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    Workout Manager on the blink?

    I reported it in the tech support forum on August 28, then emailed support a couple days later. An admin replied "Just want to let everyone know we're in the middle of updating all of the old code to the Workout Manager to bring it up to today's standards. This means we're going to break a lot...
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    Workout Manager Weigh-In Won't Save

    Thanks for the update! I really appreciate it
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    Workout Manager Weigh-In Won't Save

    Well, I emailed yesterday about the weigh-in not saving. You might want to contact them about your issue as well.
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    Workout Manager Weigh-In Won't Save

    Hm, I was just able to save a DVD workout to my calendar, but the weigh-in still won't save for me. Were you entering a manual/custom workout or selecting a Cathe DVD?
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    Workout Manager Weigh-In Won't Save

    Workout Manager won't save my weigh-in today. I tried updating via mobile and desktop. I am not getting an error message, but when I hit save after entering my weight it simply reverts to yesterday's number as though I hadn't entered anything. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    "Hip dip"

    This seems like a good article/site: To sum up, it's a result of your bone structure and you probably can't do much to change them, but they're perfectly normal and lovely. If you want to...
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    I'm such a weakling :)

    When I first started to exercise, I began with old school step workouts and no weights. My arms would still be so tired just from waving them around in the air for 30-45 minutes! A decade later, I can almost always keep up with Cathe's weights and reps. Keep at it! Also, JeanneMarie is...
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    Fire walker Bands

    I have the TNT brand loops as well. I think their "heavy" is equivalent to Cathe's medium green band, so it's good the set comes with an extra heavy band! That or Cathe just toughened me up and made them seem easy. :-D
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    Free standing boxing bag

    I have done a lot of martial arts and all my gyms used the Century Wavemaster XXL with the base filled with sand. The Wavemaster is great - it's got just a little bit of give so you can punch or kick it as hard as you want and it might rock a little, but it won't break or hurt you. It's pretty...
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    Organic coffee?

    I am a huge fan of Fresh Roasted Coffee (I know, not the most creative name). I've tried several varieties since some friends told me about it a couple years ago and they've all been great. I buy whole beans via amazon, but they also have a website for direct orders...
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    For me, one of the hardest ab exercises is the one where you lie flat on your back with your legs straight, one arm pointed to the ceiling and the other bent with your elbow touching the ground, then you slowly crunch up trying to touch the ceiling with one hand while keeping the bent elbow...
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    Stretch Max Music

    Thanks, Jesse! "Melissa" was the one I was looking for! Here's a youtube link in case anyone else has been trying to track it down.
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    Stretch Max Music

    Hello all! Can someone identify for me the lovely music playing in Stretch Max Routine 1 (no equipment) between about the 10 and 14 minute marks, right after the floor stretches begin? I've always loved that piece and while it sounds so familiar, I've never been able to place it. Thanks!
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    Wandering the most popular age group for Cathletes

    30 here! I started with Cathe when I was about 25/26. I think the part of the age disparity is because most 20-somethings don't have the money to invest in equipment and can't afford a place with enough space to work out. It's much easier to go to a gym or just go running when you've got...
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    Athleta fitness clothing

    Yes! Tights are so comfortable, but I don't like how revealing they are. I'm hoping to get some Athleta 2-in-1 shorts this year to add variety to my wardrobe. Also, it's just plain fun to go the gym in a "girly" skort and then kick all the guy's butts.
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    Athleta fitness clothing

    I love Athleta! I only have a couple things that I've gotten during their end-of-year sales and one item that was a gift, but it's all very durable, fits great, and will clearly last for years. I have a the Agave Knicker Skort (slightly shorter than capri-length, thick tights with very light...
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    Is there a difference for boxing workouts?

    This is a little off-topic, but I wanted to comment on boxing gloves. I've done 3 years of Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and 3 years of Taekwondo, and I wouldn't recommend using those big gloves on the heavy bag like Cathe does if you're at all serious about learning decent boxing techniques. Of...
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    Best hair epilator out there

    The Braun Silk Epil 7 is the one I use as well. I've owned it for 2.5 years and have had no problems. I used to have something by Remington but its little tweezer plates somehow got off-kilter so it would spin but not pluck.
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    DVD icons not showing in Workout Manager after loading rotation?

    If anyone's still not seeing the workout pictures in the calendar, clear your cache. In Chrome, go to settings -> show advanced settings -> clear browsing data -> cached images and files. That's what I had to do to make them show up today.
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    Why do my feet hurt when working out? Do I need new shoes?

    You definitely should replace your shoes more often. I know the expense is a pain (I'm a poor student), but I still replace mine every year or my arches start to hurt. It might also be worth visiting a physical therapist or a QUALITY shoe store where you can have your feet and gait assessed...