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  1. marih

    Printing calendar with rotation you have come up with

    I came up with a rotation but when I go to print the calendar, it only shows the pictures of videos-hard for my 58 year old eyes to see and does no good! Is it possible to print up the rotation in words only-much like what is done in the Video Rotation Forum? Thank you!
  2. marih

    12 week Anti-gravity rotation

    (Still trying to master new workouts! Miss the old ones so I came up with this and thought I would share. Different size weights are the focal point, as well as extra leg work. Core is worked 3 times a week. Most of the workouts are about an hour). Rotation is for 6 weeks, then repeats with...
  3. marih

    Something I hope Cathe never sees

    82 Push-Ups You Need to Know About | Greatist
  4. marih

    2 month STS/Metabolic/Hiit Undulating Rotation

    2 month STS/Metabolic/Hiit Undulating Rotation (it is really 10 weeks to accommodate some months starting in middle or end of week) (with optional 3rd month) Mon: STS Disc #1 (Chest, Shoulders, Biceps)/No Equipment Abs-67 min. Tues: X10 Step (no Stretch)/LIS Low Impact Challenge Step Exp #1...
  5. marih

    Split Hiit Rotation (Uses Xtrain/LIS)

    Split Hiit Rotation (Uses Xtrain/LIS) (Someone asked me to come up with a shorter version of my last rotation, so here goes- most workouts a little over an hour or less)(love these premixes!;) Monday- XTrain AOLIHiit-premix #7 plus BS Ch/BS Sh-61 min. (chest/shoulders/core) Tuesday- XTrain...
  6. marih

    XTrain/LIS Metabolic Split Rotation plus XTrain/LIS/100 rep challenge/ Metabolic Rota

    After my results from the STS rotation I did in January, I decided to come up with a split and a high endurance rotation using XTrain, LIS and Cathe's metabolic type workouts. In my perfect exercise world, I am training each body part 3x a week and abs at least an hour a week. Too bad I don't...
  7. marih


    2014 New Year 4 MONTH STS/LIS/XTRAIN/METABOLIC ROTATION (All DVD’s used at least once) Sundays are rest days! I really wanted to start STS again this year plus utilize some of Cathe's latest workouts and came up with this-I hope it works out good! STS MESOCYCLE ONE Week One: Wed: STS Disc #1...
  8. marih

    "Almost" 3 total body /4 day cardio 8 week rotation using Cathe's last 4 releases

    I remember reading on a thread (last month?) about someone wanting a total body rotation so decided to share mine if anyone would like to try it. I call it "almost" because some of the workouts aren't labeled as Total Body, but I consider them to be (was going to call this my Not Going to Take...
  9. marih

    year 10 with Cathe workouts!

    Hi Cathe: I don't post often, but I just wanted to say I am beginning my 10th year with you, and I do believe your workouts have gotten better over time! I am over 52, and have been working out since 1979. I am thoroughly enjoying X-train, (also loved TTM and CF) and feel that your Low Impact...
  10. marih

    No extra abs in 2012 Double Rotation?

    Hi Cathe- I do not post very often but I was wondering if the exclusion of extra ab workouts in the 2012 Double Rotation was intentional due to the nature of the LIS workouts? I just began the 3 month rotation yesterday, but due to my being anal, added in ab circuits Stability ball abs today...
  11. marih

    unable to change or update notes in workout manager

    hi- when i am editing my workout and want to change/delete a note, it does not change or save. what am i doing wrong? thanks! mari