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    Rest Question- spacing lifting workouts

    I posted this for Cathe in the Ask Cathe thread. I am interested in hearing everyone's responses. This question comes up a lot, and it seems I have never really gotten a definitive answer. Thanks for your input! I am wondering about your opinion on waiting just 24 hours between lifting for...
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    Rest Question

    Hi Cathe, I am wondering about your opinion on waiting just 24 hours between lifting for the same muscle groups, rather than 48. For example, I did your High Reps dvd yesterday, and feel like doing back and chest from Slow and Heavy today. High Reps works these muscles as well, but not in as...
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    Calories Burned in HiiT?

    Has anyone done the HiiT workouts using a HR monitor that measures calories burned? I am really curious about how many calories (on average) a 30 minute workout of this sort burns. I did the 30/30 today and worked my rear off, but since it was so short I wonder if I am expending many cals. Thanks.
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    STS is not intense enough this time around!

    I don't know what is up with me. I am doing Meso 2 and am doing everything to my 1 RM, sometimes a bit heavier than that. I just don't feel that I am getting worked out! This is my second time through STS. I skipped M1 because I was doing KCM's Muscle Def, other Cathe endurance weight dvds, etc...
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    calories burned

    Does anyone know if there is any information about calories burned for every STS workout? I am really curious to know how many cals (on average) are burnt. I realize that calorie expenditure is dependent on many factors (weight and weights lifted, etc.) but a general sense would be helpful. I...
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    Cathe- Weights Advice PLEASE!! :)

    Hi Cathe, I really hope you will see this post and answer it. It seems to me there is some confusion about using weights on consecutive days (at least in my mind). For the past 8 weeks, I have been doing a ton of circuit workouts and endurance workouts with weights. When I did STS, I...
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    someone tell me what to do!

    I am about to start STS again. I did the 3.5 month rotation, and saw great results and really enjoyed it. This will be the second go-round. I want to see some serious results the second time around. Would it be best to do an undulating rotation or do Mesos 1-3 as I did the first time through?
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    Undulating Rotation

    Has anyone done an undulating STS rotation? What did you do? What were your results?
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    Please compare your results

    Hey everyone- for those of you who have done the 3.5 month STS rotation AND an undulating rotation (please specify what you did for this), would you kindly compare your results with both methods? I have done one 3.5 month rotation (all mesos in order), and loved my results. Come September, I...
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    curious about Cathe's crew

    I am wondering if any info is ever published about the women we often see in Cathe's dvds- Brenda, Cedie, Jai, Lorraine, and a few others. Do they have other professions, or do they work full-time with Cathe? I thought maybe I had heard that they are Cathe's friends from before her dvd fame! I...
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    Finished STS today!

    And now I am wondering what the heck to do! I loved this series, but have missed my other Cathe workouts, as well as some others in my collection (mostly endurance workouts by KCM for instance). I guess I will take my active rest week, and then definitely get back to lifting. I am curious about...
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    Afraid of Meso 3

    I am doing my active recovery week, and am scheduled to start Meso 3 next Thursday. I have to admit- I am scared of M3! I think it is because I have been lifting heavier than ever in M2, and I know I have to up the ante even more for M3. I don't have a squat rack, and plan to do Plyo legs. I am...
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    your blue outfit with the orange and white

    Hi Cathe, Who makes this outfit of yours that you are wearing in photo above? It is especially cute!
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    Meso Q

    If I am looking for leaning out and lots of muscle definition, would you suggest I skip Meso 3 ? I am in Week 3 of Meso 2, and I am not sure that Meso 3 is going to give me the results I seek. If I skip Meso 3, I could do an undulating rotation between Meso 1 and Meso 2, or use a variety of...
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    What did each Meso do for you? A two part question.

    I am in M2W3, and I am noticing that my muscles are definitely getting bigger. However, they don't seem quite as defined as they did in M1, though they are still defined somewhat. I am just curious to hear what you feel were your individual experiences with each Meso. I want to have defined...
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    missed a day- what to do?

    Hi. I missed one day of Week 2 Meso 2 (I was supposed to do Legs yesterday). I am going to do STS today instead but want to do the Back/Bis workout instead, and do Legs on Friday. Would that hurt anything?
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    Is Lifting Weights Okay for Preteens and Teens?

    Cathe, I am wondering what your opinion is of preteens and teens lifting weights. My son wants to lift weights with me, and is 12, and I have read that lifting can cause permanent damage to developing bones. I trust your opinion and your expertise, yet it seems that there are different opinions...
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    just completed Meso One

    I just finished Meso 1 today and loved it, but I could tell that I was getting antsy and that I need a break from lifting for the upcoming week. I was dreading the leg workout (workout 12) that I did to finish up the cycle. I like the Leg workouts, but since they're tough, this last one had a...
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    glitch at the end of Disc 10?

    Cathe says congrats, you've finished the last workout of Meso 1 at the end of Disc 10 which is the first workout of week 4. She also says that she wants you to take the week off from STS! I am sure it was just an editing error, but it seemed so odd to hear her say that knowing that I still have...
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    Can I do Legs the day after I did Back/Tris?

    I did STS workout 8 (Back and Tri's) today, and normally would do Legs on Sunday (Saturdays I go to an exercise class and doing that and STS Legs would be overkill). I am kinda thinking that it would be nice to do Legs tomorrow. I realize I will be holding very heavy weights after using weights...