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    Fit Tower Workouts

    I have slow internet so it's great that we can now purchase the Live workouts as downloads. I love using the Fit Tower too and have bought most of Cathe's Live Fit Tower workouts. I think #160 Fit Tower Live is the only one I don't have yet. There is also #167 Fit Tower Cardio & Legs, #171...
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    Cathe's New Series - New Perfect30 Workout Videos

    I like the look of this series. Now just have to wait for a DVD I don't have yet to come up on the daily deals so I can take advantage of the double free shipping. I have to say I really like how Cathe structures her workout series. I think she does an excellent job of targeting the...
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    Is Step Boss considered Intermediate or Advanced?

    I love the music in IMAX 2. I find IMAX 2 quite hard, not as hard as IMAX 3 but a bit harder than IMAX 4. But it is the music that makes this workout great.
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    Is Step Boss considered Intermediate or Advanced?

    I find PHA 3 is advanced, I have to use lighter weights than Cathe on quite a few of the exercises, compared with LITE PHA where I tend to use the same weight as Cathe. IMAX 4 is easier than IMAX 3 but I find IMAX 3 super advanced and have to modify and pause a lot to get through it. I still...
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    Step Sync First Impressions

    I did Step Sync yesterday. The Bonus routine is actually a really good lead up to the main workout and I didn't have too much trouble with the choreography considering it was the first time I did it. Only a few hiccups here and there. I couldn't do the spin back to the step as I got too dizzy...
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    PHA 3+Ab Stacker

    I also do push ups on my knees. I can't do the push up/glide thing either. I can get the legs working but I can't do a full push up. I tend to do half push ups for as many reps as I can but I am usually just holding plank and gliding my legs for the last few reps. As for the moving risers in...
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    Step Sync First Impressions

    I've completed the Bonus Step Sync twice now. The first time I ended up on the wrong leg on the second finished combo because I did a step knee on the wrong end of the step. Got it right the second time round. Ready to attempt the main workout now.
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    Small error in Step Boss User Guide

    The workout card is correct as it only contains the chapters where weights are used in the exercise. You will notice that Chapters 9, 23 and 29 are also missing as there are no weights used in these, as well as the warm up, cool down and stretch chapters.
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    Imax 4

    I did IMax 4 for the first time a couple of days ago and loved it. I only use the step platform too. There were a couple of combos that stumped me but the combo with the sweep around I actually got which surprised me. The squat thrusts at the end were brutal though. I had to pause the DVD...
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    My new favorite move is ...

    I did PHA 3 yesterday and I really like the Squat Crossover Lunge move too. I used lighter weights than I normally would as it was my first time and I'm glad I did because some of the moves were quite fast and I was struggling even with the lighter weight. Wasn't so keen on the one arm rows in...
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    Small error in Step Boss User Guide

    Was doing PHA 3 yesterday and noticed that under the Chapter headings Chapter 17 is incorrectly labelled as Push Dips. This should be Squat Thrust and Plank Push Ups.
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    Out for delivery!

    Yay, mine finally arrived today! Have already previewed them and I'm going to start with the Step Sync Bonus Intermediate workout and the Ab Stacker premix.
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    inversion table

    I bought an inversion table earlier this year. I got a cheap one but my Pilates instructor has the Teeter brand which is one of the best ones available in New Zealand. Some things to consider when buying an inversion table: The foot supports - some inversion tables come with leg cuffs front...
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    Out for delivery!

    I'm in New Zealand so I won't receive mine until after Christmas. It is great to read the posts of others who have received them sooner and how they are finding the workouts while I am waiting.
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    Facial Exercises

    Hi Murphymax, I use the Yamuna Body Rolling Save Your Face Kit. The kit consists of 2 balls, a larger one that you rest your head on and a smaller one that you use on your face. It also has an instruction DVD. It works well but you do have to use it regularly. On the DVD they do one side of...
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    Which Stranded Island Kitchen Appliance?

    Definitely the Ninja Foodi. It is quite expensive, especially here in New Zealand as we are a small market and they are only being stocked by a few retailers, but it is the best kitchen appliance I have bought in a long time. I think it's $150 USD on Amazon for the 6.5qt version, there is also...
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    I also checked out Mark Lauren on YouTube and reviews of his workouts by 2lazy4gym and bought both his Mobility RX and EFX DVDs from Amazon. They are supposed to be arriving Friday. Thanks for the recommendation Ginny!
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    Exercise, Losing Weight, BrightLine Eating

    Hi Lisab99, You said you experienced a slow down in weight loss when you started doing regular HIIT workouts. This could be due to the HIIT workouts increasing your cortisol levels. How often do you do HIIT training and how long are the training sessions? You may need to reduce the...
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    Exercise, Losing Weight, BrightLine Eating

    Thanks Jen Den. And what you said about still having the addiction is so true. Exercising regularly has helped too as I have more energy and am more likely to seek out healthier foods when I'm not so tired. Where I live I have about 15 different fast food outlets within a 2 mile radius, so...
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    Exercise, Losing Weight, BrightLine Eating

    Jen Den said "No big person said, doing 45 minutes of Step cause me to gain 50 pounds! They would say he or she ate fast food 2 times a day and drank soda that is why they got big!" I love this. Very true. For me it was drinking about 1 litre of soft drink a day, eating fast food, lots of...