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  1. intensityjunkie

    teeccino.. anyone like this?

    I just bought the sample pack and tried hazelnut this morning. It tastes great and it does taste like coffee! I love coffee but the effects of caffiene on my system are NOT good. I get migranes often from it. So I rarely drink any coffee. Until I heard of this. they are herbal coffee tasting...
  2. intensityjunkie

    fit mamas 9/8 -9/13

    well I'll get us started since it hasn't happened yet. not feeling very fit lately. I hate all pics taken of me. kinda getting depressed about it. but when I get home I'm going to go gung ho. this weekend we went to shenandoah. I did a 3 mile hike(total) to a waterfall carrying Liam most of the...
  3. intensityjunkie

    Getting fined for being overweight.. what do you think of this?

    just ran across it on youtube!
  4. intensityjunkie

    weights for kids?

    My son is 11and thinks he wants to w/o like me. Is it ok for someone that young to lift weights? are there any videos for kids with weights? something basic/easy. Are protein shakes ok for kids?
  5. intensityjunkie

    some pics of Liam. (pic overload)

    just sharing some recent pics of little man. sorry if this is overload. I like to play with photography. now I have a baby to play with I can't stop trying to get good ones ha. the one on the circle blanket was today.
  6. intensityjunkie

    What can you do for baby gas??

    Wow my lil guy is hating gas and he has it ALOT. He was such a good sleeper till this kicked in and now he wakes up crying-squirming and passing gas. Or pooping. he hates that too. I have tried mylecon and gripe water. burping often and patting his back. I even tried lightly rubbing his belly...
  7. intensityjunkie

    Liam Matthew is here

    lll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
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    week of 4/20 checkin

    well no ones started it yet. guess I will. My mom arrived today so I'm all set for baby to come. have my next appt wednesday. feeling better today. was a bit icky still this morning but its seems to have passed. I've noticed my vision is really blurry lately (like water stuck in my eyes). but my...
  9. intensityjunkie

    week of 4/13 checkin

    Goodmorning all. Starting a new week so new checkin. Laura -glad your able to cut back some. are you keeping up with that amount ok? My feet are a bit swollen the last few days. have to wear flip flops. but those make my feet hurt when I walk on them much. I need some super cooshy shoes...
  10. intensityjunkie

    Week of 3/30 - 4/5 Pregnancy checkin

    Hello all. Figured we need a new checkin started for the week. Tana -4 weeks left. I'm 36 weeks tomorrow! I have a shower this saturday also. I hate that its so last minute. cause I really ended up buying most necessities. I hope they use my registry. I really don't need anymore 0-3...
  11. intensityjunkie

    found a puppy! what do I do?

    update puppy is back home safe. *update* shes back home safe with her owners. She showed up on our doorstep tonight just before dark. I went down the street asking all my neighbors if they know who she belongs to. Shes pretty young. I'd feel bad leaving her out by herself? probably big...
  12. intensityjunkie

    3rd time's a charm -CLX

    Well I finally got my second replacement set of CLX. This set took over a month to get. I started wondering if they blew me off or something but I guess they were waiting for the good replacements? Well this set is BY FAR better than the first two. They look almost perfect. Well most of them...
  13. intensityjunkie

    Lauren Brooks Kettlebell for pregnancy DVD

    for anyone interested it is on preorder due to ship in Feb. I'm debating it but being so close to having the baby (I'm due in April) I dunno about spending the $$ on this. I love her first workout though.
  14. intensityjunkie

    nursery -vinyl wall designs cute stuff!!

    just found these and some are SO cute. They come in many colors. check out the links for kids/animals and floral!
  15. intensityjunkie

    Pregnancy New Year Checkin ;)

    Wow is time flying or what? it seems like it was just Thanksgiving?? I just took our tree down and put all the Christmas stuff away. Just felt like it I guess. We did our Christmas early a bit this year too. I usually leave it till after New Years. I had fun watching a few Christmas movies this...
  16. intensityjunkie

    Pregnancy checking for week of Dec 22.

    Morning all. How was everyones weekend? Any special plans for Christmas? My DH fam is already gone. It was a short sweet visit. I ate SOOO bad though and I've gained a few lbs this weekend. I'm so eating light today and probably workout tonight. ack! well our Christmas is pretty much done...
  17. intensityjunkie

    Pregnancy Checkin Dec 15th

    How is everyone today? Hope you all had a good weekend. ;) I got a belly pic yesterday but now to get it off dh camera and onto my computer. he said the card wasn't working on my computer so I hope I get it. otherwise I'll have to start over. ugh! lol.
  18. intensityjunkie

    Melamine in Formula

    just FYI for those who may be concerned.
  19. intensityjunkie

    Pregnancy/TTC checking for week of Nov 23rd

    Thought I'd get us started here. The last two days I've been having weird leg pain.. both legs were kinda achy at first. Then my right thigh has been hurting since then. I mean it feels like I've injured it somehow? But I haven't been working out. Anyone experience this? or know what causes it...
  20. intensityjunkie


    sorry messed up. ignore. preggo brain at work. :)