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  1. kenja

    List of Cathe Workouts

    Hi, just moved house and am wanting to put all my Cathe dvds in order. Does anyone have a list right from the beginning in order. Would be very grateful!
  2. kenja

    Toby Massenburg

    2 new Toby Massenburg workouts. Hmmmmm....... looks like I'll be spending more money! Jane
  3. kenja

    Not so much a question on X10

    Cathe, Just wanted to let you know I did the complete X10 this morning and it smashed me completely. I am 57 years young and I had to let a few reps here and there go by without me but I loved it!!! I think it is the hardest of your workouts I have ever done and I have all your dvds. Thank you...
  4. kenja

    Favourite Workout

    Cathe, Out of your extensive range of great workouts, is there one that holds a soft spot in your heart. Maybe one you love doing the best or just your favourite overall?
  5. kenja

    Darn That Candy Crush!

    Anyone else hooked. At least it's the only candy I allow myself!!!!
  6. kenja

    Booty Camp Ultimate Home Edition 2

    I know these dvds aren't new, but I just read about Booty Camp Ultimate Home Edition 2. These workouts look interesting! Anybody know anything about them. A review would be great. I don't want to impulse buy, shipping is too expensive to Australia.
  7. kenja

    Not Cathe!

    If you need a break from Cathe workouts, (hardly ever happens!) who do you turn to?
  8. kenja

    Kira Stokes

    Anyone else checked out her promo videos? Pretty impressive. KIRA STOKES Fitness Expert, Certified Personal Trainer NY, Group Exercise Instructor Oh to have stable knees and joints again! Where has my youth gone?
  9. kenja

    Invisible 50s

    Does anyone else in their second half of 50s feel invisible in the world? I feel at that stage where no one looks at you as a woman anymore and you just appear old except, you feel really young in mind and to a degree, body as well! I'm not talking about your loved ones, but rather when you are...
  10. kenja

    New Dvds

    Cathe, By no means is this meant to be a pushy question but do you think we will have the new workouts in our hot little hands by Christmas? (I am in Australia)
  11. kenja


    Just wondering how many Aussie Cathe devotees there are on the forums. I'm from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Hope to find a few!
  12. kenja

    Fitness Blender

    I have recently discovered a site called Fitness Blender that has full length video workouts. They look quite interesting and varied. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Anyone done any?
  13. kenja

    New Dvds

    Received my dvds in Australia last week! Just need to get over this full on cold and coughing and get stuck into them!!!
  14. kenja

    Mike Donavanik

    Anybody tried out Mike Donavanik's dvd? It's interval and tough! Great workout to do if you want a rare rest from Cathe. (Not that it happens often!) I'm not promoting, just curious! Saw the dvd on Collage and bought it. Just wondering if anyone has seen it. Living in Australia, I know nothing...
  15. kenja


    can we download premixes on the digital downloads?
  16. kenja

    Fav Cathe Dvd

    Which Cathe Dvd over the years is the one you reach for the most? I think mine is Body Max 2! It's a very hard decision.
  17. kenja

    Jackie Warner

    Being from Australia, I don't really know who Jackie Warner is, but her new workout: 30 day fast start, is a good short workout. I will never stop doing Cathe dvds and no one can replace her but this is a good addition. Anyone else tried it?
  18. kenja


    Is it just me? I cannot do more than 3 pushups off my toes!!!! Now that I am not a young chook anymore, I despair of ever being able to do them properly! STS disc 1 (chest, shoulders. biceps} - you've got to be kidding. I feel so useless!!! Jane:(
  19. kenja

    No Thanksgiving here1

    I love reading about your Thanksgiving celebrations. Being in Australia we don't do Thanksgiving, obviously. In a way I am glad we don't as it is very close to Christmas and all those calories scare me!!!! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with your families! Jane That 1 in the heading...
  20. kenja

    New Discs

    Received my slide discs today. Only 2 weeks to get to Australia. How quick was that! No more wrecking paper plates for me!!!! Jane:D