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  1. LasVegasFitGirl

    Washing Machines and Dishwashers

    I will be in the market for these two appliances in the near future and I wanted to poll everyone for their opinions for the best ones to get. I never had a problem with a washing machine until my last one - a Samsung - that rusted all around the bleach dispenser. So, now I'm going to be more...
  2. LasVegasFitGirl


    Anyone try these?
  3. LasVegasFitGirl

    Rubber plates

    I'm thinking of replacing my plastic ones with some rubber ones. Any suggestions for good ones? And I believe bumper plates are essentially the same as "regular" plates.
  4. LasVegasFitGirl

    Ovation Cell Therapy

    I was thinking about trying this for my damaged hair that I turned back to brown after years of being a bleach blonde. Anything to stop the breakage. Anyone ever try it?
  5. LasVegasFitGirl

    Cathe Live

    I was thinking of getting this for more variety and random workouts. I was wondering, for those who subscribe to it, if you think it's worth the money and if they have a learning-the-moves period.
  6. LasVegasFitGirl

    Cardio decline

    I don't know if it's me not doing enough cardio, my age, or my lack of interest = but, I'm on the brink of being 49 and I just don't have the cardio stamina in me. I don't mind some heart racing with some iron pumping or even some aerobics. But the Imax's and the MIC, some of the HiiT's are...
  7. LasVegasFitGirl

    Ireland vacation

    I'm looking for advice on an Ireland vacation, such as: best time of year, guided tour or not, is it easy to rent a car and drive yourself around? Must see places and where to stay away from.
  8. LasVegasFitGirl

    Hair breakage

    I am a brunette who have been dying my hair totally blonde for the last 12 or so years. I'm on the brink of 49, probably peri-menopausal. I have noticed my hair having breakage lately and I'm very concerned. I'd blame the harsh color treatment, but he only does the roots. He blames the pony...
  9. LasVegasFitGirl

    25th anniversary

    In May, my husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. My dilemma is, I want to do/buy something unique, different, memorable, etc. I am not a scrapbooker and I am not having a big party. Does anyone have any ideas?
  10. LasVegasFitGirl

    Food deliveries

    I see so many food delivery companies and I wonder how popular they are. Has anyone tried any of them? Any recommendations? The good, the bad, the ugly?
  11. LasVegasFitGirl

    Abs Question

    Is there a benefit to keeping your knees together vs. apart when doing crunches?
  12. LasVegasFitGirl

    Quest Protein Powder

    Since I learned about Quest protein bars from Cathletes, I was wondering what your opinions were of their new protein powders. My husband likes Beachbody's protein powder, but it is so expensive.
  13. LasVegasFitGirl


    I hear a lot of positive feedback regarding Piyo. Any negative? I'm interested in it as a "Christmas Present" and I'd like to know the negative feedback so I can make a decision. I'm getting Cathe's Ripped with Hiit for a "Birthday Present" and I love to mix things up.
  14. LasVegasFitGirl

    Injured hip flexor

    I think I did something, somehow because my right hip (flexor) hurts. It hurts when I pull up my leg to put pants on and the pain kind of radiates through my pelvic area. I thought there was something wrong with my girly parts, but the ultrasound was normal. Anyone ever experience this...
  15. LasVegasFitGirl

    Bubble in aerobic step

    Anyone have any success in fixing the bubbles in their aerobic step? I had one that had a big bubble and I kept using it for months and the bubble just got bigger. He told me to get another one so I found a girl who sold me two sets of steps w/8 risers for $35!! They both have a couple tiny...
  16. LasVegasFitGirl

    Thigh master

    I was thinking about getting one to take to work. I figured iI could do thigh exercises aat work. What do you think?
  17. LasVegasFitGirl

    Printing STS workout cards

    Is there anywhere that we can print out all the workout cards for STS rather than from the workout manager and opening up every single one?
  18. LasVegasFitGirl

    Heart Rate Monitor/Calorie Counter

    I have a Polar FT7. It never holds my heart rate for longer than a minute or two. I tried the conductor gel, changed the batteries in the watch and the strap, positioned the heart rate monitor all over my chest and nothing seems to work. I was wondering if there was an accurate wrist only...
  19. LasVegasFitGirl

    100 Rep challenge workout

    Anyone do these as a workout? I was thinking of doing a step workout today and then add on some 100 rep challenges. I haven't done ANY yet and I can't decide what to do so I thought this would really work my muscles in a way they haven't been worked before.
  20. LasVegasFitGirl

    Where's all the Road Trip photos?

    The link in Cathe's blog took me to some map of the US.