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  1. DirtDiva

    Fit Tower Legs, Glutes & Core

    This has given me the most unreal doms in my core and legs! I decided to do this one first, to judge its affect on rested legs. I figured my core was strong enough, but wow is this something different for me. I was not prepared for how difficult it is to lift a leg and hold it up, and do...
  2. DirtDiva

    Fit Tower assembly question

    I haven't received my Tower yet, so I'm curious if I can omit one part of the Tower when assembling it. I am referring to the stabilizer bars or strips that are on the bottom and span to each leg, I am assuming this is for added rigidity, but have a couple of reasons why I don't want to use...
  3. DirtDiva

    Deal of the Day

    A few weeks ago, I thought to myself that I'm going to wear out my STS 36-dvd set. I keep reading that dvd's are going to go away and for some of us, our wifi connections and internet may not be that great. Then up pops the Deal of the Day for STS Squat Rack. I have the Abs and Total Body...
  4. DirtDiva

    Panic! I can't get into Workout Manager

    I posted on the Workout Manager forum for help, but is anyone else finding the links at the top of the forums dead? I can't access Workout Manager, its a dead link and I'm horrified! Where is a horrified smiley when you need one. I'm in dire need of my calendar and STS info.
  5. DirtDiva

    Cannot Access Workout Manager/Calendar etc.

    When I try and link to the Workout Manager on the top of the screen, there is no connection! I want to start a new rotation and I cannot get to my calendar or anything else. Is anyone having this problem?
  6. DirtDiva

    What scale do you recommend?

    MissyT started a thread a while back about how many times you weigh yourself weekly. My scale has been unreliable, I got on it and I lost 4 pounds...huh??? Then I got back on it and I gained two, and it keeps going back and forth. Now I don't trust it! Does anyone have a scale they...
  7. DirtDiva

    Muscle Endurance - Lainabaina thank you!!! suggested this one...! I forgot I had this workout, because its with Bootcamp and did this last night. OH sweet! Love the music and forgot how much fun this workout is because it slays you on reps. I love Cathe's maniacal laugh in one of the barbell portions, made me snort...
  8. DirtDiva

    STS Strength Volume 2

    I would faint if another huge set would come out, with 36 workouts, and 4 extra squat rack workouts. Same style, music and set-ups with the various lifting techniques of drop sets, waves, etc., to change it up constantly. I would truly enjoy the same cast, or at least a few men in the mix...
  9. DirtDiva

    STS Progress Ticker

    It worked for me on my last rotation, but now it will not load onto my signature line. I selected the Official 3-1/2 Month STS Cathe Rotation and downloaded that to my Calendar. When I go to Cathe Fun and select the button which says Insert into my Cathe Forum Signature...
  10. DirtDiva

    Its Time!

    STS Rotation #5...I feel it coming on! My plan this time is to go back to 3 times a week, but will be adding in LIS on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. I'm hoping for a snowy winter for my usual early evening cardio, or it will be indoor cycling or one of Cathe's cardio workouts. I'm going...
  11. DirtDiva

    Good Luck lainabaina!!!

    Good luck on trying out for the Spin DVD workout. :D I'm sending all my fast-twitch leg fibers to you!!!
  12. DirtDiva

    STS Banner

    I am having a hard time with this updating automatically from my Calendar. I just finished 11 and it won't update. I wonder if its because I am technically on a 3-1/2 month rotation but I'm doing 6 workouts a weeks and it won't register? So my banner says 10, but I'm done with that and...
  13. DirtDiva

    Collection of all Warm-ups

    I love the warm-up's on all my Cathe DVD's, especially the Shock Cardio ones. I think it would be a great low-impact workout if every warm-up from all the Cathe's were on one dvd. It would be fun to see the different outfits, sets, people and music.
  14. DirtDiva

    Music for Low Impact Series

    I am so hoping the music is like it is in the Shock Cardio Series or the last set that came out.
  15. DirtDiva

    Worth 1 Minute

    DebbieH had a great thread the other day about "how blessed are you" . I just watched this clip, its barely 1:45 long and totally worth the time. It would be good to pass this to our kids too.
  16. DirtDiva

    Step Demonstration for Newbies

    I am really really trying to learn Step, but so far its not working out very well. Would love to see a dvd that would show all your moves demonstrated in a way a clutz like me could learn.
  17. DirtDiva

    Do you work out to your own DVD's?

    I have often wondered if you workout solo or pop in one of your dvd's and workout with yourself on the television screen? What a sublime experience that has to be if you do!
  18. DirtDiva

    Free Shipping on AOS Kettlebells

    I got the email this morning and perfect timing since I have birthday bucks! He's shipping kettlebells free this week and I got an 8, 12, and 16 kg :p coupon code : freeship420
  19. DirtDiva

    Comfortable In Your Skin

    I loved Meowracer's recent post titled: "Cool fitness pics of women..." It is a great testament to how different our bodies can be sport to sport. I wish we (society) could come to the same realization that most women don't walk around with wash-board abs, and perfect hips and legs. I worry...
  20. DirtDiva

    Had to re-register

    For the past couple of days I have tried to get back in. I requested my new password a dozen times, and it said it was sent to the proper e-mail, but nothing came. Then when I tried to change my name with my current e-mail, it wouldn't let me do that because my e-mail is in use...went to...