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    Any AKC breeders here ? I have a question

    I have a dog that was supposed to be pure breed. It turns out to be a mutt. The breeder emailed me a letter that she says she sent to AKC to 'Whom it may concern' saying to revoke the litters certification due to the accidental breeding. Will AKC just revoke the litter certification and...
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    Feet going numb on elliptical

    I had inner ear surgery a few months ago and have not exercised in over 3 months. I'm trying to get the weight off that I've gained in the 3 months plus the many pounds that I still need to shed. I wanted to start with the elliptical and get going with that before I added weight training. I...
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    Puppy ........
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    awww... rescued a dog tonight

    We just got back on a red eye flight from vegas at 6:00 a.m. this morning (both my husband and I got picked for the new scanner and we opt'd for the molestation instead) We pick up our dog from the boarding and when taking him on property to go to the bathroom our dog see's this little...
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    Fell on the ice - hit my head

    It's icing here in Georgia. I went to walk the dog and the pavement was just wet and then BAM - I hit ice and my feet went out from under me and my had cracked on the pavement. I saw a huge bright light when I hit. What should I do to make sure I don't have brain swelling ??
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    Looking for an E-workout partner

    Is there a forum where people can get a online workout partner so you can have someone to be accountable to ? I think it would help me to encourage someone in their fitness goals and have someone that I have to tell if I worked out or not. Kinda like the check-ins but more on a one-on-one...
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    Anyone have Otosclerosis & Stapedectomy surgery?

    I've just leaned that my hearing loss is due to Otosclerosis and I have a choice of doing nothing, getting a hearing aid or having Stapedectomy surgery. I would love to get rid of the ringing in that ear but the surgery scares the heck out of me. Has anyone had it and how were your...
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    Rolled my Ankle

    I rolled my ankle playing tennis. There are a couple of spots of bruising below the ankle bone and on the heel. I can walk but if I get off center on the ankle I scream. Has anyone rolled their ankle ? How long before I can play tennis again ??
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    For those who Snore

    I've snored all my life. I had a sleep study about 6yrs ago and it showed no apnea but off the scale snoring. They recommended a dental appliance that holds your bottom jaw forward. I made an appointment and then cancelled it. I bought some cheap thing off the tv and tried that but it hurt...
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    Help finding standard spring clips for weight bar

    I'm looking for standard size clips (or collars or clamps) for my weight bar that are easy to grip and put on. I'm finding that my hand strength has diminished as I get older and the spring clamps are very hard for me to squeeze. I have two sets and they both seem very hard for me to squeeze...
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    How to help a friend that might have cancer

    I have a friend that has been having very bad back pain right before her periods. She finally went to a doc and they found by ultrasound a large mass. I think she said it's on her ovary. She is going to an Oncologist on Monday. I learned from another lady - oh and get what this lady said -...
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    Meso 3 - Damn Skippy !

    I've started STS many times and then got lazy. I finally got back to it and started with Meso 2 and did each week 2x times. I'm finally at Meso 3 and WOW ! I had to go get a towel because I was sweating so much. I also put on my heart rate monitor and I was getting my heart rate up to...
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    I got some new toys !

    I'm excited, I know this is boring but I'm motivated and I want to do a shout out. I bought a decent elliptical with incline and a new heart rate monitor and now I'm doing the elliptical in the morning and STS every other night. So for a week I've kept on track and even my blood pressure is...
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    Help on beating heat cramps

    I have a singles tennis playoff match coming up and it will be 93 that day. I don't handle the heat well so I'm looking for any tips on how to not get sick when playing. I usually either get muscle cramps or intestinal cramps from the heat. I will have water, a frogg togg chilly towel and...
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    Getting Out of The Rut - Saturday

    Morning All, The sun is out again today. I feel like a bear waking up from the winter. I think my body goes into hibernation during the winter. I'm excited I bench pressed 40# last night. I still gave up on CC after 25 minutes. I need to do better. I have a scale that does body fat...
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    Getting Out Of The Rut - Friday

    Happy Friday Rut'rs ! The sun is out and it's going to be a great weekend weather wise ! I've lost 4# and I'm in a great mood. Not crunchy menopausal today ! Yay ! I plan on going back to my STS and CC today. I'm excited that the weight is coming off and it inspires me to work harder...
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    Getting Out of The Rut - Saturday

    Hello All ! It's Sunny Today !!!!i!i!i! and I have to work off the pecan encrusted chicken salad and ice cream topped brownie I ate last night !! But I did come back home after dinner and do a STS chest work and a tiny bit on the exercise bike. Damn I hate cardio. I'm wondering if I...
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    Getting out of the rut - Tuesday

    I was bad yesterday, did not exercise at all. I went out and ran errands last night and got back at 8:30 p.m. and then just was too tired to make myself do anything. This morning I had a tennis match early. It's cold and damp outside today...I had NO energy and I played poorly. My partner...
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    Workout Routine - your opinions

    I'm trying this workout plan and would like your opinions on it. Because I'm older and overweight I'm trying to do more cardio. But with a bad knee I'm sticking with the elliptical and stationary bike. I'm working on Cardio Coach Vol #2 and I finally can do all the challenges ! Then after...
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    hmm... senior discount

    My husband and I went to the movies tonight and the girl gave us the senior discount and we did not ask for it !!! I'm thinkin hey...... do we really look that old ? ... oh well got a $5 discount toward popcorn.:confused: