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  1. runlikeagirl

    New Clips

    I am sure this has been asked. I know I am not the only that wants to see a clip from the new workouts. Can't wait!!!! Hurry up MR/Mrs. Duplicator!!!! Any chance we can see one soon? Lori
  2. runlikeagirl

    Web Cam

    I can't believe that the RT is just 29 days away. :eek: Will you be having the web cam this year? My family enjoyed it. They couldn't believe all the classes we did. :D Lori
  3. runlikeagirl

    Low Vitamin D

    Hi All, I recently found out that my Vitamin D level was low. Started taking over the counter vit D 1800 daily. Had my level rechecked and it was still low now I am taking prescription Vit D 50,000 units once a week for 2 months. Anyone else here have a low level and how long did it take...
  4. runlikeagirl

    Is it OK...

    I did MMA KB on Mon and MMA Boxing today do you think it will be ok to do MMA Fusion tomorrow? I am feeling some DOMS in my upper back. :D Thanks Lori
  5. runlikeagirl

    Live Web Cam

    Where are you planning on posting the live streaming of video? Will it be here on this forum, you tube or the blog?? You guys think of everything don't you?? Thank you sooo much for making this such a great event for all of us road trippers. :D Getting very excited about this trip. Lori
  6. runlikeagirl

    Who's Who's book photo

    I was wondering for those of you who have been in the who's who's book what kind of picture did you use? A "head shot" or a picture of you working out? :confused:
  7. runlikeagirl

    Ovarian Cancer

    My family just found out this week that our cousin has Ovarian Cancer. I did not know the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer so I googled it and also found out that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness. I thought I would share the signs and symptoms with you all Most women do have symptoms in the 6...
  8. runlikeagirl


    Cathe the next time you come on to do a chat will you be doing it on the "Ask Cathe" thread or will it be over on the chat site? I know you are extremely busy but I do miss seeing you on the forum.;) Lori
  9. runlikeagirl

    Dance Class for Boys

    My 6 year old DS is really showing and interest in dance. You should see him dance during Praise and Worship at church :o. He loves to dance he even dances without music. He told me the music is in him. Do any of you have boys who take dance? What class should I enroll him in? I was thinking...
  10. runlikeagirl

    Roasted Chickpeas

    Roasted Chickpeas Serves 4 prep time: 5 min. cook time: 50 min. Easy Low-fat alternative to nuts. Store in airtight container. 1 spray cooking spray (olive oil spray preferred) 2 cups canned chickpeas, rinsed and drained 1/4 tsp. garlic powder 1/8 tsp. red pepper flakes...
  11. runlikeagirl

    My Dad

    Hi all I am so proud of my Dad right now. He really inspires me to work hard and eat right. My Dad had a quadruple bi pass over 13 years ago at age 50. Since then he has been eating right (tofu and no red meat etc.) and exercising to stay healthy. To live a long life. Today he road his...
  12. runlikeagirl

    August 08****Sunday Aug 17

    Good Morning All Getting the thread started. Today is my rest day. Getting ready for Church and then my DS last hockey game for the summer league. Before I know it, hockey will be starting up again for both my sons. ugh then life gets crazy. But boy do I love it.:eek: I hope everyone has a...
  13. runlikeagirl


    Who will be watching the Olympics? When I was a kid we always watched them but now that they tell you who won before they event kind of takes the fun out of it. :confused: We will watch. I love the diving and swimming. I feel bad for the runners with the air quality. Did you know that this...
  14. runlikeagirl

    July 08 Checkin *****Sunday 27****

    Good Morning All Today is a rest day for me. Boy do I need one after last night. I feel like we had a newborn in the house. We had terrible Thunder storms that seem to have last about 2 hours. One loud crack of thunder made DH jump out of bed. I am getting ready for Church and then later...
  15. runlikeagirl

    High Step Challenge

    I just did this work out this AM. WOW I haven't done this one in a long time and it kicked my butt. I don't know if the humidity had anything to do with it. I feel full of energy now. Anyone else do this one today? It is on the July rotation? Lori
  16. runlikeagirl

    Nutrition Packages

    Does anyone know about the nutrition packages that you can purchase over on the "workout manager"? Is this something that goes along with STS? I didn't get STS (yet). I was wondering if this was for anyone or if it was just for STS? I Found the nutrition package under "my nutrition" It...
  17. runlikeagirl

    Back to Heavy Wed 10/10

    Hi all I didn't see where anyone started todays post so I thought I would do it. (I hope thats OK) Today was Slow and Heavy chest and back. I had a great workout. I am already feeling it. Not sure if my upper body can handle Tris and Bis on Friday. Whatcha all do today??? Lori
  18. runlikeagirl

    Ultra sound ...

    Hi I was wondering if there are any Ultra sound techs that would know how long it normally takes to get results from a test? I had an ultra sound done last Tues to see if I have any Kidney stones and I still have no answers. :-( My Dr's office said it takes a week but when I had my test done...
  19. runlikeagirl

    Go check the blog there are Kick boxing photos...

    They are posting the kick box pictures. Yippie! I think I might be on all night at this rate.
  20. runlikeagirl

    Cathe SNM weight rack

    Hi I love the photos in blog. keep them coming. Will you be selling the weight rack that is in the picture with Cathe and Cedie doing the overhead press???? Lori