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  1. JumpHigher

    Upper Body + Cardio Intervals premix?

    Hi -- I'm thinking Cathe must have an upper body/cardio interval premix on one of her DVDs. Can anyone recommend one or more? Thanks so much! Marla
  2. JumpHigher

    Password change question

    Hi -- Is there a way to change my password in the nutrition software? The one assigned is impossible to remember (really long). Thanks. :) Marla
  3. JumpHigher

    Second nutrition program question

    I forgot to add: the password I was given to log into the nutrition software is very long mishmosh of letters/numbers. I'd like to know how to change my password for the nutrition software. It's completely different than my "normal" password that I use to log in to the forums, purchase items...
  4. JumpHigher

    Nutrition Software question

    Hi -- I just began using the nutrition software and I'm wondering how to incorporate calories burned from my workouts into my nutrition program. Is there a way to do that? Thanks, Marla
  5. JumpHigher

    Step N Motion Download

    Hi -- I downloaded Step N Motion and I would like burn it to a DVD so I can use it on my TV. I tried and it didn't work. Is it possible to do this? I already own the VHS version, but wanted this because it was digitally remastered. Thanks
  6. JumpHigher

    Push Pull Tower -- Opinions/Reviews

    Hi -- I'm considering purchasing Cathe's push pull tower. I would love to have reviews/opinions from anyone who's already using it. Thanks! Marla
  7. JumpHigher

    STS Week 3A Shoe Question

    Hi Cathe, I feel a little silly asking this, but I love your shoes in STS Week 3A of Cathe TV. Can you tell me what they are? :) Thanks, Marla
  8. JumpHigher

    STS Music

    Hi Cathe, I just read the STS Blog regarding the music. Wow. All I can say is thank you!!! For me, the music is ultra-important. I'm like a slave to the music in my workouts, I swear. I've almost pulled my hair out attempting workouts that don't match the rep count to the beat of mindless...
  9. JumpHigher

    Mammo callback

    I just had my yearly mammogram and got a "callback," which means something doesn't look quite right, or whatever. Has this happened to any of you? Thanks, Marla
  10. JumpHigher

    Fitness Professional's Handbook -- question

    Hi, I haven't been here (open discussion forum) in a ridiculously long time ... I think since I was on the '05 Cathe Roadtrip. :o Anyway ... I just recently took and passed the ACE exam and am (finally) an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer. I'm wondered if any of the trainers out there could...
  11. JumpHigher

    Cathe -- Thank you :)

    Cathe -- Thank you so much for the wonderful Nov. rotation. It's been a while since I've done a rotation, and I've been looking forward to this one. I'm thrilled that you added in a day of yoga/pilates/stretch each week. I had just made the decision a couple days ago to add that back into my...
  12. JumpHigher

    Your Favorite Fat-Burn/Lean Out Rotations

    Hi, I'm looking for an effective fat burn rotation. I'd like it to include as many weight-workouts as possible. I would love some suggestions from any of you who have had good success with any particular rotation that helped you lean out. Also -- have any of you had better results by...
  13. JumpHigher

    Heavy rotation + resistance band workout ??

    Hi Cathe, I know you're super busy. I'll re-post this later if you can't get to this now. I'm planning a rotation for myself that includes hitting every body part heavy once during the week, and then hitting them once with a resistance band workout at the end of the week. I can use...
  14. JumpHigher

    The new set is great

    I love the pictures of the new set's model. Anything tropical (palm trees, ocean, etc.) is always at the top of my list. Thanks for the pictures. Marla
  15. JumpHigher

    One Body Part Rotation

    I'd like to put together an efficient, effective one-body-part-per-day rotation, using heavy weights. I'm not sure how much cardio to do. Will doing too much cardio jeopardize my strength gains on a rotation like this? Also -- I do have CTX, Slow & Heavy, PUB, Muscle Max (and nearly every...
  16. JumpHigher

    Online Catalog - it's wonderful

    I love the online catalog! It's beautifully done. Bravo to your graphic artists & designers. :) Marla
  17. JumpHigher

    How long is the waiting list?

    Hi -- I was wondering how long the waiting list is. Is there some way to find out? I wasn't home to register today and I'm thinking, at this point, it probably makes no sense to do so. I had a great time at the '05 Road Trip, and I wish all of you going this year a fabulous time! :D Marla
  18. JumpHigher

    How Should I Strengthen My Weak Bicep?

    Hi Cathe, I've been making consistent strength gains over the past several months. I'm currently using Pyramid Upper Body on Monday, Butts & Guts on Tuesday, a total body workout on Friday, and 3 days of cardio throughout the week. I've noticed recently that my left bicep just isn't keeping...
  19. JumpHigher

    Bodyfat & Measuring

    I recently purchased a Tanita Body Composition scale -- the Elite Series. I'm pretty sure I'm going to take it back because I spoke with a personal trainer today who said they're not very accurate. She said when she measures her bodyfat with calipers the result is 14%, while the bodyfat scale...
  20. JumpHigher

    Cathe -- Measuring Bodyfat

    Hi Cathe, I'm torn (like an old sweater) between how best to measure bodyfat. Is it most accurate using calipers? I really would like to know the best, most accurate, method -- calipers or bodyfat scale? Thanks a bunch! :D Marla