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    What do you substitute........

    For lunges and squats?
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    Have you ever updated your lose weight rotation? I know that's not the correct title, but you know what I mean.
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    Any recommendations for a dishwasher?

    I need a new dishwasher but I am so confused reading all the reviews. Anyone know of any good ones? Thanks
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    Solid cardio of your choice?

    When Cathe specifies this in a rotation, which of her DVDs would fit the bill? (She usually says to do a spinning DVD or solid cardio, but since I don't have a spin bike I would need to do the solid cardio.)
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    need help choosing a serger

    I need to take in my son's t-shirts. I think that a server was used to make the seams. I would like to use that same cfinish, but need to buy a server. Can anyone tell me what to look for and what would be a good one to buy? Thanks.
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    Need help finding a dvd

    I would swear that a while back, before her barre DVD, Cathe had a DVD with some great standing leg work. Does anyone know what DVD that is on? Thanks
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    i never noticed

    That in HIiT when we get to the mountain climbers section it says moutain climbers. ( Pyramid workout)
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    question on shipping

    I am ordering the blue tubing that is today's special, but the shipping is 6.80. Am I doing something wrong? That seems expensive for one band. Is there a cheaper way?
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    Need rotation help

    I am six weeks post op with a full open hysterectomy; feeling better then I thought I could. My son wants to help me get in shape for my next surgery, a colon resection. We are going to start the May rotation and it all looks good except for IMAX3. Can anyone give me a good substitution that...
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    If anybody is interested in the Dreambody DVDS, they are having a sale on their site today. The $129 series is $50 and the $29 single dvd is $15. I believe shippinh is around $5. These are dvd-r.
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    My 20 year old and tabata

    I have to have two surgeries in the near future, so, while my son is between semesters in college, he said he would exercise with me to help me get into the best possible shape. We have been doing kettelbells exclusively. Yesterday I decided to put tabata in. Well, it whipped our butts, but he...
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    Need surgery advice.

    Looks like I may need a hysterectomy because they cannot do my colon resection due to the large fibroids in the way. There is no way to shrink the fibroids; they have not shrunk with menopause. So I am looking for advice on surgery prep. Of course I will eat healthy and take my vitamins, but...
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    Calf Compression Sleeve

    Does anyone use these. I have a problem with my calf when I workout and was wondering if something like this would help. Where is the best place to buy one?
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    Need Turbo Fire help

    I want to jump on the bandwagon, but I really hated Turbojam! Is TurboFire different and if so, which package of dvds is the best to start with?
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    Need technical help

    I want to purchase an arm posture download from yoga today. My question is: can I copy it to a disc to play on my vcr and then how do I do that? Thanks
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    Anybody use Konjac?

    Dr. Oz recommended it for help with weight loss, cholesterol, etc. Just wondering if anyone has had success with it. If so how many milligrams do you take and how often? Thanks
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    Need help with spinning bike

    I saw LifeSpan S1 Indoor Cycle Trainer at BJs for $225.( costco has it for 399). The box says spinning bike on it, but the web site doesn't call it that. So I am confused, is it a spinning bike or just a stationary bike? Also, do I need special shoes? Thanks
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    An STS question

    If I find that the weight I am using is too heavy or not heavy enough is there a way I can put it into the workload manager to reflect this change throughout the other workouts?
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    Anybody see these WAGS?

    Joint Protection Products Look interesting for those of us with wrist pain. Too bad they are so pricey!
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    Question about yoga squat

    I have read that the yoga squat is more beneficial than Kegals for strengthening the pelvic floor. My question is this - should my knees be over my toes, beyond my toes or over my ankles? Thanks