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    Road Trip 2010

    Are there any details about the NJ 2010 Roadtrip? It's only 3 weeks away and I haven't heard anything (agenda, t-shirts, photo for Who's Who book) since I registered. Thanks! Cathy
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    Thank you Cathe, Crew and Road Trippers

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank you all for a GREAT weekend! Kevin and I are grateful to have enjoyed the RT together. Kevin used to think I was crazy to be a "Catheite, or Cathlete", but it's safe to say, he may be one too, lol :p;). We enjoyed meeting all of you. I know Kevin is...
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    Having a good time on the Road Trip!

    Hey guys, Just wanted to report that we are all having a great time here on the 2008 Cathe Road Trip! We were greeted with a nice meal then we got to meet and greet other road trippers. Cathe and crew showed up about 2 hours later; they are absolutely adorable and very welcoming. They let...
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    New presale price?

    Hi Cathe, What is the new STS presale price? Cathy
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    New Blog Pics Posted!

    Check it out!
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    New Male Cast Members!!!

    Have you all checked the blog? WOW!!! Cathy
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    Dancing with the Stars

    So, how do you feel about Albert leaving this week? I must say, I was disappointed. Clearly, Wayne Newton was the weakest dancer last week...I understand he's popular, but really x( Cathy
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    Philadelphia Eagles' tickets

    Hi Philly fans and others, I'm trying to get Philly tickets for my husband as a first anniversary present (in honor of the paper anniversary)(our anniversary was 8/31, but we have another celebration in Nov and I wanted to surprise him). Does anyone have any suggestions about the tickets...
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    A nice combo

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to pass this on, especially to those who like Freestyle training. I did a fun combo today: Low Max Warm-up Low Max Blasts Only Premix KM Leg conditioning drills KM stretch This was a sweat fest for me. What I really enjoyed was this: --->About 1 hr. long...
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    Kick Max!!!

    Just wanted to say how much I love KickMax. I know a lot of people have issues with it, but the more I do it the more I love it! I do not like the blast section, so I rarely do it, but I cannot get enough of the other parts. The warmup is completely thorough. I like to use it to warmup...
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    Cathe Upper Body/Lower Body Split

    Yesterday, I did C&W, one of my favorite workouts. Since it focuses on cardio and upper body, I was looking for something that would complement it--cardio and lower body. Today I tried premix #18 on the KPC/L&G DVD. It was 61 mins long, including KPC abs. What a nice workout! It was the KPC...
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    Stability Ball-65cm, 55cm or both

    Hi Cathe and/or educated crowd, I am 5'5 1/2" tall. I usu. use a 65 cm stability ball. I always assumed this was the right ball for me since my knees and hips are at a right angle when I sit on it. I can do most of Cathe's workouts with it--but there's room for improvement. I notice that...
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    Chaptering on new DVDs

    Hi Cathe, Boy, the new CDs look great!! I didn't preorder, but I think I'm going to have to get them. They look like just what I need for my rotation. Even though I can do advanced, I love to vary the intensities of my workouts. I always get results when I do that. My question is...
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    Stretch Hits

    Hi Cathe, Yesterday, I did one of my favorite workouts: Stepfit. The workout flew by and the stretch segment, oh the stretch segment, was wonderful. Please Cathe, make a Stretch Hits compilation DVD, like Ab Hits. I know that many of the stretches are similar, but I can think of at least...
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    Help me spend my money!

    Hi everyone, I originially posted this at, but I also wanted to know your opinions. Here's my dilemma: I got $150.00 bonus (Yay!) I have: stability ball, Firm tall and short box, Reebok step I want: Bosu or High step and original step I'm leaning toward The Bosu...
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    Review of Body Blast at Video Fitness

    There is a review of Step, Jump and Pump at reader forum. The thread is entitled: Are people doing the new Cathe's RIGHT NOW? Check it out...
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    Cardio & Weights

    Hi gang, Just a note to say that I did C&W for the first time this morning and it was a BLAST!! I love that fact that it is NOT her most intense workout; I love the moves; I love the fact that the weight sections are primarily for the upper body; I love the core work; In short I LOVE THIS...
  20. CAgostini

    SNM Question/Difficulty Placing an order

    Please help! I'm trying to place an order TODAY!!! I want the CTX Upper Body VHS, Ab Hits DVD, 3 Intensity Series DVDs and the Body Blast series. Can I order all items on one form and receive any discount and/or free item (for 4 units). Thanks for your prompt reply. Cathy A.