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    Facial Exercises

    Hello, everyone, I am curious if anyone does facial exercises and/or utilizes some kind of facial device to tighten facial muscles. If you do, would you mind sharing what you do and if you have seen results? Thank you and Merry Christmas!
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    3 week yoga retreat

    Hi, everyone, I am curious if anyone has tried the 3 week yoga retreat, by beach body, and if you have, what you thought of it. I want to love yoga and I just don't. I truly believe in the efficacy of yoga (i.e flexibility, balance, internal calm) and I have tried several yoga DVDs/programs...
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    Cardio Kicks

    For the September 2017 rotation, Monday, for week 2, includes cardio kicks. I hate to admit this; however, I do not know which DVD is this. Is this by chance a premix from Cathe's original 4-day split rotation? Also, any suggestions on a DVD to sub for IMAX? Thank you!
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    Tower Coupon Code issue

    I completely forgot today is the last day to preorder the fit tower. I tried entering the coupon code for an additional 10% off; however, it is not working. Just wondering if anyone else has had problems or if I am doing something wrong. Thank you!
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    ICE Blizzard Blasts and Muscle Meltdowns

    I would love to have one DVD that contains all of the ICE blizzard blasts and muscle meltdowns. I know the series has already been released; however, I would be more than happy to purchase a separate DVD with these on it. :)
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    X-Train 90 Rotation/workout manager

    Hi, everyone, I was wondering if the X-Train 90 day rotation is listed somewhere? I have been searching for it and have not found it. I found it in the workout manager; however, I would really like it all listed in addition to being able to see each individual day through the workout manager...
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    Michelle Dozois Bodyfit 360

    I saw a post on here recently about Beach Body's PiYo. Someone commented that Michelle Dozois Bodyfit 360 was similar. I believe it was our beloved 2 lazy for the gym. Which lead me to 2 lazy for the gym's blog which lead me to Total Fitness DVDs where I watched the clips for Bodyfit 360. I...
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    Which ICE Rotation?

    Merry Christmas, everyone! My hubby was so good to me and gave me the remainder dvds I needed to complete my set for xtrain and Ripped with Hiit. Anyone doing an ICE rotation with xtrain or Ripped? I saw them in the users guide and they both looked great! Decisions decisions :D
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    Users guide

    Merry Christmas, everyone. This might be a silly there a user's guide for the ripped with hiit series?
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    Help with Cathe FB Page

    I am embarrassed to admit I am new to Facebook and still trying to figure out exactly how it works. Does Cathe have more than one page? I have found one for Cathe; however, I was unsure if the "fan page" the admin refers to is different from the one I found. Would someone be able to share with...
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    STS Turbo Tower

    Hi, everyone, my understanding from Cathe support is Cathe no longer carries the STS Turbo Tower as Altus Athletic quit manufacturing it. I primarily need it for barbell bench press. I loved that this one looked compact and easy to move/store. Have any of you found something comparable? I did a...
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    Slanted Riser

    Hi, everyone, I am doing the STS program and I am really wanting the slanted risers for the incline exercises such as the incline bench press. On the DVDs it looks so much more secure having the slanted risers; however, I just received a pair I purchased on amazon and the bottom one does not fit...
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    Is there an STS and LIS Rotation

    Hi, everyone! I have searched and searched the forums looking for a rotation that included STS and LIS. I found a 30 day rotation that Cathe put together several years ago. Is there one for the full STS program? I apologize in advance if it is out there; I truly did not see it o_O Thank you...
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    Is STS fun?

    Ok, I recognize this might be a silly question as I think ALL of Cathe's workouts are fun; however, I must admit, I have not purchased the STS series because it looked too serious to me. Please do not get me wrong, I am quite serious about working out; however, I want to enjoy my workouts too...
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    Hi, everyone, any suggestions for a boxing focused DVD? I have all of Cathe's boxing/kickboxing DVDs, one of KCM, I believe it is Trim Down and Amy Bento Kickbox Extreme. My preference is more of a boxing focused DVD than kickboxing. Thank you!!
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    Compilation DVD of Boxing Bag Segments

    Cathe, I would love a DVD that incorporated all of the boxing bag segments from your various DVDs into one DVD.
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    Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

    I saw the thread a while back about HR monitors; however, I did not see any posts regarding strapless HR monitors. Does anyone have a strapless HR monitor they would recommend? Thank you!
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    Kelly Coffey Meyer

    Hi, everyone, just had to give a shout out to KCM's Muscle Up and Split. I purchased them a couple of months ago and have been thoroughly enjoying them. I also really like Weights, Your Best Body and Trim Down. Any other weight style KCM dvds you would recommend? Thanks!
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    Certified Nutritional Coach

    Hi, Everyone. I am curious if anyone is a certified nutritional coach. Have you ever heard of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition or the Institute of Transformational Nutrition? Thank you!
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    Workout Manager Newbie

    I have decided I want to try tracking my workouts using Cathe's workout manager. I read some information on the workout manager support forum and I watched the "rotations" tutorial (I could not get the other tutorials to play). Unfortunately, I still have some questions. I think I...