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  1. 1gruntgal

    Muscle Max

    When I load this one into the blender, every chapter after the warmup (beginning at chapter 3) shows up as Dumbell Squats. When you play them, that is also what plays.
  2. 1gruntgal

    Bodybugg Users - Food Logging

    Do you find the food logging system on the apex website very tedious? I am used to logging on Weight Watchers which was very easy. The selections under search are not much on the apex web site & entering a new food..well there's a lot of info that they require. Is there an easier way to log...
  3. 1gruntgal

    Please Stop This Trend!

    Why are pegged jeans coming back? Is Katie Holmes trying to start that single-handedly? I just saw a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker w/her jeans rolled too! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH That is all! Carry on!
  4. 1gruntgal

    Oh My Heavens! I Can't Believe I Made It! (CC)

    2 1/2 weeks into Cardio Coach & I completed Vol 7 tonite. I honestly didn't think I was going to make that last 4 minute challenge but I feel so dang awesome that I did! Thanks to all of you who put me on this path! I really feel like I'm moving in an awesome direction w/my cardio workouts!
  5. 1gruntgal

    100 Pushup Challenge Check-In

    I am starting the Check-In for the 100 pushup challenge since there seems to be a pretty good interest. For anyone who didn't see the site on the Open Discussion forum, here is the link I did my initial test last night & I was able to do 14 pushups on my...
  6. 1gruntgal

    Just Did My First Cardio Coach

    Do you think I'll stop sweating before work tomorrow? I did Workout 1 w/the 3rd challenge b/c I'm a sucker! PS - Allow more than 1/2 hour after dinner before attempting next time!
  7. 1gruntgal

    Cardio Coach Users -Advice Needed Please

    Ok - I took the plunge & downloaded the Cardio Coach workouts! I started listening to volume 1 & I guess my first questions are: During the Warm up etc...if I am using a treadmill, should I @ level 1 be at a steady slow jog & then turning it up for the challenges etc? When he says...
  8. 1gruntgal

    Cardio Coach Question

    I was checking out the website...are there only 8 or so workouts?
  9. 1gruntgal

    I made Senior Member!!!!

    Not sure if I should be happy about that!
  10. 1gruntgal

    You know you're obsessed w/Cathe when....

    Your 2 year old brings you a Cathe workout dvd & says "watch Capee" when she has an entire Disney collection sitting on the shelf! I had to share that!
  11. 1gruntgal

    How to schedule a workout ?

    I'd like to keep track of what Cathe workouts that I do daily in my WM. Is there a way to do this that I'm not seeing? Thanks in advance! Edited: Never mind! I found it by clicking on the day on the Calendar Now...what is MET value? Again...see that MET value fills in...
  12. 1gruntgal

    How Will STS work for Me?

    I am really looking forward to STS. I do have a question or 2, if anyone can help. I still need to lose about 30 pounds. I also tend to bulk up easily. I was concerned that using the heavy weights for STS will cause me to get bigger. Do you think that this is a viable concern? Or do you...
  13. 1gruntgal

    Average Length per Workout for STS

    I apologize if this has been mentioned earlier, I tried to go back & read. Has it ever been mentioned approx. how long each workout will be? Thanks in advance Lynne
  14. 1gruntgal

    Cathe - Stability Ball Size?

    Can you tell me what size stability ball that you use? I am about the same height as you (5'3) & I currently have a 65cm ball which seems way too small for me. It is not a very good one though (more egg shaped than round.) The one that you use looks bigger & looks like you sit taller when you...
  15. 1gruntgal

    Cathe - Barbell Question

    Hello Cathe! (and everyone else) Can you tell me, is there an advantage to using a barbell for your workouts? I have been using dumbells but was curious if there is an advantage to a barbell? I think it may be easier for things like dead lifts etc.. Also, when you are using "40lbs" (for...
  16. 1gruntgal

    August Rotation Checkin

    Hi Gals! I just thought it would be nice to start a new thread for the rotation checkin. August being legs (my least favorite to work) I know I may need a bit of motivation down the line! So, who's in & who's checkin' in? :P I just finished Day 3 w/my 20 minute run. Let me tell you, I was...
  17. 1gruntgal

    Question: Lean Muscle vs. "Bulk"

    First off - here's wishing Cathe had a very happy birthday! Hope you did something fun/special! Anyway - My question is: How to avoid "bulky" type muscle in favor of leaner/defined muscle. Apparently, my body type has the tendency to build muscle easily. I love to lift, I also love cardio...