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  1. fitdeb

    prAna clothing?

    Does anyone have any experience with ordering from prAna? They offer a program for certified fitness instructors that gives you up to a 50% discount off of their full retail prices. I am very tempted, but really have never heard of the company. Any insight would be appreciated, Thanks, Debbie
  2. fitdeb

    PoundFit Workouts

    Has anybody tried these? I am always skeptical of info-mercial workouts -- but this actually looks like fun. Thanks, Debbie
  3. fitdeb

    Arizona Cathletes HELP!

    Several months ago I made travel plans to visit my god-daughter and her boyfriend in Scottsdale. Airline tickets - check; rental car - check; house rented - check; god-daughter still living in Scottsdale - uh.... no! Got a phone call out of the blue, she left her boyfriend and moved back...
  4. fitdeb


    Does anyone in Catheland subscribe to Birchbox, the monthly "beauty" delivery subscription? Seems like it would be fun to get samples of new products each month. Thanks, Debbie
  5. fitdeb


    Just wondering if anyone out there in Cathe Land has had experience (good or bad) with facial micro-needling. My dermatologist's practice has just started to offer this procedure. The claim is that it will reduce pore size and improve skin texture and tightness. It's not cheap - $300+ per...
  6. fitdeb

    Question about tipping...

    To tip or not to tip... I have an appointment for a facial with a woman who owns her own practice. She rents space in a "salon loft" setting. Am I supposed to tip her? The facial is $95, if so, how much? My feelings have been that you don't tip the owner of the practice, only employees. I am...
  7. fitdeb

    Tommy Copper

    Does anyone have feedback on Tommy Copper compression products, particularly the compression sleeve? My husband has "guitarist's" elbow - a hybrid of medial and lateral epicondylitis. He has tried the rest/ice/therapy routine, along with a cortisone injection. It has improved greatly, but I am...
  8. fitdeb

    Key West

    Any favorite spots in Key West (or any of the Keys)? We are going to be renting a house on Islamorada at the end of September. First time there - even though I have lived in Florida for 15 years. Kind of embarassing:o I haven't been there sooner. Love outdoor stuff - snorkling, kayaking...
  9. fitdeb

    DVD Player Help Needed

    My antique DVD player has passed on and I am having a hard time finding a replacement. My main requirement is that the new player has OSD - On Screen Display - that features a timer to count chapter/title elapsed or chapter/title remaining. I am the mix-match queen of Cathe DVD's so I really...
  10. fitdeb

    How to clean stainless steel?

    I am so excited, my new stainless steeel appliances were delivered yesterday, finally! However, the delivery personnel left tons of smudges and fingerprints all over them. I tried a stainless steel "pop-up towelette" cleaner but now the finish looks streaky. :( Any suggestions on the best...
  11. fitdeb

    Best Hair Brush Ever!

    Goody Quikstyle The bristles are wrapped in tiny microfiber towels. They make a paddle brush and a half round. The wrapped bristles absorb moisture as you are blowing drying. Using this brush has cut my drying time by at least the advertised 30%! As a personal trainer, I seem to be forever...
  12. fitdeb

    When did PlayDoh become....

    ...a controlled substance? Yesterday, at Target, I attempted to buy a couple of containers of Play Doh. The cashier asked me for ID. I thought she was kidding. The system was asking for my ID and would not process the order without it. The cashier was not only supposed to check my ID but...
  13. fitdeb

    Visiting Atlanta

    Hi - Hoping for some advice. I will be visiting Atlanta for 3 days in the end of October. I am going with my husband and my aunt. She is 77 but very fit (teaches water aerobics 3xs a week and swims competively). Looking for suggestions for a nice hotel in the heart of it all. She wants...
  14. fitdeb

    False Eyelashes

    Am I the only one not riding this wave? :rolleyes: I was watching TV the other night and the actress looked like she had awnings attached to her eyes! Sigh, seems like too much work plus glue near my contact lenses scares the daylights out of me. Debbie Russo
  15. fitdeb

    What would you take with you?

    So yesterday my husband and I were watching the re-run of the first episode of the Walking Dead - imo one of the best shows on TV. The male characters were complaining that as they were trying to pack survival gear the women were packing sentimental items like family photos. I said "...
  16. fitdeb

    Resume Help Please

    Hi, I think we have some HR professionals on this site, if you don't mind offering a little advice I would really appreciate it. I am helping a friend's daughter who has just graduated with a BS in nutrition. She is applying for an intership and must submit a resume along with her...
  17. fitdeb

    Omega 3 supplements

    I am looking for Algae-based DHA omega-3 supplements. I have not be able to find them at any of my local health food stores (including Whole Foods). For those of you who order on-line, can you recommend a reputable vendor? And does any one have experience with the algae-based product...
  18. fitdeb

    Watermelon Mojitos

    They are as good as they sound :) In a blender combine: 3 cups seedless watermelon chunks 1 cup lime juice 2 cups coconut rum 3 Tbs granulated sugar 1/2 cup mint leaves pulse several times - be careful not to blend too long on a high speed or you will end up the mojito foam (I...
  19. fitdeb

    Darth Vadar Superbowl Ad

    Okay, I think that this is the cutest ad I have ever seen. My 5-year-old nephew is total gaga over Star Wars and this ad just nails it. It totally could have been him under the cape and mask. I want to buy a VW just because of it. :D The person that came up with this concept certainly...
  20. fitdeb

    Plantar Fasciitis and Cortisone Shots

    I've iced, I've stretched, I've inserted, I've rested, I've anti-inflammatoried and all that has happened is that I have gained 6 pounds :( and my arch still hurts like crazy! For those of you that have suffered the same pain and have gone the cortisone shot route - are you happy with the...