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  1. AtlantaJJ

    User Guides For Streamers

    Hello, I'm interested in do the STS series soon. I would love to read the user's guide before I plan my rotation. Are the user guides for the workouts that have them available for streaming users? Thank you! Janet
  2. AtlantaJJ

    STS User Guide for Streamers

    Hi, I'm a newbie here, I signed up for the On Demand and Cathe Live classes. Do we have access to the user guides as a streaming subscriber? I apologize if this question has been asked and answered because I haven't found a way to search the threads yet. Thank you! & Happy New Year! Janet
  3. AtlantaJJ

    Slide N Glide discs ??

    I'm new to Cathe on Demand and I am in search of challenging low impact exercises. I have been doing the Ripped with HIIT series all year. I found an interesting workout that involves the use of the Slide N Glide discs, but I can't find them for sale on Cathe's site or on Amazon. Is a good...