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  1. intensityjunkie

    Chalean Extreme or stick with Cathe?

    I love Chalene for cardio but I didn't click with her for weights. I didn't like the moves or anything about it and sold my set.
  2. intensityjunkie

    wondering when

    I'd like some fun/funky mini trampoline workouts! or maybe kettlebells?
  3. intensityjunkie

    teeccino.. anyone like this?

    Yeah I got the sample pack. I figured I'd like to try them all to see what I like best first anyway. :)
  4. intensityjunkie

    hate cutting onions

    I heard to cut next to running water (sink). I dont usually cut too many onions at a time so it doesnt bother me. I also always buy red onions.. I think they may be less "fumey". I did use some regular work goggles for cutting jalepenos before. Those burn your throat too! I had to hold my...
  5. intensityjunkie

    If you're looking for a barbell set...

    I love mine. thats a good deal w/ free ship.
  6. intensityjunkie

    teeccino.. anyone like this?

    I just bought the sample pack and tried hazelnut this morning. It tastes great and it does taste like coffee! I love coffee but the effects of caffiene on my system are NOT good. I get migranes often from it. So I rarely drink any coffee. Until I heard of this. they are herbal coffee tasting...
  7. intensityjunkie

    Turbo Fire

    I LOOOVE Turbo Fire. I knew I would. Turbo Jam was my fun go-to w/o for days I didnt feel like working out. It got me moving and if you really put your all into it is a great w/o! esp the fat blaster. I was hoping they'd come out with Turbo Jam xtreme or something haha! Here it is. Well I've...
  8. intensityjunkie

    ds or wii?

    my boys have both and they seem to prefer the DS.
  9. intensityjunkie


    My husband and two oldest kids got to see it. I had to stay home with the baby. I guess I have to wait till its out on DVD. ha. They said it was great too!
  10. intensityjunkie

    Turbo Fire

    mine is on the way but the UPS site doesnt say which day it'll be here. its driving me crazy!!! lol
  11. intensityjunkie

    Just read about the most heartbreakin story

    I've gotten to where I about dont want to hear about stuff like this anymore. there is no way to deal with it. Its just awful. I have become sort of a paranoid protective parent because of it too. I dont trust anyone hardly and thats sad. :(
  12. intensityjunkie

    Rude or not?

    I definetly do not expect anyone to pay our bill unless they said they would before ordering. I do think it was a bit rude to choose an expensive resteraunt when you said you were on a budget. Sounds like it was already a plan for some reason though and they went with it. I also want to know...
  13. intensityjunkie

    Jewelry making?

    I've bought a bunch of jewelry and beads on Etsy. love that site! If I had the time I'd make some to sell on there. oh and yeah also have bought bags, skirts, a really cool house knick knack shelf, deoderant, soaps etc etc etc.
  14. intensityjunkie


    I love collard greens in a soup called Black Eyed Pea Stew. I got it in clean eating magazine. found it online: I throw spinach in my salads. I loooove seasoned rice vinegar and a splash of olive oil as dressing. so...
  15. intensityjunkie

    You know you're getting old when.....

    Yeah I used to only wear the floss kind. Now I LOOVE Old Navys pantis. light sheer like fabric. Kinda a boyshort shape, not sure what they call them. So comfy but really cute too. My DH who hates grandmas doesn't complain about them. I've just reluctantly started wearing glasses while online...
  16. intensityjunkie

    Hey Grammar Police!!!

    This is the way I've always done it and I'm in the US.
  17. intensityjunkie

    I am so in love with my sweet little boy! (Birthstory) very long

    I just saw this. Congratulations!! :) Hope your both doing well. any pics?
  18. intensityjunkie

    Need help with cookware

    so there are "safe" non stick cookware? I thought all this non stick stuff was made in a lab by chemical companies. I wonder what they could use that is natural? I'll have to look into it out of curiousity. although I'm quite happy with my cast iron and stainless steel pots/pans.
  19. intensityjunkie

    Need help with cookware

    I have a full cuisinart set my mom gave me for a wedding gift. that was about 10 years ago and they are still in excellent condition. But I also love my cast iron. I use it most everyday for something. I make eggs etc in the cast iron and most boiling/soups etc for the stainless. I put a glass...
  20. intensityjunkie

    Who to BLAME for obesity?

    looks like a puppy dog to me.