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  1. melagras


    I just tried to place an order for Step Boss and it is adding shipping to the total. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Plant-based suggestions please

    Try the recipes from and
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    Tinnitus - has anybody ever had this?

    I had tinnitus for years. I think it is related to stress. When I started using an Alpha-Stim AID a few years ago, the ringing went away.
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    Endurance Supplements

    I'm trying to get back into a routine and I'm noticing that I just don't have the stamina to finish any workout right now. Do any of you use an endurance supplement?
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    Job Search

    Not yet. I haven't ruled it out.
  6. melagras

    Job Search

    I set up an account on LinkedIn several years ago. As soon as I set it up, I was contacted by "everybody and his brother." It is just like Facebook (which I don't use). I have used Glassdoor but they aren't accurate with the location of the positions that are posted.
  7. melagras

    Job Search

    I have been on the hunt for another position for several months and can't seem to get noticed with online job postings. I tried reducing my resume to work history for the past 10 years (I don't jump around from job to job). I googled resume styles to find a new format. When you had to mail a...
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    Puzzle Mat Flooring

    If you have a Sam's Plus membership, shipping is free.
  9. melagras

    How did you find out about Cathe?

    I discovered Cathe, Yoga Zone and Gilad on FitTV over ten years ago.
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    Puzzle Mat Flooring

    I tried these mats and they wouldn't stay connected.
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    June 2019 Rotation

    On last week's workouts, you had Strong & Sweaty Bootcamp, Pyramid Upper Body and Pyramid Lower Body back to back. The upper body was getting worked two days in a row with no rest period. Shouldn't there be at least a 24 hour rest period? I was afraid to to follow this schedule.
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    March 2019 Rotation

    I need a substitution for Cardio Core Circuit.
  13. melagras

    On Demand on Roku Express Not Loading

    I deleted Cathe On Demand Now I can't find it when I search for the channel. How is it titled?
  14. melagras

    On Demand on Roku Express Not Loading

    I tried to view today's workout (Great Glutes) when I got home around 5:30 p.m. CST. None of the videos I tried to play would load. I was able to view workouts earlier this week. What could the problem be?
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    Cathe Live and Cathe on DeMand

    How do I find Cathe Live app for my Roku? I have the app on my phone and IPad but can't find it on to add to my television.
  16. melagras

    Menopausal-Slimming Down All Over what's up with the Core

    How am I supposed to work out at my age (57) when I have no energy? I'm sitting at my desk at work at 3:55 p.m. CDT right now and I can barely hold my eyes open. I am so sleepy.
  17. melagras


    What helped me is drinking catnip tea 1.5 to 2 hours before bedtime and Sleepytime Extra tea 30 minutes before bedtime. Sometimes I have to take half of a 25 mg meclizine (travel sickness) pill along with the two teas. I have also noticed that if I don't drink alcohol and/or eat something...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Advanced Fit Tower Legs, Glutes & Core

    Those leg circles are going to burn!:eek:
  19. melagras

    Anyone on Hormone Replacement Therapy?

    Do any of you seem like forgetfulness is taking over? I am noticing that I forget to buy things at the grocery store even though I have a list in front of me. Today, I went to Sally Beauty Supply with a 15% coupon to use for a new blow dryer and forgot to give it to the cashier. This is...
  20. melagras

    Is Vegetarianism the Way to Go?

    I like to try different foods. I bore easily. I do stick to a clean diet six days of the week. Like you say, no more than five ingredients. I shop around the perimeter of the grocery store. I've cut way down on eating sweets but I refuse to give up my wine. After posting this question, I...