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  1. Roxie 1965

    Workout Manager

    Anyone else having problems getting to the workout manager?
  2. Roxie 1965

    Who Cares Another Year

    Good Afternoon, Getting us startec. I returned home today after being gone all week. I can tell I haven't been good with workouts I feel like I have put on weight. I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I got my release to go back to work Monday and it says I have a 10lb weight limit so I...
  3. Roxie 1965

    To The Mat

    I did the premix without the stability ball and I have to say this my new go to leg workout. I am 21 days post hysterectomy so I had skip the plank stuff can't wait until I can do the whole workout.
  4. Roxie 1965


    For all of you afraid these workouts won't be challenging go back and do Body Fusion or Cardio & Weights and I think you will change your mind.
  5. Roxie 1965

    Workout Manager Issue

    Anyone getting and invalid time stamp message and the calendar being short and squatty?
  6. Roxie 1965

    Workout Manager

    What is wrong with it today its throwing and error and the calendar is squished.
  7. Roxie 1965

    Website is Horrible

    SNM Will there ever come a day when this website works like it use to its slow and some of it doesn't load its getting old.
  8. Roxie 1965

    Problems With Workout Manager

    Is anyone else getting a strange Script message when trying to add a workout. I want to add Planks using the core option and it won't let me and SNM is not responding to my problem?
  9. Roxie 1965

    Strange Message

    I am trying to add planks to the workout manager using the core option and it is giving me a weird message about script and unathourized.
  10. Roxie 1965

    Party Rockin Step 1 No Fan

    This was my first try at this workout after watching everyday for a week before I tried it you would think it would be less confusing but the choreography in this one is really tough I watched most of it attempted where I could felt like a complete waste of my time.
  11. Roxie 1965

    40's OMG Its November

    Good Morning, I thought I would start this months thread. I will get a workout in today and get back on track Monday I still have 3 weeks of Xtrain left to finish. GS was a little crabbier yesterday he wanted carried everywhere until grandma put her foot down and told him if he wanted to go...
  12. Roxie 1965

    Lean Legs and Abs

    I usually dread leg days I just don't enjoy working legs and I have been pretty bad about abs lately so I decided to try this workout today and I have to say I absolutely loved this one there is no dread and the ab section is totally doable this one is going to be my favorite leg and ab workout.
  13. Roxie 1965

    Substitutes For Crossfire and To the Max

    Can anyone make a suggestion for these two workouts the October Rotation? Are they the same as Afterburn and Athletic Training?
  14. Roxie 1965

    CrazyStrong and Loving It October

    Good Evening, I did KCM Trim Down Premix 1 Boxing and 55 squats. I thought I would start a new thread. Nora-I went to the dentist.
  15. Roxie 1965

    Crazy Strong and Loving It July

    Good Morning, Just getting a new thread started I will be back later to report my workout.
  16. Roxie 1965

    Website Problems

    I noticed a post in the Checkins that a post I made this morning has someone elses name with my picture is this a problem with the website that you are aware of?
  17. Roxie 1965

    SNM Workout Manger Problems

    I tried to mark my workout complete and record my stats but it won't save is it something I am doing wrong or is there a problem with the program?
  18. Roxie 1965

    Change In Address

    My husband will be moving in a couple of weeks but we don't know exactly where we are moving to so how soon do you need that change?
  19. Roxie 1965

    Good Book Recommendations

    Hey everyone I am looking for a really good sink your teeth into book, I like mystery thrillers and romance. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Roxie 1965

    News I Had To Share With You

    Cathe, After 8 months of trying and DH and I waiting patiently my DD and her DH are going to have a baby. They told us in January and we weren't allowed to tell anyone until March. It is due in September. On April 30th we find out if its a girl or boy. Just wanted to share my news.