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  1. horsing around

    Last blast for 2014?

    What workout did everyone do today to wrap up 2014? For me it was Supercuts Extreme and X10 Fat Burning Circuit. I had the handle snap off one end of my resistance tubing during the functional core rotations, but I switched ends and continued on. Wishing you all a healthy and blessed 2015!! Lisa
  2. horsing around

    Favorite Cathe Combos

    Good morning. Today I did X41 and Xtrain Supercuts. What a great metabolic burn this was! Loved this combo which led me want to ask, what is your favorite set of Cathe workouts to combine together? Lisa
  3. horsing around


    Anyone else excited about Chalene Johnson's PiYo workouts? I don't have any Chalene workouts, but I've seen her complimented on this forum many times. I'm pretty sure I'll be purchasing this series and, of course, Cathe's newest releases! Lisa
  4. horsing around

    Athleta Winter Sale

    An extra 20% off all sale items!! I think it said 4 days only. Lisa
  5. horsing around

    STS Rotation Question

    Has anyone done an STS rotation supplemented by only spinning and yoga? I can usually exercise 6 days a week. So I'm thinking of alternating weeks with yoga twice, spinning once, then spinning twice, yoga once. I welcome any thoughts/opinions on whether this would be a good rotation...
  6. horsing around

    Horizontal Conditioning/BH Inside Out Rotation

    I want to dust off some of my non-Cathe DVDs, so decided to put a 6 week HC/Bob Harper rotation. I have HC 2, 4 and Boot Camp, plus BH's Inside Out DVDs. I'd like to tone up/lean out my lower body. For anyone familiar with these programs, I'd love your feedback on what type of results I...
  7. horsing around

    Prettier Lashes!

    Good morning. I bought GrandeLASH-MD which is an over-the-counter formula and 3 months later am happy to report that my lashes are much fuller and longer. Just thought I'd share in case anyone is looking at similar products. I paid $34 in January from Amazon and just looked up the price...
  8. horsing around

    Check your tubing...

    I was having a heck of a time using the tubing (with handles) I had with any of the exercises that went above my shoulders. I just couldn't pull it like Cathe and crew did, so normally subbed with weights. Anyway, I found a Cathe tube I must have ordered and forgot about, so I pulled it...
  9. horsing around

    XTrain Ride...? for spinners

    As I was doing Ride today, I was thinking about how much I enjoy hill climbs. What is your favorite part of spinning? And you can't say cool-down and stretch :p...that would be the obvious choice! This was my 3rd time doing Ride and I really tried to push myself, my quads are still...
  10. horsing around

    Stuffing Recipe

    Here is a little healthier version of stuffing that is full of flavor. I might make it for Thanksgiving this year. Lisa
  11. horsing around

    New Hair Style?

    I have one week to decide on a new hair style (or should I say a style). I work from home and basically put my hair in a ponytail each day. I'm fairly active, so I like being able to pull it back, but have grown tired of that look. My hair is medium length, straight and thick, so I'm...
  12. horsing around

    Boxing Gloves

    Are boxing gloves available for purchase from I didn't see them, but want to make sure I didn't miss them before I order my 2013 calendar. Thanks! Lisa
  13. horsing around

    Giving Blood and Exercising

    When I give blood, they tell me to wait about 24 hours before doing any heavy lifting. I gave blood Tuesday afternoon, then did TurboBarre yesterday. I tried to do Crossfire today but stopped about half-way through it due to feeling light-headed. For anyone that donates, about how long does it...
  14. horsing around

    Idea for a Cathe Product!

    I'd love to have some Cathe motivational posters to hang in my exercise room. If there are some available, please point me in the right direction. Thanks, Lisa
  15. horsing around

    CrossFire & TTM Results

    I've only had a chance to do these workouts several times, but I'm already starting to notice that my legs are toning up nicely. I love these new workouts, but seeing results so quickly is very motivating. :D Is anyone else noticing any differences in their body? Lisa
  16. horsing around

    Kitchen Remodel

    My dear hubby and I are having our kitchen remodeled. I'm so excited, but anxious at the same time. Does anyone have any "must have" ideas they'd like to share? Lessons learned from your own projects are also appreciated! Thanks for sharing! Lisa
  17. horsing around

    Too much of a good thing?

    Today I will finish the November LIS rotation and loved the results I've seen from LIS. But I miss doing my other Cathe workouts which is leaving me a little overwhelmed with what to do in January! I'm thinking of alternating between the Dec 2011 and the Nov LIS/STS rotations. Oh yeah, I want...
  18. horsing around

    Catheisms in LIS!

    I'm enjoying this series so much and Cathe really seems like she enjoyed creating the series. I've picked on on several "Catheisms." One of my favorites is in Cycle Max when we're climbing a hill and Cathe says, "You should feel like you can still talk to me, but be careful about what you say...
  19. horsing around

    Cycle Max!

    After doing the Cycle Max Premix twice last week, I thought I'd try the full Cycle Max workout today. WOW! I've only taken a spin class a few times and I think they were half an hour in length. I bought a bike this spring in anticipation of this DVD. I obviously haven't been challenging...
  20. horsing around

    Forum Search Option

    There is a search option for all of Cathe's forums. It's on the toolbar underneath the Welcome, (user name) area. Might be helpful if you ask a question about equipment, shoes, etc. and do not get many responses. Lisa