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    Looking for Xtrain Advice

    What is your favorite Xtrain rotation? I don't know if I really want to commit to 90 days. Really like heavy lifting, low impact cardio. Just can't seem to settle on a good rotation
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    Cathe Live Rotations

    Are there any rotations using Cathe Live workouts? Looking to subscribe to Live, but also need to follow preset rotations otherwise I never know what to pick. Looking for rotation that includes weights for fat loss/toning.
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    Live and On Demand

    Does Cathe ever have a sale or discount for Live or on Demand?
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    Step Workouts

    Other than Basic Step which I found at Goodwill. What is the best Cathe DVD to learn the step moves. I like step workouts, but really need to work on my coordination without getting frustrated. Sometimes I think I will never get some of these moves right and she makes them look so easy in the...
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    Random Workouts or Rotations

    Do you find that you get better results with randomly picked workouts or with a set rotation? If rotation, do you pick one already made or create your own?
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    MESO 2&3

    I really don't like high rep workouts and I know there are a lot of reps in Meso 1. Would I still benefit from STS if I only both Meso 2 & 3? Or just 3?
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    Combined Rotation

    I am only using three instructors that I enjoy, Cathe, KCM and Jessica Smith. I love lifting heavy weights. Has anyone created any rotations that they are willing to share that may incorporate these instructor's dvds combined in a rotation? I am not really good at making a rotation, but need...
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    Strength Rotation

    Looking for a rotation that may have been created that would include Cathe's heavier weight dvds (older and newer ones). I prefer split body workouts instead of total body ones. Any good ones out there?
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    Strong & Sweaty or Fit Split

    I purchased LiTe and did 30 day rotationand with the exception of Cardio Party, liked all the workouts.. I want to be able to mix it up. Which would be better to purchase S&S or Fit Split. I am looking for incorporating more/heavier weights to my workouts.
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    Lite Rotation

    I am about to start the LITE Series. Is it best to start with the normal rotation as written the first time through? I haven't really followed any of Cathe's rotations, so will I get the best results following as written?
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    Spin Bike

    I want to purchase a spin bike (xmas present from Hubby). Does anyone have the Sole SB700? Price is good right now. I was also looking at the Sunny B1002 which has good reviews and is less. New to spinning and just can't decide. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I have determined that I am not very good at squats and really need to correct my form and get it right. I have only followed DVDs for my exercises so that may be the case. I have searched online and there are so many different takes on the best way to correct your form and do them right...
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    Putting Cathe and LMP together

    I am thinking about doing Les Mills Pump 2 to 3 days a week, but also want to keep doing Cathe workouts on the other days. Looking for a workout recommendations of Cathe's or a rotation that would make a good combination.
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    Anyone doing ICE/RWH Rotation

    Started this rotation yesterday and wanted to see if anyone is doing or has done this one yet.
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    Fat Loss

    With a clean diet - which is the better to start with for fat loss/leaning out - RWH or Xtrain?
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    High Rep

    Are there any routines out there that incorporates Cathe High Rep barbell workout in them? I have always enjoyed Les Mills Body Pump and this one seems the same and would love to incorporate with other workouts of Cathe's.
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    RWH Series

    I currently own 3 of the 7 dvds in this series and want to complete the set. My body really has a hard time with high impact now I am concerned with the Plyo disc (I have read it is hard), is this disc really important in the overall set? If not, any suggestions of a good substitute that would...
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    ICE Workouts

    Quick question regarding ICE rotation. Any harm in not taking the rest day in the middle of the week like in the rotation and just keep all my rest days on Sunday? Is there a reason why there is one in the middle of the week?
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    May be a dumb question

    I am pretty much new to Cathe workouts. I now have RWH, ICE and Xtrain, haven't done them yet, only STS. I am on my first week of ICE and doing the Level II rotation that is in the book. So my question is how do you use the premixes, are there rotations for those and the timesavers or just...
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    Looking for Opinions

    I have been doing STS and enjoy it (I like weight workouts) and have come to Meso #3, but honestly I don't feel I am ready or more so want to move up yet to the next phase, I am not seeing the results I want so maybe that is the reason. So I am at a crossroads so to speak. I have ICE and...