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    Brand name of weighted gloves in STS

    I know Cathe no longer sells Cathe-branded fitness accessories (sad face) but I wonder if anyone knows the brand of gloves used in STS - the kind with the sand weight pouches inside the top of the glove. I have a pair now I use for boxing, but the sand bag on one of the 1# weights has torn and...
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    Anyone else always hungry when doing STS?

    I just love the results from STS from a muscle development standpoint, but I struggle to shed the couple pounds I always hope for, probably because I feel like I eat slightly more than usual because STS makes me SO hungry! Is it just me?
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    Help understanding X10 calorie count in Workout Manager

    While I am the first to admit math and I are not friends, I am trying to figure out the calorie counts associated with the X10 workouts in the workout manager. The full X10 DVD shows a calorie burn (for me) of 667, but if you count up the calories assigned to each of the five segments...
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    Pyramid Series - Bonus Combo?

    I did Pyramid Upper Body this morning and was curious what the "Bonus Combo" contains. I didn't see any reference to it in the workout manager premix section for this DVD (where all the chapters of a workout are provided). Does anyone know? Thanks, and happy new year!
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    How many plunge lunges at start of S&S Boot Camp?

    Although I have done Strong and Sweaty Boot Camp several times, it wasn't until this weekend when looking at the guide that I realized the very first exercise is supposed to be plunge lunges... my DVD, however, skips (perfectly I might add) from the end of the warm up/intro right into the...
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    STS mixed with newer DVDs

    Hi all, Has anyone seen a 3- month STS rotation that incorporates some of Cathe's newer, fabulous workouts (i.e., S&S, ICE, RWH, X-train...). I love these workouts but am not confident in my ability to properly mix them in with STS and still ensure I give my muscles the rest needed to get the...
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    S&S Online Guide

    So excited - my shipping notice came! Bummer living in California as they have to go across the country twice before they arrive! Oh well. Has a link been posted yet to the online guide similar to what Cathe offered for Ripped with Hiit? Thank you Cathe and crew!!
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    Alternating these workouts with STS?

    Cathe, I CANNOT WAIT to get this new series. It looks amazing! When it comes out, I should be about in the third week of the hypertrophy phase of STS. Could I alternate an STS workout with one of the S&S workouts throughout the rest of STS, or will that not give my muscles enough rest between...
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    Please explain the "saw" move

    I did the ICE low impact sweat workout this morning with the ab bonus and was confronted again with the "saw" move. I can't figure out if I am totally doing it wrong, or if because I have the flexibility of a brick I am unable to reach out/over far enough to require my abs to engage to pull me...