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    Pre-order charging?

    Remind me again...did my credit card get charged for the pre-order yet or when it ships?:o
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    What is the likelihood that new workouts will ship the week of Sep 2nd? I'm away and would be worried they would sit.... Is this even concievable? I must be the only person that doesn't want them to come.....:rolleyes: Thanks, TMJ
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    Streaming Cathe?

    Yes please! From the newsletter, it looks like they'll be streaming Cathe classes. It will be pay per view/monthly subscription but hopefully not exhorbitant! Hope it's up and running for the Road Trip! Yay! How fun!
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    Anybody else excited about the June rotation?

    Waiting patiently................. ;)
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    Workout manager?

    Can someone help? I started to use the weight tracker on the front page of the Workout Manager. Is there a way to set a start weight? It just looks strange that I went from 0 pounds to current weight. I know it's not a big deal but it's bugging me. :o Thanks! TmJ
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    Go Kaleo?

    I just recently discovered this site at the recommendation of another Cathelete (thanks!). Has anyone bought her book Taking Up Space? I like what she has to say in regards to eating and fad diets and was curious if I would like her eating "plan". I welcome any thoughts.... Thanks! TmJ
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    Poll: Best rotation?

    I'm in the market to lose some weight. ;) Anyone want to share their favorite bang for my buck? I've been doing Cathe since Oct but haven't followed a rotation. I'm leaning towards a more recent one that combines XTrain with CF and TTM. Thoughts? Thanks! TmJ
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    Help me to categorize these!

    Hi, I'm trying to following a rotation backbone (thanks Fitness Freak) of: Total body workout Cardio Circuit Cardio Lower body Cardio Rest Could someone help me categorize the following discs into an above category? Please??? Afterburn Athletic Training Cardio Supersets...
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    Hard Strikes with....Hulk Hands!

    So today I did Athletic Training Leg Express but then wanted to try out a bit of Hard Strikes so added the first 20 min to my workout. My 7yo came down and saw me with my pink boxing gloves. He decided to join me with his giant green hulk hands. :) Every time he jabbed, it made either a...
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    Anyone know where I can buy whole wheat flower? heehee

    Sorry, but this is the cutest typo ever. I found it on p.14 of the XTrain manual. :)
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    If I love Low Max...

    what should I try next? I love LIS Athletic Training and LIC as well but I really really love Low Max. I've tried Athletic Step which is good but I have issues with Combo #1. I'm thinking BodyMax 2 or is that really complex? Thanks! TmJ
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    Thought I would imitate the LEGS thread...:) Any thoughts on the best Abs workout? I know you can't spot reduce but I would really like to work on the area. I lost 60 pounds last year and want to really work on tightening up my core area. I'm extremely weak in my core and hate working it...
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    Trade a day of labor for...

    my XTrain right now!!! Is it wrong that I want to go to NJ to help Cathe stuff boxes so I could get my DVDs quicker? I'm soooo jealous of the people that ordered downloads. Pls let the rest of us know how they are!
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    Pink Boxing Gloves!

    I found the 12oz pink Everlast Boxing gloves on sale at Sears yesterday for $20. I couldn't resist and bought them. Whee! I am so ready for XTrain now!
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    Anyone doing 1RM before XTrain?

    Just curious what others are doing. I've never done STS before and don't know if I should work on this prior to XTrain arrival.
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    XTrain billing?

    Remind me...did my credit card already get billed for the Xtrain pre-order? :o
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    Hardcore bundle?

    So...the Hardcore bundle is a Deal of the Day and I'm thinking of getting it. There are a few workouts that I've been eyeing (LowMax, MuscleMax) but there are also a few that I don't think I would use (High Step, StretchMax). I've only recently come on the Cathe bandwagon and have purchased...
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    Deal of the Day - Intensity series - No savings?

    Today's Deal of the Day is the Intensity bundle + Terminator but for no savings. I think this happened over Black Friday weekend too. Is this a typo? Very strange....
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    Ok, now I'm dreaming about Cathe!!!

    I had my first Cathe dream last night. I went into work (which was now in a skyscraper) and ran into her in the lobby. She said "hi", gave me a hug and asked me what I was doing for a workout that day. I replied "Athletic Training - I'm doing the LIS rotation". She then took me to her...
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    Cyber Monday

    Hi, Just curious if anyone else was disappointed in Cathe Cyber Monday. Maybe I'm just spoiled with the Deal of the Day but I really was looking forward to yesterday. I was hoping for some deal on CF/TTM. They're so new that I bet there won't be a deal for awhile. Cathe did get me on...