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    Cathe is sooooo cool!

    I couldn't believe it when I received my copy of Butts and Guts today. I received the free gift! Yes, I ordered early. And no, I didn't cancel my preorder. But I only ordered one DVD, not the whole set. Whoo hoo! Shari
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    Question for a health care worker

    Nine days ago, my doctor changed my blood pressure medicine from a simple diuretic to a combination pill. In those nine days, I have gained 10.5 pounds. I'm sure there is an adjustment period, and I'm sure this is water weight, but that seems like a huge amount to me. I drink 2 and...
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    I hope this isn't premature . . .

    but I can already tell we're going to need another LowMax (or 3 or 4 or 5 or a whole set of LowMaxes) very soon! Wow! GREAT workout, and it doesn't hurt! Well, it hurts a little, but in a very good way. Love it, love it, love it!!! Shari :D
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    Need a shoulder to cry on and maybe some thyroid advice (long)

    Edited for clarity: Can someone please give me some advice or encouragement. I'm really in need of some kind words, some inspiration to continue with the health and fitness program I've done so well with for the last five years. You see, I've just come back from my first visit with an...
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    Endurance vs. Strength

    Lately, I've been reading a lot about strength vs. endurance workouts. Until recently, I felt I understood the function of both (in combination with cardio and stretching) in an overall fitness program. Now, I'm not so sure I understand at all, specifically regarding endurance. In fact, I...
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    Exercises to strengthen knees

    Can someone tell me about some good exercises to make the knees stronger? My MIL would like to know. Thanks, Shari
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    Weird push-up "thing"

    Hi All, I have a question about a push-up modification I've happened on to, and I'm wondering if it will help or if I'm wasting my time. To give you some background, I've been working out regularly for five years and can keep up with Cathe's strength tapes, for the most part, at the...
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    Knee pain in Legs and Glutes

    I love, love, love L&G! It's my favorite leg workout ever! But I've been skipping the plyos in the lunge section. When I jump up, after doing those forward and backward lunges, I get a VERY sharp pain in one of my knees. It doesn't last long, but I'm afraid of damaging it. I have the typical...
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    Excel Spreadsheets

    It seems like I read something here a while back about Excel spreadsheets for some of Cathe's workouts. I didn't think this was something I'd use at the time, but I'm thinking differently now. Of course, now I can't remember where they're located. Does anyone know? Shari
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    I know several of you have asked about my progress with Just wanted to let you all know I'm at 23.5 lbs, now! Whoo hoo! I'm at the end of Fatburning as of today, but I think I MIGHT try extending it. One way or the other, I plan to start a new rotation right after...
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    What is Body Pump?

    I've wondered about this forever. What IS Body Pump? I keep hearing people on VF talk about trading for the Body Pump video, but I can't find any info on it. I thought it was a type of training/certification. Shari
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    Lunges vs. Step-ups

    Can someone please explain the difference, in terms of effects, between lunges and step-ups? Thanks, Shari
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    High Step

    Have you all seen the update on the High Step in the Ask Cathe forum? They'll be available in September! Shari
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    I've heard other people talk about being able to block someone from sending you PMs and e-mail. How do I do that? Thanks
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    I've lost your message. E-mail me! Shari
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    Art Carey

    There is a message about Art Carey's column on VF today, and he mentions home fitness videos again this week. Here is the link. Hope it works.
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    Where is everybody?

    I haven't heard a peep from Anna or Maribeth for ages. Are you still around? Who else has disappeared? I miss you guys.
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    Losing weight with thyroid problems

    Is there anyone out there with a success story to tell about losing weight with thyroid problems? If so, I really need to hear it. I need to hear from someone who tried everything and just couldn't lose the weight--then finally found a solution. I've talked to a lot of people who, when...
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    Power Hour Warm-Up

    Does anyone else do an additional warm-up before beginning PH? Or do you feel that the included warm-up with lighter weights is enough? I worry that the warm-up style is different in this video because we're trying to get a full workout in within one hour. I'm afraid I'm going to hurt...