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    Off Topic: Cut Out Sugar Cookies

    I have yet to find a good sugar cookie recipe despite trying 3 so far I found online that claimed they were the best. I'm looking for something soft, holds up well to cut out shapes, but also has great flavor even without icing. The ones I tried were okay, just not wow. I use real...
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    I need a gift for a soap and candle maker. What brand of essential oils are best for this purpose?? Thanks!
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    Essential Oil question

    Does anyone have an essential oil bracelet? If so, do they work? And, which is a good brand? Thanks.
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    NAIL POLISH Question

    I don't wear nail polish. What is a fairly economical but good brand nail polish I can get my teenage niece for her bday?? I'm looking for something with some staying power, relatively quick dry, but color that doesn't need a base coat, a top coat or multiple layers for the color to show. My...
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    Herniated Disc in Neck...Surgery??

    Has anyone had ACDF surgery for a herniated disc in the neck? If so, what have been your long term modifications/limitations?
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    How to lessen intensity, maintain fitness & strength

    I want to lower the intensity of my workouts for a bit and also work on flexibility. I'm recovering from a shoulder injury but have no specific restrictions at this point. I'm just a bit gun shy. I have put on a few pounds on my alread pear shaped body and I'm not happy about this all over...
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    Home Hair Color question

    In an effort to save money, I'm going to attempt to color my quickly graying hair at home. I am pretty much a tom boy and have NO clue how to do girly things such as this. Can someone recommend some quality brands of store bought hair color and any valuable tips as I delve into this. Thanks!
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    Thunder Thighs

    I'm short and have big, chunky thighs. (I'd say I'm a meso/endo build, definitely not small boned) I have done heavy weights and it made my thighs bigger. I know ppl will say that shouldn't happen, but it does on my body. Yes they are strong but at this point in my life, I want to not look...
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    Is there somewhere that describes the Combo/Blasts from one of the Calorie Crush workouts? I see in the guide that the other Calorie Crush includes a brief description of what the exercises are. Thanks.
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    Can someone give me the descriptions of each blast in Fit Split Shred Cardio. Thanks.
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    What's a girl gotta do to....

    ...lose a little weight in menopause???? I've been keeping a food and exercise journal, working out 4-5 days a week and at least once a week upping the intensity by introducing a harder workout b/c I want to progress at the same time not overtrain or kill my joints. I'm not counting strict...
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    Help me find a new Book Series for my mom!

    With Christmas upcoming I want to get my mom a new book series. She likes to read, has a Kindle but prefers books. She isn't as mobile as she used to be so doesn't get out to book stores as much as she used to. She likes the Stephanie Plum series, has read James Patterson, the Harry Potter...
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    XTrain Rotations...which to do??

    I haven't used XTrain in awhile so would like to incorporate it into my next rotation. I often get bored doing the same workouts over and over so I'm not always great at sticking to rotations involving just one workout set. There are alot of rotations that include XTrain (XTrain + LIS, XTrain...
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    GLUTE & Floor Work Rotation??

    Does anyone have a good rotation (not necessarily just Cathe workouts) to work the Glutes (can be standing or floor work) that also includes mosty Floor Work for the thighs/hams? I'm trying to debulk my quads a bit. Thanks.
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    FIT SPLIT--SPLIT Rotation ??

    Hi Cathe I was hoping for a future rotation you could put together a rotation using only 1 of the workouts from each disc per day, ie. doing Boxing Bootcamp and Legs & Glutes on separate days? I like the idea of shorter workouts and with the Push and Pull days each containing some leg work I...
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    Help Me with Travel workouts

    I'm visiting my family for a few days next week and want to take some Cathe workouts. There will be limited workout space so I will not be taking my step. I want to bring along my 5 and 8 lb dumbbells and can bring my band. I do not own Travel Fit, but own most everything else. Can someone...
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    Charleston, SC Vacation...never been there

    My husband and I are planning a vacation in September to someplace we've never been before. We like hiking and exploring. We're not sit on the beach people nor are we big fans of bars/night life. Anything to do there for the two of us? And is September hurricane season so maybe don't bother...
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    Yoga Experiences...please share

    As I get older I really want to work more on flexibility, but also don't want to negatively impact my cardio and strength training. I don't want to do a yoga only rotation b/c I fear I'd get burnt out and then never touch it again or at least for awhile. But, I definitely want to do yoga more...
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    A Feel the Burn Series??

    I would like something the total opposite of STS, more of a very high rep, low weight "Feel the Burn" series, but still a "shock training" so to speak. Something that leaves you quivering after using 1,3 or 5 lb weights for upper body and no weight or light ankle weights for lower body. Maybe...
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    Step Jam!!

    I wanted a longer step routine with basic choreography so I dusted off Step Jam! I haven't done this one in years. I used to do it all the time! I laughed at the Hand Jive in the warm up and the "Hill Billy" music and the Jazz hands in the cool down. It was the perfect workout today!! I...