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  1. Mariposa1973

    Hair color

    Hi, I do have a question, which brand of hair dye you used to home apply because I don't want to pay $200 in the salon. Thank you for your time.
  2. Mariposa1973

    News from Cathe dot Com Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  3. Mariposa1973

    Still, no weight loss

    Hi ladies. Ok tomorrow I will start the last week of two Hiit rotations, I love my muscles but I need to shape it, burn the fat and nathing happen I been trying from December and still the same. I don't know any suggestions please if I do one more month of hiit or start a Xtrain/LIS/crossfire...
  4. Mariposa1973


    Ok, ladies today I am going to start LIS rotation, after STS my clothes doesn't fit any more, I did a metabolic rotation for a month now I'm going to do LIS. Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  5. Mariposa1973

    Body Max

    Hi, I do have Cathe on-demand and I was checking body Max2 and looks so hard[emoji29] Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  6. Mariposa1973

    Each serie

    Hi my lady, God bless you and everyone from this forum. I curios if you have separate rotation for each series, I have hardcore series, ,body blast series, intensity series, plus the new ones but no rotation for this 3. Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  7. Mariposa1973


    Hi ladies, Merry Christmas, God bless everyone. I need advice, I'm in the last week of meso #2, but for some reason my body is so tired my muscles are so sore, I don't know if is good idea to continue or change to another series, like gym style, any advice please Sent from my HTC One M9 using...
  8. Mariposa1973

    Next series after STS?

    Hi, Cathe or any one, I'm doing STS now and I want to continue with a monthly series but I don't know which one to do? Please any advice, thank you Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  9. Mariposa1973


    Hi Cathe , I'm in the disc#21 and I been doing weighs and 30 min cardio Mon,Tue,we'd, thurs I do like step blast or Hiit, Friday circuit or Barre Xtrain, sat after burn or athletic training from LIS but I don't want over train. What you think about or I is better if is only Mon,we'd,Fri...
  10. Mariposa1973

    STS and cardio

    Hi , I'm doing STS #2 and after weights I do 30 min cardio like 4 days split, cardio only and cardio days I do like after burn, step blast or circuit max DVD, any one try like that ?
  11. Mariposa1973

    New HIIT

    I would do like for weights one body part a day but like 4 different exercises with 3 or 4 set each one and for legs day 2 days a week legs is a big muscle. Plus Hiit.
  12. Mariposa1973

    Wich one is your goal:

    My was lose weight, 140lbs, so I did, now my goal is gain more muscle and lose more body fat. Please share with my your goals and how you goin to do it. I goin to increase the amount of my weight lifting most on my legs day, and add more cardio, I do STS month2 with LIS, is really good
  13. Mariposa1973

    I was so happy

    I was so happy because I reach my goal 140lbs, but yesterday I went to the store and looking for a dress and I notice my body still need hard work for tone and firm skin but and the same time I said to myself I'm 41 years old and no more thig skin. My husband think I'm maniatic with exercises...
  14. Mariposa1973


    Hi Cathe I'm in the 3rd. week of bodyblast serie rotation and I want to do STS after this but I'm not sure wich cardio LIS or Shockcardio, I know both are good, this time my goal is more muscle definition + add a leg day so it is ok if I do the same leg dvd 2 times a week or diferent dvd or only...
  15. Mariposa1973

    Dark spot on the face

    Hi, When I was pregnant 3 years ago I get them but still there I been try, Olay,ponds, oils and nathing. Any advice please, thank you.
  16. Mariposa1973

    Bodyblast rotation

    Hi Cathe ,please I get my bodyblast serie this week and I would do like to do a month rotation but, can you help me please,please.
  17. Mariposa1973

    How About JNL Fusion?

    Hi ladies, I was looking for something diferent to Cathe dvds and I do have Zuzka Ligth are 15min HIIT or Tabata (3dvds) but in the search I find in JNL training plan so I was checking her page and she has a 60 days program JNL Fusion looks good only for abreak maybe but I don't...
  18. Mariposa1973

    Nutritionist with Cathe .

    Hi Cathe I will love it if you have somebody to help us with healthy eating that way our body get strong with you and healthy at the same time, I was looking for someone I know is good but she said to work better she has to build a nutrition plan and exercises the way she know how many calories...
  19. Mariposa1973


    Hi Cathe you know what is the best but please the next time can you do a serie of weigths and cardio (hiit, tabata, low impact fat burning cardio) like XTRAIN we can mix cardio and weigths the same day.After 40 our boby is diferent so please.
  20. Mariposa1973

    Cathe please can you doing for us?

    I need some slides plates, vest the same you used. I m looking in amazon but is hard to decide wich one because it is no the same goin to you page and get there and I or we know is good product because you are using in your work outs, :(.+ it is more expensive. Please, please. or mention some...