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  1. DiMase

    More (tough) Barre work!

    I love Turbo Barre and so far that’s the only truly hard, challenging Barre dvd I own. I’ll admit that I do like the Tracy Anderson one, but she’s such a dud, I really have to be in the mood for her to do that one. And my Lotte Berk, Callan, etc are not that challenging anymore (and again, back...
  2. DiMase

    How did Cathe originally design using CTX series?

    After completing my collection from swaps, I finally have all 6 ctx tapes. Now my question is, are these tapes to be used (all 6 in a row) for only 1 week? Or is it something that was designed for use for a longer period? I just don't recall what the original intent was for it's use. Was is...