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  1. Tigger

    Who put together the outfits for the Strong and Sweaty series?

    Every one of them is bright and colorful and you all are completely coordinated! Very motivating and inspiring for me to get some brighter workout clothes as well. I've looked but just didn't see it mentioned as who has such a talent for this. :)
  2. Tigger

    More form pointers please in your workouts

    Hi Cathe! I've pre-ordered all of your workouts since the Body Blast series and have enjoyed working out with you ever since! I've noticed that there are less form pointers in your workouts now (since STS) and I miss them. I know how to safely perform an exercise, but I forget the details that...
  3. Tigger

    A belated thank you to Cathe and an observation :)

    Hi Cathe! I just want to thank you for putting the guide together for the Ripped with Hiit series! I refer to it every time I workout to a dvd. I've always written down the weight amount I use as well as the equipment needed for each workout and this guide makes it incredibly easy. Love this...
  4. Tigger

    All set for Daytona RT--yippee!

    Got my plane tickets to Orlando and my room is booked. :D I paid for the first night but I can get a refund 3 days before I get there if necessary. won't be necessary! :cool: I managed to invite myself to my cousin's place in Orlando so I will only be staying 2 nights in Daytona...
  5. Tigger

    Hello Road Trippers! seeking roommate for hotel

    I know this is early, but thought I'd put it out there there that I would like to share a room to save a little money. I'm a good roommate, I swear! :)
  6. Tigger

    Thank you, thank you Cathe!!

    LOVE the new X Train series and cannot say enough about the User Guide, thank you SO much for both!! My time is really short these days and you saved me an incredible amount of it by listing each exercise and what weight you use for each dvd. For previous dvds, I would watch them and write...
  7. Tigger

    Low Carbers & Friends Jan. 2013

    Hi fit babes! Welcome to the new year! And the new workouts!!! Has anyone tried them yet? I'm still reading the user's guide. :D I really like that each DVD has the breakdown of each exercise and a place to write down my weight. Saves me a lot of time! Hope everyone is doing well! We...
  8. Tigger

    Low Carbers Challenge--April

    Hi ladies! Thanks for meeting over here! How are you? I'm sick which just really tees my tunder (don't ask me what that means, I don't know!) I guess the upside of that is my appetite is down! I've been fighting this since Saturday and hope I'll feel better tomorrow to resume STS. If...
  9. Tigger

    STS User Guide--Thank you!

    Cathe, I was so excited to read that you are sending us pre-orderers (is that even a word?) a user guide! Thank you SO much!!! You and everyone at just ROCK! Gosh, I can't wait for STS!!!!!!!!! Tracy
  10. Tigger

    Thank you Cathe!!!

    I bought a dvd on the July Road trip to surprise a friend for her birthday. (She loves you and pre-orders everything just like me.) You and your go-to cast members were kind enough to sign the dvd and I gave it to her recently. She told me that this was the best birthday gift she had ever...
  11. Tigger

    Cathe, any update on premix breakdowns for Hardcore series?

    Cathe, I apologize if this has been done and I just don't know how to find them. I absolutely adore this series, you are kicking my butt all over the place! I love the premix breakdowns that I have for the Blast series, is there a place I can locate the breakdowns for the new series or are they...