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  1. DiMase

    More (tough) Barre work!

    I love Turbo Barre and so far that’s the only truly hard, challenging Barre dvd I own. I’ll admit that I do like the Tracy Anderson one, but she’s such a dud, I really have to be in the mood for her to do that one. And my Lotte Berk, Callan, etc are not that challenging anymore (and again, back...
  2. DiMase

    Remember these OBGs

    Wow, lots lately. Mostly my original Firms and some of the ones immediately after that, but a lot of Cathes too. I really like Cardio & Weights, Boot Camp, Muscle Endurance, Pyramid upper and Pyramid lower body, Legs & Glutes, High Step Challenge, Muscle Max, Hardcore Extreme, Power Max, Step...
  3. DiMase

    Oldie But Definitely a Goodies - Body Max!!

    I’ve been digging into my old Cathes lately. Her older ones are pretty tough. That original Body Max is not easy. It moves fast, I remember. I should whip out MIS and MIC as well. Those were good ones too. Dated, but still good workouts.
  4. DiMase

    Running shoes to lift

    I love Hoka One One shoes! It’s all I can wear now since I injured my heel (heel bruise aka a fracture). I wear mine to lift, no problem. Granted, I own several pairs, and each are different, but I use them to run, lift, step, HIIT, everything. Not sure why you can’t lift in them though. I guess...
  5. DiMase

    Cathe - hope this makes you laugh....

    That was hysterical!!
  6. DiMase

    Update 3/15/06

    Cathe - Please take care of yourself! The DVD's can wait! Thanks for the update, and a risk to a more serious injury isn't worth finishing the workouts. Wishing you a speedy recovery and an "answer" to your injury!
  7. DiMase

    Aerobic Yoga

    Sounds good!
  8. DiMase

    Low Max 2

    Yes! Low Max 2 !!
  9. DiMase

    Circuit Max 2!!

    Another vote for a Circuit Max 2 !!!!!!
  10. DiMase

    CTX 2!!!!

    Another vote for CTX 2!!!!!!
  11. DiMase

    Bootcamp 2

    I agree, I'd LOVE a Boot Camp II. I also agree that High Step Challenge is pretty much like a Boot Camp II. Funny, I was thinking that when I did it the other day. :7
  12. DiMase


    Cinnamon - I think so. In fact, I don't feel BC is very strong in lower or upper body work like a PUB or PLB would be. I'm currently doing an Intensity Series Rotation and it looks like this: M - BC T - ME W - Imax 2 Th - PUB (and CTX cardio) F- PLB (and CTX cardio) S - Cardio & Weights...
  13. DiMase

    How did Cathe originally design using CTX series?

    After completing my collection from swaps, I finally have all 6 ctx tapes. Now my question is, are these tapes to be used (all 6 in a row) for only 1 week? Or is it something that was designed for use for a longer period? I just don't recall what the original intent was for it's use. Was is...
  14. DiMase

    Slim Series?

    RE: SS runathon- I ordered them July 26 and got them while I was on vacation, which was Aug 14. At the time, they were upgrading their system and said it could take 6 wks to arrive. Luckily that wasn't the case. My friend just ordered it (I told you I was recommending it to everyone :P !)...
  15. DiMase

    Rhythmic Step - harder than it looks

    This is so funny! When I first got this tape (when it first came out), after doing it, I had decided that this was the first Cathe tape that I was going to trade. I hated it, and I love Cathe and her tapes. After hearing rave reviews about it at another board, I decided to give it another...
  16. DiMase

    Slim Series?

    RE: SS I just have to add my comments in. I've been a Firm and Cathe user for 10 yrs now. I would consider myself an advanced exerciser. I use the same weight Cathe does for all her tapes 95% of the time. I just got done doing something called the "Thigh Blaster" rotation for 4 wks. It was...