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    another exercise ?

    another exercise? Hi. A seated front press is a shoulder press but with elbows/arms in front with palms facing in rather than a typical shoulder press with elbows/arms out to the sides with palms facing forward. I look at them as a dumbbell military press. Hope that helps.
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    Good shoes on carpet?

    Hi, Leanne. I'm a cardio kickboxing and Zumba instructor that teaches in a Group X room with carpet. I swear by Nike fitness dance shoes like the Ballo or MC. They have a pivot point in the ball of each foot and have saved my knees. Many of the participants in the classes swear by them too...
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    Stability ball push ups

    I started out wedging the ball in a corner of my workout room. Once that got "easy", I moved the ball to a step riser (55 cm ball...don't know if a larger one would work)in the middle of the floor. Maybe that will help. Glad you made it a goal. You'll reach it!! Keep on truckin'!
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    Hi! Here's my take on creatine- avoid it. I'm a figure competitor and tried it hoping to add some muscle. I visited my husband's worksite nurse who did some baseline bloodwork. I took less creatine than was suggested and took a form that did not require you to "load" and taper off. I drank...
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    buying multiple steps

    Music to my ears!! Thank you!!
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    buying multiple steps

    Cole, you are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much! I'm sure the gym owner will be able to justify new steps for $38.00 a piece! You are about to make some die-hard step aerobics attendees VERY HAPPY!
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    Anyone own gliding discs? If so, where'd you buy 'em?

    I teach cardio kickboxing and have used the gliding disc concept toward the end of different classes when we focuse on specific muscle group toning. I didn't buy legit gliding discs but used plastic plates (picnic style ones)instead. They worked really well on carpet. Just a thought if you...
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    buying multiple steps

    I was hoping some of you out there might be able to help me. I am the group exercise coordinator at a small gym looking to replace many worn out step aerobics boards due to overall warping and peeling no-slip tops. The gym owner has one catalog with steps in it, but the price is too steep...
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    Attention personal trainers!

    Hi, Mari. I recently convinced the gym owner I "work for" to treat me as an independent contractor thereby making it easier for him and much more profitable for me. I pay him "rent" every month-$75.00. The clients then pay me directly. Currently, all of my clients buy 9 sessions at a time...
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    Kick Boxing -

    Hi! I'm a kickboxing instructor and martial artist who has been at it for years. I do use weighted gloves at this point. Mine are made by Title. Each glove has a zippered pocket in it around the wrist that holds metal pins, so you can adjust the weight as you'd like it. If you do get the...
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    how the fitness models eat...

    I'm a figure competitor in training for my 5th competition on Sept. 22nd and 23rd. I've found since beginning this training that maintaining "good fats" in my diet is really important. I used to think that the less fat in my diet the better. That mentality wasn't working for my body type. So...
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    Question for the educated crowd

    I agree with everybody, but must add three words: PROTEIN, PROTEIN, PROTEIN!
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    Whey Powder

    Hi! Maybe you know this already, but since you are new to protein powder this might be good info. I have found and had it confirmed by many that the cheaper the protein powder the more bloated you will likely get. So, if you start to feel bloated, try a higher grade/cleaner form of protein...
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    heart rate

    Kim, From what I know, the whole "fat burning zone" is kind of a myth. My clients respond quickest to interval how Drill Max is arranged. The residual calorie burn throughout the hours following a workout like this is known to be the longest. Too much of anything won't...
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    advanced exercisers -suggestions?

    Just my two cents, but there is a lot to be said for interval training. Letting your heart rate come down for a short time before elevating it is quite beneficial. I know you feel like you are getting the most out of your work out by keeping your heart rate so elevated, but training in the...
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    Jujitsu vs. Tae Kwan Do

    Great that you want to get back into martial arts! I'm a 2nd degree black belt in tae kwon do. I can tell you that classes in the dojang I train in vary. I walk out dripping wet sometimes and other times not so much. I'm a "senior" belt, so I end up helping others sometimes which leaves me...
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    Will using a weight make my waist bigger????

    Hi! I wanted to offer my insight on your question. Due to a very clean diet and lots of ab training, I've managed to get a 6-pack. I've also managed to make my waist thicker than I would like. That I attribute to lots of weighted oblique work. I've actually eliminated using any weights when...
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    Cardio- can it stunt muscle building?

    Hi, Adri. I'm not Cathe but am a figure competitor with some experience in this area. When I've trained for contests in the past, I've upped my cardio as the contest neared in an attempt to lean out. If I wasn't maintaining the proper amount of protein/carbs in my diet when I increased the...
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    ACE certification

    Hi, Cathe! Don't know if you remember me, but I visited you last summer at your gym. My husband, daughter, and I were on vacation. I took your kickboxing and cardio/weights classes. You were in the process of working on a deal with Target stores if that helps with the time frame. I went on...