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    Brand name of weighted gloves in STS

    I know Cathe no longer sells Cathe-branded fitness accessories (sad face) but I wonder if anyone knows the brand of gloves used in STS - the kind with the sand weight pouches inside the top of the glove. I have a pair now I use for boxing, but the sand bag on one of the 1# weights has torn and...
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    Create a treadmill series please

    SOOO in!
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    Anyone else always hungry when doing STS?

    Thanks very much, ladies. Glad to know it isn't just me. I probably should have been more specific... what the scale says doesn't matter to me. It's the body fat % that's important. I expected to gain "weight" building more muscle, but I always hope I'm going to have better success losing body...
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    Anyone else always hungry when doing STS?

    I just love the results from STS from a muscle development standpoint, but I struggle to shed the couple pounds I always hope for, probably because I feel like I eat slightly more than usual because STS makes me SO hungry! Is it just me?
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    XTrain User's Guide

    I also received the guide with my DVD set.
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    Help understanding X10 calorie count in Workout Manager

    While I am the first to admit math and I are not friends, I am trying to figure out the calorie counts associated with the X10 workouts in the workout manager. The full X10 DVD shows a calorie burn (for me) of 667, but if you count up the calories assigned to each of the five segments...
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    Workout for the older Catheite

    Can't go wrong with either the LITE or ICE series. They are specifically geared to be less intensive on the joints but still provide an excellent workout, plus she provides modifications to further ensure a safe and effective workout. These workouts can be made as easy or as challenging as your...
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    STS & Newer workout series

    THANK YOU! I don't know how I missed this.
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    STS & Newer workout series

    I asked this identical question recently but it doesn't appear that there is. I love the newer workouts but since so many include weights (a good thing!) I wasn't sure how to incorporate them without compromising my recovery from STS workouts. Hopefully Cathe can provide some guidance (in all of...
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    Pyramid Series - Bonus Combo?

    Thank you so much!!
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    Pyramid Series - Bonus Combo?

    I did Pyramid Upper Body this morning and was curious what the "Bonus Combo" contains. I didn't see any reference to it in the workout manager premix section for this DVD (where all the chapters of a workout are provided). Does anyone know? Thanks, and happy new year!
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    calories listed for dvds in workout manager

    I've often wondered that exact same thing. Leave it to Cathe to automatically tailor the information to each of us!!!
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    Can 2018 Cathe still keep up with 2005 Cathe?

    Thank goodness it isn't just me!!! I was getting so discouraged of late as videos I, too, once used as "recovery" are now, on occasion, a challenge. I will be 58 next week and it is high time to be ever so thankful for my health and stop worrying about whether or not I need to take a 5-second...
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    How many plunge lunges at start of S&S Boot Camp?

    Although I have done Strong and Sweaty Boot Camp several times, it wasn't until this weekend when looking at the guide that I realized the very first exercise is supposed to be plunge lunges... my DVD, however, skips (perfectly I might add) from the end of the warm up/intro right into the...
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    STS mixed with newer DVDs

    This is great - very kind of you to provide such a thorough response! Can't wait to get started... it's been just under a year since I last did the STS rotation, but it should be perfect to keep me on track as we enter the holidays. Thanks again!!
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    STS mixed with newer DVDs

    Yes, I have all of those guides. They're terrific, and the workouts are great, but I'm looking for the original STS rotation but with workouts from those newer DVDs mixed in, rather than the DVDs that were available at the time.
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    STS mixed with newer DVDs

    Hi all, Has anyone seen a 3- month STS rotation that incorporates some of Cathe's newer, fabulous workouts (i.e., S&S, ICE, RWH, X-train...). I love these workouts but am not confident in my ability to properly mix them in with STS and still ensure I give my muscles the rest needed to get the...
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    Happy Birthday Cathe

    Have a fabulous day! I wake up to you no less than 5 days a week and have you to thank for being in shape at 57. YOU ROCK!
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    Workout Manager Update

    I went into the WOM today to enter the PHA workout but noticed it no longer gives an estimate of calories consumed. Is it a problem just on my end, or does the WOM no longer calculate calories?
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    Updates to Cathe Compendium

    This is amazing! Question though to help with interpretation... On what are you basing the numbers/calorie count for each workout, e.g., as calculated for a 130 pound 40-year old active female?