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  1. cendrine

    New forum saves my post! Awesome!

    i just wanted to say a big thank you and Hooray about this particular feature of the new forum. So many times on other forums I find myself writing a post only to loose it to some malfunction before I can hit 'post'. Today I was writing up a check-in post and my iPad froze up and then kicked me...
  2. cendrine

    New check in for exercisers with phyisically health challenges

    Hi all, Just letting you know that I started a check-in over in the check in and challenges forums for anyone who is pushing through physical limitations, health challenges and other obstacles to be as fit and healthy as they can be despite what life has thrown their way. If that is you, I'd...
  3. cendrine

    Exerciers with physical health challenges new check in

    Hi all, I have not done a check In In quite some time. I was looking at all the check ins to see which one would be a good fit for me, and it suddenly popped in my head that maybe I could start one myself. I have been working out with Cathe for over 10 years now. Over the years I have had some...
  4. cendrine

    >>> 6 month STS Alumni August 2012<<<

    Hi All! I thought I started an august thread earlier but I guess I only intended to.... lol! Hot day today, here, we're opting to stay home, since we have no access to a public pool... I decided since there are mostly only indoor pools around here I am shifting swim lessons to winter and...
  5. cendrine

    juicer recipes

    I just got a juicer and am loving experimenting with it. For those of you who have a juicer, what is your favorite juice recipe and would you mind sharing it with me?
  6. cendrine

    ~~~{{{6 month sts alumni, week of November 7}}}~~~

    Athletic training today! That was tough! I think I would have been in the red a lot, had I had my heartrate monitor on... lol! And my triceps are still a little sore from the tricets on friday!!!
  7. cendrine

    STS 6 month alumni august 21st

    Field trip was a hot one... but we came home with three yummy watermelons and some organic romaine from the stand because I forgot to pick up some when I got the groceries on friday... ;) LIC was awesome, but I was shocked to see that my heartrate got in the red during the blasts! Im definitely...
  8. cendrine

    ***---<<<STS 6 month alumni week of May 1st>>>---***

    Ok, I just got done pre-ordering too! Not a fan on facebook so I had to wait until today... I'm glad I mentioned it to dh, because he said they make these stands to use regular bikes as indoor stationary bikes and so guess what, I am getting the spinning workout! Whoo hooo! I also tacked on Low...
  9. cendrine

    ---<<<STS 6 month Alumni week of April 3rd>>>---

    I didn't get to my workout today... oh well... Instead I'm experimenting with a dehydrator breakfast cookie recipe, made sesame crackers, ginger cookies and almond chokolate chip cookies... now I'm beat...:rolleyes: did any of you see the latest greys anatomy episode? I watched it online...
  10. cendrine

    <<<~~~Sts 6 month alumni week of March 20~~~>>>

    I get to start us up for a change...;) Both kids woke up with a cough and what looks like a sinus infection this morning.:mad: So we are staying warm and taking our GSE, hopefully it won't stay long. We have had more than our fair share of colds lately, I wonder what's going on...
  11. cendrine

    Dehydrator reicpes

    Does anyone have any yummy dehydrator recipes they'd like to share?
  12. cendrine

    ~~~>STS 6 Month Alumni-Sept.26<~~~

    Hi All, finally I'm back on again....:D Jo, I am sorry the phsychology is so dry.... But it sounds like you are still doing really great, even though I know from my own experience that breaking a 100% streak isn't fun....;) Do you get to do extra credit? We never got to in my classes but...
  13. cendrine

    ~~~>STS 6 Month Alumni Sept. 5th<~~~

    Hi Girls, I'm just about to get started on my workout, so I just came to start the new thread for the week. I hope you guys all have a great Sunday! I'm going to do High Step Challenge again, this time, I'll try to do as much of the cardio segments as I can with low impact modifications to...
  14. cendrine

    >>> --- 6 Month STS Alumni, August 1st---<<<

    We're in august already! Wow! I got to have some time to myself this morning so I did max intens weights and then sat in my hammock, reading... :) I love a quiet Sunday! Not much else going on here. How is everybody?
  15. cendrine

    ---STS 6 month alumni week of May 29th---

    Hi Girls, Jet lag is alive and active here! It's only 7:30 am and we are already feeling like eating lunch...LOL! I did a treadmill walk with my new shoes and promptly got a blister yesterday... So, no workout with shoes for me today. I figured since I am so out of shape it wouldn't hurt...
  16. cendrine

    6 Month STS Almni Jan 31-Feb 6

    Hi Girls, I'm just starting us up. Nothing much to report, I'm taking it easy today. What are you all up to today?
  17. cendrine

    6 Month STS Almni Jan 9-15

    Hi Everyone! I'm just getting us started. Jo, did you get to make the bread yet? How long do you have to dehydrate it? Can't wait to hear about how the dehydrator works! I hope all of you are keeping warm! BBL
  18. cendrine

    6 Monthers STS Alumni, Week of Dec. 6

    Hi Girls, not that I have a workout to report, but I'm just checking in and getting us started for this new week. My back is still doing funny things off and on, I feel well long enough that I think I can start lifting things and then it acts up again telling me it wasn't ready.... So still...
  19. cendrine

    6 Monthers STS Alumni, Friday

    Hi Guys, I didn't work out today... First dh came home from work super late and we stayed up talking, then our cat got stuck in dd's room and scared her, so dd came into our bed for the night. None of us were able to go back to sleep for a long time and when my alarm clock went off I decided...
  20. cendrine

    6 Monthers STS Alumni, Wednesday

    Hi Guys, I did pure strength back, biceps,abs today. It's a bit tricky because I don't know what weight to pick. I picked too easy on one and too hard on the other, but I figured it keeps my body guessing. It was not a full hour and I intended to do a little cardio too, but I talked myself...