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  1. WantFit

    Any rotation aimed at flexibility?

    Hi, I am training for marathon in last two years. I became very stiff. I would like to take next 4 weeks to focus on strength and flexibility train. Any suggestions? I have almost every Cathe's DVD except ICY series and Low Impact (I couldn't find it from download and it did not allow me to...
  2. WantFit

    Any one used Precision Ntrution as Diet Plan

    Hi, I have been working out, though not 5 days a week, about 3 days a week. My weight keeps piling up. My family doctor told me at my age - 47 is all about mouth. I should only eat half of what I used to eat when I was young. But it is hard to keep it that way. I would like to know if...
  3. WantFit

    Advise need for caring my Lab puppy

    All, we just adopted a black lab mixed two weeks ago. She is so sweet and such a cutie. But the problem is her poop. My daughter (she is 15, so she might not be right) said buying Blue Bufflo dry puppy food for her. However, her poop is still loose and she seems hungry all the time. I only...
  4. WantFit

    Help for printing Xtrain Workout Card

    I followed the instruction in page 23. All steps were ok until step 3. I did not see "Edit workout" button. I only saw "edit rotation". Please help. Thanks
  5. WantFit

    TRX any opinion?

    Hi, With Cathe's new workout, I am looking for more portable use of these series. Did anyone of you use TRX? Can you give me some feed back? I am thinking to use TRX with new series. Is it worth to spend $190 for a bunch of straps? Thanks.
  6. WantFit

    Interesting Article about Training and other factors

    My DD is a competitive skater. I just browsed site and found this article is very interesting. Though its audience is skater, it will help us too.
  7. WantFit

    Dynamic Warm Up with Gretchen Bleiler

    My daughter is figure skater. So I follow NYTime Olympics series. Here is another interesting video clip, showing the dynamic warm up with snow boarder Gretchen Bleiler. I would like to try it before my workout. I am always short of time. So I tend to either not doing warm up or spend...
  8. WantFit

    Interesting core moves while lessen the pressure on Lower back

    I happened to run into this core exercise video in It gave some value points on how to strength core when you have back problems. I post link here to share.
  9. WantFit

    My Soy Milk Maker

    Just want to share my experience with this new machine with you. This is what I post in for my reivew: *********************************** I wanted soy milk maker for a long time. My daughter likes to drink it. We bought Silk brand from Costco. It's fine. But I don't like the sweet...
  10. WantFit

    Where to Order Barefoot Cardio

    Hi, everyone, I read the thread about Barefoot Cardio. You guys are enablers. Where did you guys get this dvd? I wanted to order it. I googled and went to this site: It said if I order two or more...
  11. WantFit

    MMA KB

    I pulled my muscles in glute/hamstring area a few months ago while I was doing STS. I still feel the pain sometimes. I've been off workout for a few months now. But I got Shock Cardio Dec 23. I could not resist on trying them. Yesterday, I tried Travel Fit. I made thru it. I like it. It...
  12. WantFit

    Free download STS Cardio code

    I think a month ago I learnt from this forum that for those of us pre order STS Cardio will get free download STS cardio coupon code. I checked my package. I did not see any. I am wondering if any of you get it. Sorry to be so pushing. I worried about my package. When it came, I was so...
  13. WantFit

    Did you get an e-mail confirmation?

    Hi, Everyone, I still did not get my pre sale STS cardio. I ordered very early. I did not receive any e-mail like before saying that my package was shipped. For those who posted here saying that they expected to receive package on xxx. How did you find out the date? I am anxious. Thanks
  14. WantFit

    Do we get coupon for pre odered in Mar...

    Hi, SNM, As STS Carido getting close to release, I would like to order some equipment from, such as bands for travel kits, gloves, etc. I thought at one point in the e-mail saying that we could get discount to purchase gears from if we pre order. Can you let me know if I...
  15. WantFit

    Opinions RevAbs?

    I got an e-mail from beachbody team talking about this set of DVDs. Anyone tried it? What is your opion about this set of DVDs? Is it effective? Thanks
  16. WantFit

    Slow Burn - completely opposite to Insanity

    Just got an e-mail and had a link for this article. It is totally different approach compared to Insanity. I love Insanity. But currently I am nursing my glute and hamstring injury (butt pain). I can't do it. My daughter is using it once a week. She loves it. I am thinking to get this...
  17. WantFit

    Jillian Michaels Cardio Kickboxing to ease into Insanity

    I had injured my butt area while doing STS. The area is so hard to describe. There are two areas: 1. one is like deep inner thigh connected to the head of hamstring 2. one is like outer left butt that connected to T Band 3. is my sit bone. I could not sit too long But I got my...
  18. WantFit

    DD's 2009 Skate Milwaukee Video

    Just want to share my daughter competition video. This was her qualified round on last Friday. I was so nervous and shaking. She was much calm than me. ;) She got 4th in the qualified round and 4th in the final round. I did not get a chance to film her in final round. There were total 30...
  19. WantFit

    What do you think about Energy Drink FRS?

    My daughter's coach gave my daughter a can of FRS and a piece of chew thing. MY DD told me it did help her. But she is only 11. I can't count on her reaction. I would like to know if any of you take it? What do you think about it? Is it safe? Thanks
  20. WantFit

    Your Opion needed - Garmin Forerunner 305

    I have GoWearFit. I like it. It really helps me to push my calories burn. But it did not give me heart rate and outdoor mileage. I had polar F2. Again, it did not give me outdoor mileage either. Costco has this model on sale now. It is $150. Do you think it is good value? My DH finally...