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  1. MidgetDogg


    I'm hearing a lot recently about creatine and started wondering if I should be taking it. I just did a Google search and see it's mostly being used by men and the articles I'm finding about its use in women really aren't giving me a clear idea about its benefits for the fairer sex. I see...
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    Water carbonating systems

    I was in Bed, Bath & Beyond the other day and saw this display for a home soda making machine. I gave up pop a couple months ago when I started using Shakeology. No minor feat - I was completely addicted to Diet Coke and getting my daughter on the same path. I don't actually miss the cola or...
  3. MidgetDogg

    For those of you who have done Insanity

    I'm still in my first week and just completed Cardio Power & Resistance. I did feel that my muscles got a pretty good workout, but I'm wondering if the Catheletes have incorporated any of Cathe's strength training into the rotation. I was thinking that maybe on Cardio Recovery or Pure Cardio...
  4. MidgetDogg

    Rachel Ray - really?

    I keep seeing this ad come up in my feed on Facebook about Rachel Ray losing 32 lbs. and they show her in a bikini. I don't want to seem mean, but did she put it right back on? I just saw her the other day and she looks the same as always. She's way cute - but the food she cooks isn't gonna...
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    Insanity Fit Test

    Decided to try Insanity and did my first Fit Test just now after being a regular runner and doing mostly STS for the past year. I totally kicked butt against the 2 in the DVD who were doing their 2nd Fit Test. Felt good beating the guy at the push-ups. Actually, I may have tied him, but I...
  6. MidgetDogg

    Arms Like Michelle

    I saw this article on yesterday about which celebrities have the best features and how people are going to plastic surgeons to get the look. I was really amused about the mention of Michelle Obama's arms and that there are women going in for "arm lifts". I think the surgeon called it...
  7. MidgetDogg

    Meso 3: upping weight

    Why isn't it ok to change your weight selection during the workout in M3? I'm in the 3rd week an finding I can go heavier. Why don't I want to make the change? I feel cheated if I'm struggling.
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    Chia Gel

    Just got a Camel Back belt for longer runs and I have a couple little bottles for gels. I know some people make their own gels using chia and the only thing I can find online is just chia and water.... bleah! Does anyone make their own gels using something with a little more flavor? Maybe...
  9. MidgetDogg

    Ok Kettlebellers

    Did my first Paul Katami kettlebell "clinic" this morning and it's clear I need something to protect my itty bitty wrists. I have bird bones, seriously. I wear a size 4 ring. Where can I get some wrist guards for women? I can't imagine they're One Size Fits All.
  10. MidgetDogg

    I just LOVE finding good books

    Somehow I ended up with this book on my Kindle library. It looks like I got it last March when I got Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, but I have no recollection of it. It's a mystery how I even heard about it, but I suspect it was one of those "Readers who got this also got..." suggestions. I'd...
  11. MidgetDogg

    Cats are weird too

    Pam's post about the dogs just made me think about the interactions between my cats and dogs, and just the funny things the cats do anyway. The one thing that's always cracked me up about the cats is how all of them have this fascination about gravity. Every cat I've ever owned has loved to...
  12. MidgetDogg

    This is excellent

    Hope you can see this!
  13. MidgetDogg

    Shoulders exercise in Meso 1 Week 4

    You know that one set of shoulders where you turn to the right and lift the weights over your head, then turn to the left and do the same, then turn center & lift out front to shoulder height?? What's up with the turning? Does it serve a purpose? I just stay in one spot cuz I feel silly doing...
  14. MidgetDogg

    DirtDiva - Coconut Oil question for ya

    Hey there, I started dry brushing last week after you mentioned it in your response to my loose skin post. You said that you use coconut oil after your shower. They were out of stock on it at my grocery store last week, except for some solid looking stuff - so I grabbed a bottle of Sesame oil...
  15. MidgetDogg

    Bento Kettlebell workouts

    OK, I'm sure someone has asked this, but doing a search is sometimes a pain. I'm thinking about trying Amy Bento's Kettlebell workout. I see that she has 2 of them and one is easier than the other. I don't really like getting "easy" workouts, because they soon become too easy and then...
  16. MidgetDogg

    Interesting article

    Just saw this on while reading about that tool in Tucson.
  17. MidgetDogg

    RocketFish Stereo Headset Bluetooth

    Not sure who it was on here who recommended this, but thanks! My dog chewed my Motorola headset that I was using with my Touch and I replaced it with the less expensive, but far superior RocketFish based on your recommendation. Way more comfy and much better sound. Right on!!!
  18. MidgetDogg

    Today Show - nice!

    I don't typically watch The Today Show anymore because I've fallen in love with Morning Joe, but I switched to a less expensive cable plan and don't get MSNBC upstairs anymore and can't watch while I'm getting ready in the morning. So this morning I'm watching The Today Show while I'm working...
  19. MidgetDogg

    Workout Manager - WOW!

    Love the new design of the Workout Manager! Just logged on and my eyes popped open. It looks so... clean! I wasn't expecting the change.... it was like going away overnight and coming home to find your boyfriend cleaned your house. Yeah, my bf did that once when I visited my family and he...
  20. MidgetDogg

    Loose skin

    OK, a few weeks ago I posted a joking thread about the excess skin on my stomach that I only notice when I'm doing planks - but now I have mirrors in my workout room to help monitor my form and I can see it wrinkling and puckering and's grossing me out! It's not excessively uhhh...