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  1. Dela

    Cathe Calendar?

    Any word on when the Cathe Calendar will go on sale this year? For some reason it popped in my head today that it must be getting close, then checked my email for my order last year, which happened to be on 10/17/14, exactly a year ago today :)
  2. Dela

    90 day rotation question about Hard Strikes?

    I was wondering why the Conditioning portion of Hard Strikes was not included anywhere in the 90 day rotation?
  3. Dela

    Need to make some decisions...

    I found that Athletic Training and Afterbun have some moves in them that just do not work well with me and caused a pretty lengthy injury. I don't want to give up completely on the set, so was looking for some opinions on the dvds that don't cause any tweaking or back tighness. Those I think...
  4. Dela

    November STS/LIS rotation question - subs for AT?

    Hi all, Athletic Training shows up at least once a week in the Nov. sts/lis rotation, unfortunately AT is the first one I did, and I hurt my back, that pain lasted over 10 days, so I'm pretty hesitant to do again right away. I'm not sure yet what to sub for this weeks full AT workout, but maybe...
  5. Dela

    Casino in NYC?

    Just heard they are again trying to pass laws to allow a casino in NYC. I'm not sure I agree with it, in most peoples opinion I am a frequent casino goer, but that doesn't mean I think they belong everywhere. And NYC with so much existing night life, restaurants, culture, activities...
  6. Dela

    Clean eating?

    Hi all, I know this question has been asked, but I'm still not getting it. When most people say "I eat clean" what do they mean? Do they mean I don't eat processed food and sugar? Or are they referring more to something like the Tosca Rena diet? Does clean mean no or low saturated fat? Can...
  7. Dela

    Worlds most absurd warning signs & disclaimers - hysterical

    Some of these signs and disclaimers are just hysterical, clearly some of them are intentionally sarcastic, but really funny none the less... World's Most Absurd Warning Signs And Disclaimers | Happy Place I'm not sure I can pick a favorite, but "Do not eat iPod Shuffle" is up there, I would...
  8. Dela

    Good books?

    So what books are you all reading now? Anything that you just love? I have not read a book for enjoyment in years, and I would like to do that again. Between work and the time I spend online, books and my ability to just relax for a while just flew out the window, the only ones I do read are...
  9. Dela

    So you think you can dance music!

    So I always love the music on So you think you can dance, and found this website that lists out the tunes in each episode! I have not explored the site too much, but I think it's for other shows too. Very cool to me, just wanted to share :D So You Think You Can Dance Music - TuneFind
  10. Dela

    Best hotel in Aruba?

    Hi all, anyone been to Aruba? I'm wondering what is the nicest hotel to stay in? No kids involved, definitely not looking for "family friendly" :p. Thanks!
  11. Dela

    Cool kitties

    A friend just posted this on facebook, just some cute pics... Top 10 Bodega Cats Keeping Cool Top 10 Bodega Cats Keeping Cool: Pics, Videos, Links, News
  12. Dela

    Amy Bento fans - preorder kettlebell and kick boxing

    Hi, for anyone who is an Amy Bento fan, she just posted her presale for 2 new workouts, one contains 3 kettlebell workouts and the other dvd is a mix of kickboxing and kettlebells. I have been away from the kettles for quite a while, but keep looking to incorporate them back in, the price is...
  13. Dela

    Does anyone have a direct link to Cathe's interview today?

    Does anyone know the link to Cathe's interview today, she posted on FB earlier today, and I can't seem to find the interview with the link someone provided that just goes direct to
  14. Dela

    Last check for tonight...

    Oh well, I thought maybe Cathe would surprise us with an early release on the details. Good night all! I'm sure the boards will be busy tomorrow :D
  15. Dela

    Things that are bugging me for no good reason today...

    I'm sure everyone has one of those things that just irks them for no good reason, today for some reason just seeing the word "Method" in workout titles is just getting on my last nerve. TA Method, Montenegro Method, etc.
  16. Dela

    Familiar with carb cycling diets?

    I am in my fifth week of a carb cycling diet, just really into the core part of it these last 2 weeks, but just tonight and for the first time I just wanted to eat, so I did, it started with 1 cookie and went to 4, then despite all my efforts I ate over half of another very large cookie, but I'm...
  17. Dela

    Weird - Fage 0% package differences??

    Hi all, OK so this is weird, I have about 5 Fage yogurts in the fridge, some of them say 18g protein and 100 cal, others say 90 cal with 15g protein, exact same size and both are the 0%! Anyone else notice this? The site nutrition label has 100 cal 18g protein.
  18. Dela

    SNM or Cathe: Will the new discs work on puzzle mats?

    Hi Cathe/SNM, sorry I missed the official chat, lots of great info, I have one more question, will the new sliding discs work on puzzle mats? I didn't think it would be an issue, but I read on another board people have had problems using sliding discs on puzzle mats.
  19. Dela

    SNM: Slide and Glide Discs availability?

    SNM, when will the new Slide and Glide discs be available to purchase?
  20. Dela

    Is Meso 2 considered High Volume weight training?

    Is Meso 2 in STS considered high volume weight training? I have been reading about this term for building muscle, and trying to equate it with a workout I am familiar with. Thanks!