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    Facial Exercises

    Hazlady, thank you so much for the suggestion. I have never heard of this. It sounds interesting. I will check it out!
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    Facial Exercises

    Hello, everyone, I am curious if anyone does facial exercises and/or utilizes some kind of facial device to tighten facial muscles. If you do, would you mind sharing what you do and if you have seen results? Thank you and Merry Christmas!
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    HRM: Chest strap or no Chest strap???

    Just wanted to share ... I purchased the Garmin Forerunner 35, strapless, and I really like it!
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    Botox/Juviderm or Mini Lift

    Ivy, a great forum discussion question. I wanted to simply share additional information in case it can help. I have looked into microneedling with platelet rich plasma (PRP). PRP is created using your own blood. It assists the body in repairing itself, particularly in producing collagen...
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    HRM: Chest strap or no Chest strap???

    Firemedic, I have used Garmin HR monitors for years and really like them. The ones I have used are all with straps. Just recently I began my search for a strapless monitor. Like you, I have read many reviews about the inaccuracy of the HR with strapless monitors. Hence me stopping by the forum...
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    ICE Muscle Meltdown on DVD?

    I would love to have the ICE muscle meltdowns on one DVD. However, I also want the blizzard blasts and abs on the same DVD with the muscle meltdowns. I think this would make for numerous workout options. Forum_admin, I completely understand what you are saying about the lack of sales for...
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    3 week yoga retreat

    Cafelattee, thank you so much for the post. I have not actually done the video you included; however, I did a quick view of it and definitely felt like the music would give it a fun feel. I realized that is my struggle with loving yoga, it is the lack of fun factor. I recognize yoga is all...
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    3 week yoga retreat

    Chris801, thank you so much for the suggestion. I am unfamiliar with Brett Larkin so I will definitely be completing a search on YouTube. I was not comfortable spending $70 on the 3 week yoga without receiving feedback from Cathe's fans that it is a solid program. ;) Thank you again for the...
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    3 week yoga retreat

    Hi, everyone, I am curious if anyone has tried the 3 week yoga retreat, by beach body, and if you have, what you thought of it. I want to love yoga and I just don't. I truly believe in the efficacy of yoga (i.e flexibility, balance, internal calm) and I have tried several yoga DVDs/programs...
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    New workouts: another "thank you"

    Aqua girl, I actually logged in just to post a 'thank you' to Cathe. I saw your post and wanted to be sure and express my gratitude as well. I am completing the Fit Split and Ripped rotation. I did the boxing bootcamp/legs and glutes. I loved it and I burned major calories :) I greatly...
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    Cardio Kicks

    Jane, thank you so much for the information. In all the years I have been working out with Cathe, I do not know how I overlooked the Circuit Max/Cardio Kicks DVD; it looks like a good DVD. Thank you also for the substitution options.
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    Cardio Kicks

    For the September 2017 rotation, Monday, for week 2, includes cardio kicks. I hate to admit this; however, I do not know which DVD is this. Is this by chance a premix from Cathe's original 4-day split rotation? Also, any suggestions on a DVD to sub for IMAX? Thank you!
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    Fit Split core work?

    Great question, Caroline. I hope it does. I always love Cathe's core workouts!
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    Tower Coupon Code issue

    Thank you so much for responding. I went ahead and placed the order without the discount. I sent an email to the company and I am hoping they will reply and honor the 10% off. Thanks again.
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    Tower Coupon Code issue

    I completely forgot today is the last day to preorder the fit tower. I tried entering the coupon code for an additional 10% off; however, it is not working. Just wondering if anyone else has had problems or if I am doing something wrong. Thank you!
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    Last Chance To Pre-Order the Fit Tower™

    I am entering the coupon code Cathe10; however, it is not showing an additional 10% off. Can anyone help me? I am unsure what I am doing wrong. Thank you!!
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    Weighted gloves

    I was introduced to the pace weights on this forum and I love them!
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    Hi, group, I don't have Cathe Live so I am late to the party. What is PHAT? Thank you!,
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    Tabata and/or other HiiT - need real life experiences

    SRP, I just felt compelled to add my two cents from my own experience. Please know everything within this post is to be helpful. Everyone is different so if it does not resonate with you feel free to discard. Even though menopause is a natural process many women have hormone imbalances prior...
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    SpeedShred - Deltafit workout

    Ally yo, I thought there were some great exercises, quite unique; however, it felt very erratic and inconsistent. Also, I thought some of the exercises were not challenging enough. I did the first and second DVD. Rarely, have I ever returned a DVD; however, I am sending this back. Initially, I...