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    30 Minutes Workout

    A series of 30 minute workouts using resistance bands for toning
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    Workout Manager

    My workout manager is showing the DVD in very small words, is any one else having this issue
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    All Of Cathe Rotations

    I went through all the Cathe Rotations that I have..starting with 2003. I don't have one for each month of some of the years, but if anyone is interested, email me and I will send it to you. It's too big to post in post. In the subject line, please put in Cathe Rotation 2003 - 2012
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    Pre-mix Question

    Does any one know what "JFO" stands for on the premix LIS Total Body TriSets Lower Body SPlit?
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    Will there be a LIS form like there was for STS?
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    Cycle Max Casting Call

    Have the forms for the casting call for the RT trip in Glasboro been sent out?
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    RT Confirmation

    I haven't received a confirmation for the RT in Glasboro, will there be confirmation sent out?
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    Feb. Rotation

    Will there be a Feb. rotation?
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    Can't Get This To Work

    After numerous unstalls and re-downloads and following the instructions in a previous post, I still can't see a picture in preview or itunes, I only have audio,
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    No Picture

    I have audio but no picture and the video clips do not show in the area where the scroll bar is.
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    Download Skipping

    I downloaded Cardio and Weights awhile ago on my IPOD, but I never got a chance to look at it until today. It is skipping on certain parts of the workout, should I try to download it again?
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    STS Workout Not Showing

    I have been trying to add my STS abs workout to the workout manager, but they are not showing. I also tried to add the regular STS workouts so if they would add, but they didn't show either. Anyone else is having this problem.
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    R2 STS Disc 10 - 12

    This start the last workouts of Mesocycle 1. The next 2 wks will focus on disc 10, 11, and 12. Completed disc 10 as recorded.
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    R2 STS Disc 7 - 9

    For the next 2 weeks I will be doing disc 7 -9 . After completing disc 7 this morning, I defintely need another shot at this one. I was able to do all the push up on my toes, but had to drop down in weight on some of the shoulder work.
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    Becoming A Step Instructor

    Cathe I want to become a step instructor, do you have any tips as to how I can get started. I have my personal training certfication and group instructor certification, but no experience.
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    R2 WK 3 DISC 4 - 6

    I have 2 new words to add to the Cathe's hit list: twenty-ones & drop set. I started the workout with my weighted gloves on, but I had to take them off because my right hand was hurting. I really like the band work for the shoulders and using with the barbell. I am considering adding an...
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    R2 Week 2 DISC 1 - 3 AGAIN

    Completed disc 1 this morning and for some strange reason, it was harder than last week. I ask my sister (we are doing the 6 1/2 mon rotation together) if it felt harder to her, she said no. I was able to do all the push up on my toes except for the last 5 in the set of 30. See I even spelled...
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    I started STS again yesterday doing the six mth rotation. After the RT and it being a Monday, I don't want to hear the word pushup any time soon. OMG, I forget how many there are. Hopefully, the next time around I will be able to do them all on my toes.
  19. tothemax

    What Can I Say!!!

    My very first RT and it went beyond my expectations. Thank you for one of the best times of my life. Cathe was amazing and the workouts were awesome. The entire staff was gracious and friendly and the RTrippers were the best. I can't wait until the next go round.
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    Great Leg Work Out

    I did STS Plyo Legs Disc 32 and then followed that with Disc 26 doing the plyo moves only. It was really a great work and I worked up a great sweat. Just wanted to share.