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    What's up with Workout Manager Stats no longer keeping track of distance?

    Hi, what's going on with workout manager stats no longer keeping track of distance. I always love that feature and enjoy watching my numbers change when I run. Is this something new or is it a technical issue. It would be great to get that feature working again. Thanks in advance, Nora
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    Hi everyone

    I just wanted to wish Cathe, Crew,and all Cathletes a Happy Thanksgiving! Blessings, Nora
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    Fit & Fabulous Workout Warriors

    Hi, my name is Nora. I thought I'd try and start a new check in thread everyone is welcome. So here it goes.. I just finished today's workout after getting a late start, but I did it and its Friday so its all good. Here's today's workout: Cardio Coach Vol.4- W.up,SS1, Ch.1, Ch.2, SS2...
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    Just a question on ICE 2

    Hi Cathe, I was a little confused about your asking if we'd be interested in a ICE 2, and now there is L.I.T.E. presale going on. So my question is L.I.T.E the same as ICE 2 you were asking us about or are they separate things? I look forward to your clarification on my misunderstanding...
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    Any Thoughts on Zumba?

    I've been wondering about Zumba. I see Amazon has several Zumba dvds or sets available. Just curious what you all know or think of your experiences with Zumba? Thank you your in put Nora
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    Enjoying the Fit Split series but I have a question?

    Can anyone tell me what the name of the Nike shoes Cathe and girls are wearing ? Curious how those are as I am in need of another good crosstrainer that is not for running. I'd appreciate any and all info, thanks in advance. Nora
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    So sad about Las Vegas mass shooting and about Tom Petty's passing

    My thoughts and prayers to those who were directly or indirectly affected by Mass shooting in Las Vegas healing prayers for the wounded. R.I.P Tom Petty I like many have enjoyed your music and will miss you! My prayers go out to everyone, tell people you love and appreciate them every day...
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    Any thoughts on upcoming BB Release Shift Shop?

    Hi all! I was just wondering what your thoughts are on upcoming July release of Shift Shop with new to BB trainer Chris Downing. Please share your thoughts, thanks in advance. Nora
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    Reviews for Jessica Smith's 10 Minute Quick Walk Mix, thoughts?

    Hi girls, I got a quick question and would like your input. Have any of your tried Jessica Smith's new 10 Minute walk? If so was it worth getting? I have her other walk on and walk strong dvds. I did buy her new Walk on 5 Mile Mix and Match walks, Walk on- Walk Off Belly Fat, and Metabolism...
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    Wishing Cathe, team, and all Catheletes ....

    Hi, I just wanted to with Cathe and her team, all Catheletes a very Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving! Blessings, Nora
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    Any thoughts or reviews for BB Country Heat?

    Hi all! I was curious if any one has any thoughts or even reviews on Autum Calabrese's new Country Heat? I look forward to your comments and insights, thank you in advance. Nora
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    Any thoughts on T25?

    Hi all! I've been checking out T25 and been interested in the past but never ordered because the price was too high. I noticed now the price is alot less for a limited time, which has me wondering about it again. So my question is has anyone done the T25 program alpha and beta? If so did...
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    Happy Easter Weekend Cathe & Cathletes!

    Hi Cathe, I just wanted to take a moment to wish you and all cathletes and very Happy & Blessed Easter weekend. May your Easter be filled with Peace, Love, and Joy! Hugs and blessings, Nora
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    Anyone use Groupon? How does it work?

    Hi All, I've never used Groupon before but was interested in Kettlebell Kickboxing: The Body Series, I tried to order it but then it directed me to the Kettlebell kickboxing site to enter otder there after it confirmed my order with them and this confused me afraid of being charged twice so I...
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    Any thoughts on Jillian Michael's Body Shred?

    Hi all, I have not bought this program yet, but I am eyeing it. I was wondering if anyone has done Body Shred and what did you think of it? I look forward to your opinions and insights. I must say I am intrigued and love the idea of a challenging 30 min workout with lots of variety. Have a...
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    Question regarding STS Total Body?

    Hi all, I was noticing I can not locate in the Workout Manager Drop down menu of dvds listed there is not one listed for STS Total Body. Now, did I miss that or is there a trick to know here because I could not find in dvd drop down or STS, neither option displays anything for STS Total Body...
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    Happy Halloween!

    Hi, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween, Love Cathe's Captain Jack Sparrow pirate costume! Have a fun and safe Halloween! Nora
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    Congrats on filming being done! So what does that mean for the pre-order price?

    Hi Cathe and SNM, I was just wondering now that filming is completed for Ice when is the pre-order pricing going to be over. I was curious because I was wanting to know before hand so I can decide to Pre-order. Thanks in advance and love the pic's and updates on the filming of Ice. Nora
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    Is anyone else having problems with Workout manager?

    Hi, For the last two weeks its been a battle to enter any workout details in my workout calendar in workout manager. If I do and tell it to save, then the calendar disappears and I click to home then calendar and again nothing. Its frustrating because sometimes it will allow me to get in and...
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    When is the Presale ending for Ice?

    Hi Cathe or SNM, I was wondering now that you have begun filming or nearly done with it has there been any mention of when the presale for Ice will end? I look forward to your reply, Thanks Nora