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  1. kaykay

    how to cancel

    If one wanted to how do you cancel cathe live and on demand? Thanks
  2. kaykay


    How do you cancel a preorder. My account says it is already processed and it can't be cancelled. I didn't think that is how it worked. Thanks.
  3. kaykay

    Buff Badgers week of May 20-24

    Hi, Today I did Muscle Endurance. It has been years since I have done that workout. Sun. I took off as I was at a softball tournament for DD10. Sat. I did To The Max. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
  4. kaykay

    Buff Badgers week of Feb. 26

    Hi Friday I did Tabatacise, Sat. Horizontal Conditioning Vol. 4 and Sun. I ran 5 miles. Don't know what to do today. Hope you all had a great weekend.
  5. kaykay

    Buff Badgers Week of the New Year

    Hi guys. Wishing you a Happy New Year. No workout in yet today but I am deciding which Xtrain workout to do. How about you?
  6. kaykay

    Buff Badgers March 21-25

    Hi Today I did S90 chest,tri,shoulders and S90 Legs. Yesterday I went for a walk and Sat. I rode 32 miles on the tandem. Hope you all had a great weekend.
  7. kaykay

    Buff Badgers last week of December

    Hi, Looks like noone is around but I thought I would post in case someone popped in. DH birthday was yesterday. I did CC7 on my spin bike on Mon. , Tue. I did hi reps--love this workout and today I plan on running on the treadmill or outside. Had a fun Christmas at my parent's house. It...
  8. kaykay

    Buff Badgers Thanksgiving week

    Hi, Didn't workout at all this weekend or Fri. Hope to get in a workout if I get off early enough today. Have another basketball game tonight. Hope you all had a good weekend. I know Sue did. Glad your team won.:D Susan, your race is coming up on Thursday are you ready?:) Laurie are you...
  9. kaykay

    Buff Badgers week of August 23

    Good Morning, Yesterday went for a 31 mile bike ride on my single bike and DH on his single bike. First time riding with him, not on the tandem. Today I am doing KCM muscle definition and abs. Hope you all had a great weekend. The youth activity on Sat. here at our house went well. I think...
  10. kaykay

    Buff Badgers June 28-July 2

    Hi, Had a great trip to Colorado. Hope you all had a great week. I was 95-100 degrees all the days we were there with no rain and no humidity. Today I will do some weights and a tandem ride later if we get our tandem back from the people we loaned it to. Have a great day.:)
  11. kaykay

    Buff Badgers April 19-23

    Hi all, Sat. I ran 3 miles with DH and did No More Trouble Zones. Sun. I ran 3 miles with DH. Today I did a Kettlebell workout from paper that a VFer made up using Zuzana's workouts with Kettlebell exercised between. Hope you all had a great weekend. Such nice weather for April. Oh, went...
  12. kaykay

    Buff Badgers April 12-16

    Good Morning, Today I did Tonique 1. Sat. I ran 2 1/2 miles, Lauren Kettlebell 1, stretchmax, 2 mile walk with the dog. Sun. ran 4 miles with DH. Sue, hope you had a wonderful trip. Soccer starts this week. Busy, busy. Lala, do you swim with the immersion method?
  13. kaykay

    Buff Badgers March 22-26

    Hi, Today I did Lauren Brooks Kettlebell workout 2. On Sat. I didn't exercise and on Sun. I went for a 2 1/2 mile run with Snickers. My DH hurt his knee now so I don't know how long before he runs again. Tomorrow is my DD18, 19th birthday. On Sat. is my DS15, 16th birthday. Have a great day.
  14. kaykay

    Buff Badgers March 1-5

    Good Morning, Sat. I did Max Interval Plyo. Yesterday I went for a 2 mile walk run with DH. Today I did Lauren Brooks Kettlebell workout. Hope you all had good weekend. It is suppose to be in the mid 30's all week here. It is getting better. Have a good day.
  15. kaykay

    Buff Badgers Feb. 22-26

    Good Morning, Yesterday I went for a 2 mile run and a snowshoe walk. Today I did GS chest/triceps. DS basketball team took 2nd in the tournament against the other Rice Lake team. It was a fun day. Tonight is another basketball game. Hope you all had a great weekend.
  16. kaykay

    MMA Fusion freezing

    Hi, Does anyone else have this problem? Each time I had to restart the whole thing from chapter points. The Hiit, CCC, CB, Boxing all work. Those are the only ones I've tried so far except the Fusion one freezing today in two different spots and won't start up again. Thanks.
  17. kaykay

    Buff Badgers Jan. 18-22

    Hi, Today I did MMA Fusion. It froze at the end of the 2nd combo and again toward the end of the third. Each time I had to stop the workout and reload it. Can't figure out how to get a hold of customer service my outlook express doesn't ever work. The rest of the dvd's I have so far play on...
  18. kaykay

    Another dog problem

    We got our puppy at 12 weeks. We house broke him. He didnt have accidents. Now, every night he poops. It is not worms. It is wetter than it normally is and soft. The vet. didnt give me any ideas just gave him dewormer which didnt make a difference. She said he may be just being bad. If...
  19. kaykay

    Buff Badgers

    Good Morning, Today I am doing a run and STS disk 7. Didn't do anything over the weekend. It sounds like you are all keeping busy with getting ready for school. Had a good time with my family last week. I watched the second JV soccer game on Sat. that DS15 played in. They lost at the last...
  20. kaykay

    Buff Badgers Feb 2-6

    Good Morning, Today I will do KPC or spin. Yesterday went for a walk on the trails with DD6 and that was all the workouts I got in over the weekend. DD16 is going to take her driving test today. I hope she passes. She wants this so bad. Lala, did you get a run in over the weekend...