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    Let's Go! TGIF!

    Hi Ladies! Sorry I didn't post yesterday. We were busy running around. I did Kickbox Xtreme yesterday for the first time. It was pretty good. It was 5 combos and intervals. She did combo 1 and then an interval, combo 2 and then and interval and then combined combo and intervals 1 and...
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    Let's Go - Manic Monday

    Good Morning! I only did part of the workout today. LIS abs (pretty easy for me, yesterday's abs were tougher) and I tried the pyramid. Only got up to 2 chins/2 pulls and the pushups and crunches. Pushups and crunches no problem -- 2nd pyramid tough - not full chins/pulls. I'm off to my...
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    Let's Go! Finally Friday

    Hi Girls! Yes, I will definitely still post here. Even though I really liked the classes and probably would use the membership, I think I will hold off joining until I get a job. Body Pump: Really good, a lot like Power Hour. Each track is a different body part. For the most part, I...
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    Let's Go Wednesday!

    Hi Girls! I just wanted to let you know my Dad passed away Monday evening. It wasn't a heart attack. He had what was called arterial stenosis. He literally collapsed and didn't know what hit him. At least he didn't suffer. The doctor said he wasn't a candidate for the new procedure after...
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    More blog pics up!

    of Meso 3 legs. Marcy
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    The Ultimate Fit Test: Pushups

    An article from the NY Times: Marcy
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    GDMT Thrillin' Thursday

    Hi Girls! Do you believe I'm starting the thread today! Luckily, they had a fitness room in the hotel. I did a mile on the elliptical and a little over a mile on the treadmill. I went up to speed 5 on the treadmill and went up to 1.5 on the grade. I don't know if that's good or not. I...
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    DGMT Sunday

    Hi Girls! I managed to get two workouts in last night - Core Syn and Stretch X. I even managed to get a good night's sleep. Stats: Stacked Foot/Stacked Hand Pushups: 40 (up 10) (Deanie: thanks for inspiring me!) Leaning Crescent Lunges: 10# Squat Run: 5# Sphinx Pushups: (15) (up...
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    DGMT Saturday 12/29

    Hi Girls! Still no workout yet. I wish I could send DH on his way for a couple of hours! I plan on doing a workout today, no matter what! Deanie - Congrats on getting Legs & Back & Plyo X! As promised, here's some reviews: P90X+ Total Body Plus Tony Horton I did this workout this...
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    Merry Christmas DGMT!

    Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a great day with family and friends. I am writing on 3 hours sleep since we went to Midnight Mass. I will give you a little update: Sat - Rest day Sun - Powerstrike Millennium 2 and Ab Ripper X. PM2 was a great kickboxing workout, fast-paced with lots...
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    DGMT Marvelous Monday!

    Hi Girls! I'm off today so I'm off to an early start posting. I did the core work from LIS yesterday. I'm a bit behind schedule. I just did LIS but only did half the calf work. Here's the stats: Seated Overhead Press - same as Cathe (don't think I'll ever go up with this one) Seated...
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    DGMT Sensational Saturday

    Hi Ladies! Looks like everyone had a nice Turkey Day. I had one as well. We had DH's aunt and DS and his friend for breakfast and then we met everyone else at the restaurant, then most came back to the house for coffee and cake. Yesterday I did the Strong, Happy and Free practice from...
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    Review of Bis & Tris, Boot Camp and Kick Box

    I only previewed these this morning. All of them had techno music. Boot Camp and Kick Box went at a fast pace and look like they'll get the heartrate up quickly. Bis & Tris (4 rounds) Round 1 Tris: Dips Seated Tricep Extensions in pyramid style: 15# - 12 reps, 20# - 10 reps, 25# -...
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    I just got my UPS shipping notification!

    I'm so excited! I'm in NY so I should get them pretty quickly. Marcy
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    Blog Alert!

    DVDs arrived at 3PM. Orders have started to ship but not much time before UPS has last pickup. A full day of shipping will start tomorrow. Marcy
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    Non-weighted leg workouts

    I would love to see a non-weighted leg workout with things like one-legged deadlifts, balance work and lots of floorwork. For standing work, something similar to leg conditioning drills in Kick Max. Marcy
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    BBC vs. P90X

    I really thought I wanted BBC but now that I've seen that the weight work is endurance based, I'm hesitant. I got great results with P90X so I was wondering for all the people who did the Classic Rotation with 8-10 reps with P90X and have done BBC, what kind of results have you gotten? Marcy
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    Tracey's High Intensity Step Mix

    This was my second time doing this workout and I had to say just how much fun it is. The first time was a disaster due to lack of sleep the night before but today I got most of the step combos. The blasts weren't quite as intense as Cathe but intense enough. One of the them was like the...
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    Deanie & Friends, Thursday 8/30

    I know I'm cheating. It's not exactly Thursday yet but I wanted to update the rotation a bit. Here's the revised one: One Body Part A Day Week One M - S&H C&B Warmup, S&H Back, MIS Back, MIS Stretch, IMAX 2 Blast Only (63 mins.) T - S&H Bi & Tri Warmup, S&H Tris, Drill Max (tricep...
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    Cathe - your catalog

    Hi Cathe! I just wanted to say again how useful your catalog is. It's really helpful knowing all the times of all the premixes and chapters and it has helped me prepare my own rotations. I was wondering if the next time it's printed you could also list individual times for body parts such...