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    Extended warm up

    Could you please add an extended warm up as a bonus? It would be very helpful particularly before the HIIT workouts. I know the focus of this series is on 30 min workouts but many of us will use them as mix&match modular workouts to create longer sessions. It would be great to have an...
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    Correction needed

    The article about the stroke risk needs a correction. The sentence that reads "One study found that a ratio of potassium to sodium in the urine greater than 1 is linked with a 47% higher risk of stroke" reversed the salts. I think it should read a ratio of sodium to potassium in the urine...
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    2 requests for the new workouts

    I would like to make 2 requests for the new workouts: The first is about the music. I know you are remaking popular songs for this series which is great but I would love to have the option on the DVDs for music only + instruction (no vocals). I would pay more to have that as an additional...