do you have a short work week? I am done with work until Jan., love semesters! Ronne, how...
  15. scubagirl

    40's Where are you??

    Hi girls! Last week of summer here! Kids go back to school next week. We are trying to cram in everything they want to do in 8 days! We are doing a garage sale this week too! Hope all is well with everyone! Lisa, Madison doing better? Ronne, how was France? Murphy, Andrea, how are you...
  16. scubagirl

    40 and Fab!

    Hi everyone! First time starting! Made me a little nervous! Just wanted to say Hi to all! We will be gone most of the week, going to the beach house. Lisa, hope all is well with you. How is Madison? Is she eating any better? Ronne, I know you are on vacation, Hope it is great! Murphy...
  17. scubagirl

    gym style

    I don't know if this is the right forum...I am looking for opinions, I am contemplating ordering the gym style series, but I did order STS, do you think I need to order this series or just continue to be patient? I guess I would just like to know if they are worth the investment and if they...
  18. scubagirl

    the gauntlet

    I just had to tell someone (who understands) that I just did the Gauntlet, I have been afraid to try it, I gave it a go today, it wasn't pretty, but I was able to complete it! I think I am going to have to work up the Viper and the Imax! Thanks for listening!
  19. scubagirl

    Butts and guts or GS legs?

    Which would be the better one to purchase? I have PLB, I guess I am looking for a new challenge. Any recommendations? Thanks!